We are going to discuss about the FA Cup that will happen on Sunday against Man, United at Wembley and I’m gon na. Ask you guys a question: should we prioritize the FA Cup or top four, because we all know that many players are struggling with fitness at the moment and you don’t want to get them injuried even more by playing them so many times in a very short period Of time, so should just see, go for FA Cup or save players for Wednesday against Liverpool, because it’s gon na be another final. I told you guys. We had three finals and we already won one. The other one is going to be on Wednesday against Liverpool and the last one is going to be against wolves. The last day of the Premier League last night, I made a review video for the games between Crystal Palace and Man, United and also Leicester City against Sheffield United. I also talked about Eden Hazard and his first title with Real Madrid. So if you haven’t checked on that video, I will leave the link at the end of this video. So you can just click and watch because I was very mad. Everybody knows that man, United, are var United, okay, I don’t understand what’s going on, but without the var or without referees Man, United we’re, going to be firing, relegation right now and I’ve been serious because the amount of favor they are getting from the and referees is Just sickening anyways nobody to blame, but ourselves because we made everything complicated for ourselves.

If we want those stupid games that we lost, we were going to be sitting comfortably second or third, with few games to spare corruption and injustice. Are there in football? Everybody can see it, but nobody can do anything about it, so you have just to play your part and let the rest take care of itself. United are always going to be favored because they are one of the biggest clubs in the world. They bring a lot of money to FIFA. You FR FA, Premier League, you name it, so you can tell that united being in the Champions League is going to benefit many people. So I’m, not gon na continue the conspiracy theory here, but everybody can see it and it’s a shame. It’S really a shame. So my question is: should we go for the FA Cup or for top four? That means. Should we keep our best players for Wednesday against Liverpool or play them on Sunday against Man? United? Remember we have 48 hours rest more than man United. You know what I mean they played yesterday and they have to play on Sunday too, but we saw them going all for it. They put their best players against Crystal Palace and we don’t know how they are going to respond on Sunday and we have to be ready for that. What is the most important for Chelsea Football Club at this moment? The FA Cup or top four top four is going to take up to the Champions League.

The FA Cup is going to take us to Europa League, but if we win both and then there is no problem with that right, the problem is, we have a very small squad, a squad full of dead wood, an experienced kid and just few good players. If I can say so, so we have to find a way to manage the squad until the end of the season, we’ve seen many players suffering with injuries and fatigue, but this time we had four days to recover from fatigue, so I don’t think it’s gon na Be a huge problem for players to perform on Sunday and probably save some energy for Wednesday against Liverpool. Talking about Liverpool VanDyke been talking, and he was very active on social media apologizing to the Liverpool fans for losing against Arsenal, but also promising them that they are going to respond against Chelsea on Wednesday. He said like that. Everybody can make a mistake, but the most important is how you respond to that mistakes. We have to fix it and we’re gon na. Do it on Wednesday and Wednesday is going to be like the trophy presentation at there on Stadium, so they won’t really want to lose that game. They will do whatever they can to win the game, and we have really to be very careful. That is very ungrateful from Liverpool. If you ask me, because we won the league for them. Okay, they are on vacation now because we won them the league they didn’t have to suffer anymore and now after losing games against the city and Arsenal drawing other games.

Now they are determined to beat us come on. Come on. Hello, marina took the trophy from you and we gave the trophy back to you, what’s, going on with you people anyways. That is part of the competition. I don’t think they are going to to relax just because it chelsea helped them somehow they are going to compete. But this time I think Frank Lampard is going to come up with some great ideas. We’Ve seen him doing the same with big teams. So this time I am confident that we can go there and win the game. So my position is that we should go for everything we should go for the FA Cup and we should go also for top 4 I’m, not gon na arrest. Anybody we are going with the strongest team on Sunday and also on Wednesday yeah. Some people might call me crazy, but here my reasoning behind this. Ok, there is no guarantee that if we save our best players for Wednesday and we are going to beat Liverpool, this is football it’s, not math. Okay, so anything can happen. We’Ve seen in the past, where our fest team pretty much we’re dead, you know injuried and we used some of the dead wood, some of the kids from the Academy, and we managed to play very good games of football. We warned them remember when we played Liverpool at home. You know we play them with Billy Gilmore Angola country was injured.

I think cava. Siege also was injured, look how Billy Gilmore performed, and we played also Everton what happened, the team that nobody expected us to win. Anything or get anything from those games, we managed to play them even better than the so called. First, first team players: you know what I mean, so you never know you know the so called Deadwood can perform very good on their day and the so called good players can be trash against certain teams. So I don’t care. I don’t care, what’s gon na happen. Just put our strongest team on Sunday and let’s try to beat man united. I know they are going to bring all kind of excuses like hey, you know we we play it on on Thursday and now we we playing on on Sunday so it’s, not fair and blah blah blah, but a you have the referee. Okay, you have the Vark. You are in the semi final today because of injustice, so sometimes you have just to learn to shut it off man, anyways guys for me, this time let’s try to beat. Only because can you imagine if he beat us four times the same season, it’s going to be a disaster for Chelsea fans, Frank Lampard reputation is going to suffer and oh my gosh. We are going to be the meme of the world, so Chelsea don’t. Let me down please anyways guys. Let me know what you think about everything.