Billings Farm at Home: Foodie Friday – Mint Chip Ice Cream

My name is Emery and welcome to foodie Friday. Today, in our Billings farm learning kitchen, we are going to make mint chocolate chip ice cream because what’s better to have on a nice hot July day than a lovely scoop of ice cream and it’s, especially good. If you get to make it yourself. […]

what’s on my iphone 6s in 2020

I haven’t showered in five days and my hair is extremely greasy, so i put it in a nice little ponytail as much as i could. That is disgusting anyways. I thought i’d do a little what’s on my iphone 6s in 2020., there’s, probably 12 year olds that have better phones than i do. […]

Snack Attack – Nice Cream

Today we are going to be making a fun easy, but really versatile snack that you can enjoy this summer at home by the way my name is rachel. I am a registered dietitian and i lead snack attack here at the discovery center today. The snack that we’re going to make is often called […]

Were Coming Home+National Ice Cream Day Creamistry Run|Vlog #94

Today we are back with vlog number 94, and today is our last day. When i mean my last day is today we are leaving it’s kind of sad um, i’m, really not excited. I think it’s going to be a kind of that day. I was uh kind of looking forward. I mean i […]

Journey to Health Vlog #7 – Making Good Use of Time

We went to fossilmon’s in alhambra um for those of you who live locally um. There were a lot of people there. So i think the word is out. That today is national ice cream day um, but we went to bright aid. This morning we went on a walk, my dad panda bear and […]

National Icecream Day Product Review#glutenfree

Welcome to the lab guys. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! If you did not know today is national ice cream day, guys national ice cream day and i’m. Here today, to show you three different ice creams that we can eat as gluten free individuals or individuals just watching what they eat or how they eat. If […]

Clothing Makeover Gacha Club Ice Cream Outfit Photoshop Edit Video

That is today. So i thought it would be really fun to give a bunch of gotcha characters. A sweet ice, creamy makeover, so let’s jump on in and i want to get started with. Like a classic ice cream, the chocolate, vanilla, swirl ice cream cones, so they’re gon na have like the sweetest […]

Let’s Celebrate National Ice Cream Day!

I mean because do you guys not know what today is sorry, you don’t it’s National Ice Cream day so happy National Ice Cream day? I stopped by my local, a Dairy Queen and I got just a basic as strawberry sundae, so let him melt it, but we don’t judge, hmm, either jab haven’t […]

National Ice Cream Day | Museum of Ice Cream: New York City 🍦🥄

Dogs Enjoy National Ice Cream Day 2020

The dogs have their own dog ice cream and i’m gon na have my own nice, vanilla, ice cream, let’s watch the dogs enjoy their ice cream here’s anna and elsa and they’re gon na get ready to eat their ice cream. Here, ready, set, go amen and anna’s. Taking hers to her little doggie, […]