Yep got that one away nicely: yep solid shot goes for four yep bang great shot; yeah middle, that one great timing, yep cat that goes for four good shot; yep catch and it’s big over the right for six yep. Oh, what a good shot; Applause! A 50 partnership reached off to a strong start: Applause, yep that’s for superb shot; Applause, yep, that’s, a good boundary great shot, driven straight down the ground for four Applause. Yep four runs there super shot. Superb shot, goes all the way and gets Applause, six yep that’s. What the crowd have come to see nicely played Applause, yeah, oh great, shot, yep catch, it that’s racing to the fence; yeah nice shot that one, and that brings up the half century for this batsman Applause, and that takes this partnership up to 100 runs yep. Oh nice, shot Applause. Five runs in that over pakistan Applause, fantastic catch, the batsman, leaving the field caught out for a duck. Welcome the new batsman, the cat; yes catch; it; oh glorious, shot, Applause, yep, that’s out the middle of the bat yep catch and that’s. Four Applause yep and that gets to the boundary for shot that one Applause, maybe some bat there. I don’t know the whole team running over. To celebrate this one means a lot: the batsman leaving the field caught Music Applause, our super shot, then Applause, Music played all around that one, and the ball was on target Applause, that’s a huge shot; Applause; Music; yes, such a great catch.

Yes, oh superb timing. Applause yep catch it great shot, driven straight to the boundary Applause, yep catch. Four, there nice shot catch. He launches that up and over the rope, yes catch it. Boom that’s gone for six, perfect technique and placement Applause, yes, cat that runs to the boundary for four superbowling to take the big victory Applause. Really, there was only one really. There was only one team in it today.