They show no sign of dropping nest, four victories and two defeats. I want you right now: i’m leaning, my goal and leon get this quarter final underway as they continue their quest. She’S able to deliver a low cross into the penalty area clean as far as aubrey, but the shot was scuffed in the end Applause interesting cross into the area and schuler wasn’t too far away from it. After that, coming together on the near side, simone takes the free, kick and it’s measuring this time. Gullah makes the run down the center it’s dalman’s cross, looking for charlotte, but bronze’s match is not going the way that only outsiders anticipated, but here is brave Music and there is concern for nikita paris, Music, there’s, a heavy collision between her and laura bencard, and bayern Will be disappointed at the manner of the help clubs dominate both in england and in france as the shot from schuler is a comfortable save for bowed and that’s the halftime whistle and it’s a familiar scoreline, but maybe not a familiar so much experience in this competition Leon 45 minutes away from yet another uefa women’s champions. League final brings it down brilliantly, but Music Applause, cascarino and it’s blocked by the leg of bangkok, simone with the free kick kimbo, and he will gather Applause looking to cover every inch with a wall. But it’s measuring and it’s another moment of high quality and it’s, surely enough to send them into the semi finals kick devastating during france and the early cross into the area was hurried and really Applause.

There needed to be more boys there, because damianovich sai breaks into the penalty area, which he’s penalized Applause when it could open up for a shot. Lowman’S effort flips the top of the crossbar Applause buying that close to an equalizing goal. Applause but the last corner kick and it’s into a similar area and it’s safe out Applause, but it’s, given away again of the long range shot is gathered by puerto rican. That is it. For the 11th time, leon have won a quarterfinal in the uefa women’s champions league, but biomunich pushed them all the way.