First, one now huge as well, because that’s, barbara azam gonski Music. There we go oh there’s, another one. First wicket he’s on die bird, but look at that smile from the left arm. What a time for patel picking up his first wicket Applause, Music, oh hello, and goodbye Applause, Music, oh, it sounded sweet and it is, and it’s four more well, as i said that he doesn’t give much room clever, very clever, indeed, all the way as well. There’S. Six of the innings, the other side, this time for phillips can’t, get there another boundary yeah just too short, and if he’s waited nicely on this again very healthy thick here, john that’s, lovely, good timing, no chance for adam milne and another boundary that hurts even more Now, oh huge just swing through the line. Yes, please that has gone all the way back into the stand. That’Ll be about 85 meters, at least it was in the slot and gone six is so good against spin Music Applause, he’s running away with the show here of these into the 40s Music Applause, Music, that’s, an age and four can’t do nothing wrong. Herpes it’s gotten like sick on 45.. Oh magnificent, really is stupendous gadget point tim Music. Well, we were just talking about the importance of new zealand trying to get a breakthrough, break this partnership up and adam milne again providing the breakthrough muhammad, her fees, looking a magnificent touch, easing his way to 40 45, but a superb effort from tim, salvi we’re.

Just seeing that the umpires are deliberating over maybe whether the ball came out of sally’s hands i’m, not too sure Music looks pretty good to me. Wonderful catch from tim, salvi he’s been known over the years to take superb catches, great pair of hands, mohammed a fees goes for 45 or 30 36 balls. Pakistan now 77 for three gets this through the infield get runs pass out, fail. Four runs Applause beautifully placed Music. Oh you’ve got to be at your base when you call to surprise if you’re a spinner, because he’ll keep on doing that. Improvised beautifully that’s gone up in the air and taken on the full another excellent catch, glenn, phillips, he’s, a keeper but boy lightning fast in the outfield. The stage was set for us to hit the ball a mile, but he failed good to see brilliance from new zealand in the field 95 for four pakistan need to get cracking shred malik is in this. Is it to the fence? This was deliberate, played the field. Well, i think we’ll see in a minute whether or not it was deliberate, but think of a way to start your innings. Well, fine gone fine enough tried to take pace off it up inside the circle. Edges patel brings about a boundary in a welcome one god. Here sounded good is good it’s. What they’ve been looking for, yeah they were lying for that they wanted to get a big hit. They wanted to get going Music Applause yeah straight up or not chance chance.

Oh another good catch, boyd i’ve been out standing in the field. New zealand corey anderson this time running away to his right takes an outstanding catch. Amazing catching Music push for two here. I should take it i’ll keeper there’s a chance again for a run out, directed he’s gone direct hit and he is gone needless run out. Never interested into Music gets that gets it well enough to go all the way, just backed up another slower, boulded mill, and this time he was waiting for it for him, one over remaining 134 for six Music. Oh enough, not enough, not enough! Yes, each soda just couldn’t quite get those legs going quick enough backwards. It just got a hand to it. It didn’t look the best Music, barista Music, just gets it through the gap lit off and cover up inside the circle, so it’s the only gap in pierce as it does yeah. The timing was good the length delivery. It was just gone before uh the fielder dives at it. The timing was excellent, maybe one more boundary Music well very well ready mug was in, has he done enough? Picked up. 10 runs off the last two deliveries just made that total a little bit better for pakistan 148. So new zealand will need 149. sally, be disappointed with the finish, but i think all in all, new zealand be pretty happy with, where they’re at, and this uh last over really give them hope that that’s what they were looking for, they were looking for something around 150, 155 – maybe a couple of runs short, but overall i think uh pakistan will be happy.

Babar gone early today, a man in form, sabza, faran, couldn’t, really get going. Asi was get promoted up the order, i think, once again, appease was outstanding. Uh debut for ages. Patel, giving the new ball one for 27 salvia just that last over, but still very respectable. Milne superb tonight the grand on three overs ish 30 very tidy four overs one for 24 monroe. The only one a little bit expensive off is one, and only over with and gone through. The offside sweet ass beautifully timed over pitching and phillips in good position to play that lovely cover drive that’s into the gap that is such a good shot, it’s hand, eye coordinated it and only munro can pull it off. That’S gone almost for six, his shoulders Music Music. You don’t see this very often when imad was bowling with the new ball. Huffing and puffing is blowing his cheeks again. This time monroe picked the angle he’s just cleared those legs a little bit more and still, though, hitting straight not looking to go cow corner or into that leg. Side finds the gap. Improvisation. This time from monroe is not allowing him to settle down wonderful counter attack from the left hander. Oh hello, Music, that is ek, 714, Music, nothing wrong, Music, ah, finally, gap. What a start to the sixth over the final of the power play just about nine ten deliveries. Colin monroe has just put all the pressure back on pakistan.

A huge hit down the ground, aston ali tries to go full goes left side concedes. The boundary lots of pointing going around surfroth Applause and boy did pakistan need that the slower one this time personally gets a crucial wicket for pakistan back of the hand slow one. Never comes on the inside edge on to the stumps, and the opening partnership is over courtesy back of the hand, slow one from arsenal good stuff, young afridi shaheen, that is tall man, young man, good man, oh lucky, one gets the outside edge and it races away To the fence welcome boundary for new zealand, Music two runs at least 50 for monroe. It has been one swashbuckling, innings, 50 of 38 balls Applause. This is how he bats in unlimited overstriggered in t20s, he’s a chancha king he’s, just continuing on his fine form. In this format of the game, he’s been brilliant the last year or two both internationally and around the world, and franchise cricket may just go and hit the fence. Well, that must ease the frustration. This is getting just a little bit. Agitated colin monroe, just doesn’t have power; he’s got innovation as well; reverse scoop up and over backward point, just using the pace and angle from her fees, helping the ball on its way. You see this shot a lot in t20 cricket around the world now and colin monroe certainly got it down pat wonderful shot and the slot and put away that’s beautiful batting is not allowing the bowlers now to settle into the act.

Music and Applause it’s. A massive breakthrough for pakistan because monroe was hurting them. Oh hello, let’s go back upstairs there’s another one. Yeah pressure was being exerted and it’s seen. The bullying change has worked amongst wickets, his first of the night direct hit and dawn bullseye from pakistan. Applause he’s a gunfielder, and it worked him feeling it point and hitting the timber and it’s all over for ross. Taylor well, it’s been well documented. The improvement in pakistan’s fielding in recent times. They seem to be getting a run out. Every single game of t20 they’re playing at the moment and here’s another occasion where a direct hit causes maximum damage for new zealand, an unneeded run out. Unfortunately, new zealand at the moment, they’re just losing wickets too fast and too regularly. The groundhog’s gone for six new zealand now 89 for four Music. You got a good chunk of this. He certainly did much needed for the new zealanders yeah how badly they needed that boundary, because just the runs were just becoming a bit too much for them. This will ease a little bit of pressure typical of ross taylor heading through the mid wicket run rate required is 12, 8, 28 or 14 now two overs to go and 13. Each really love this to go for uh, 10 or 12. gone down the throat didn’t get him out financed. Corey anderson is caught in the deep by showing malik and there is the fifth one.

Now this wicket will do world of good to pakistan. He was deep in his crease couldn’t really get the length right wanted to get under it. Couldn’T control the stroke hit it up in the air. He was in the air for a long time. Sure malik has been outstanding when it comes to high catches. He took a couple of really good catches in the last series and taking another one: happy man, Music, new zealand struggling now, corey anderson gone for nine it’s one, twenty three, four five Applause has done the trick, but it makes a massive difference when you have a Bowler, like who’s a wicket taking bowler balls nice and stressed maybe a little bit of reverse swing, but a lot fuller, all coming in new zealand needed boundary. You can’t really blame the youngster, because the delivery was too good for him. That was his first delivery. Faced. Music has been outstanding once again for pakistan 132 for six that’s, a beauty, oh it could run away. Will it run away? Not quite oh, yes, is it gon na come upstairs, but i reckon bit of the body touching. Oh just had a little look upstairs Applause. Yeah, it was a great effort from the fielder, but i have a feeling that the ball was touching his body when uh when he was yes there, maybe just there not really short from this angle, but definitely ball has crossed that line where the skirting was.

So. I have a feeling that, even if it’s not touching the body, this ball is going to go across. That line difficult one very difficult one for the third umpire great work from the from the two youngsters. This might be the difference that’s. The best angle too. I reckon and yep pass personality that is come on. Chief yeah, yeah, it’s, fun yeah. We knew it was full looking for their seventh victory in a row here, pakistan, yeah and they’ve got it. They’Ve won seven in a row: kev the green machine, high fives and big smiles all around for the home side. They have got up by just a couple of runs here in abu dhabi in match one so one nil to the home side, balance effort from uh ross taylor 42 from 26, but he ran nine twos in that inning. So he’s looking just ran out a little bit of puff and losing anderson when they did was certainly a big moment in this match.