Oh and you’ve, got the coin. Tails is the call heads it is england who won the toss? What are you going to do? Owen we’re going to have a back first, so england have had a fantastic summer of cricket that plays some exceptional white ball cricket. Can they finish it off? Nothing really on the game other than the fact it’s england, pakistan? Can both sides entertain us here in manchester? Your first commentators was imacram and david lloyd, Music. What an atmosphere it reminded me of my days, it’s bank house, it’s, noisy it’s, t20 it’s action i’d be a blade of grass on this pitch, but it is rock hard. It always is there’s a real high, clear content in the soil here and it might just skid on, but it’ll be very dry get a couple. This time. Applause it’s, a leisurely; two Applause; Music hate without loss; Applause; Music, what a shot from hills; Applause cluttered through the offside boundary to end the third order; england 18 without loss. Oh my goodness, Applause! Thank you very much, the first six winning winnings right in the slot. Thank you very much. He want to swing at the back. Look when he finishes down by his backside: Applause, Music, with a slow ball, but he was shot right. Legos up in the circle and alex says, picks picked up that shot beautifully and fielder again goes to him this time, just a single good over for england, ‘ without loss Applause, i feel they’re out there doesn’t get this one.

This fourth boundary strike 880, alex here. 27 or 15., oh that’s, a lovely shot on top of the bound sails. This is a proper cricketing charter, even in this format short and wide. Behind point asking for trouble. Look at this Applause that brings up 50 for england, 53 in 5.5. Good Music Applause got first breakthrough statue of jesus looking good and gets the breakthrough on a quicker delivery. Fuller delivery going for a reverse lap: Music, 20, england 56 for one in at three jaws, full straight again: it’s a cross shot looking to play square, not down the ground. This has been an outstanding spell from matt. So far, he’s got two for ten from three overs and england are 67 for two he’s, not the boulder to play cross banded shots. He really isn’t you’ve got to hit him straight he’s, a very clever frigateer he’s, a line bowler you miss i hit and the pakistan fans who are quiet in that power play they’re bossing it in the stands: hale’s gone, 37. Applause, Music up and down to all Serve man as rukon: he has won a period for pakistan, england, three down he went up, but he didn’t go over. It was the lack of pace. The slower ball, clever, bowling no place to get it down to third man; Music. Applause, no mistake from sheriff malik england have lost three in a hurry. Joe root’s gone for six 67 for three, so the captain put himself down one Applause, beautiful shot.

That is first ball. Oh that’s, exquisite that’s, a proper shot in test match trigger let alone t20 butler away. He got himself in a good position: Music. What oh he’s timed that that’s wonderful timing from josh butler 77 for three and just the angle going across the left. He gives him a little bit of width. Applause gets it quite fine to third man, so he’ll comfortably come back for a couple: Applause, full slower, slight hesitation from morgan, but they’re through in the end good over for pakistan, four from the 13th 93 for three Music. What a terrific catch very, very difficult to judge the prize scale for joss butler yeah, a couple of yards either side and that’ll be a boundary, but it was a frustrating innings for butler with a frustrating end, one man to find he nailed it with a bit Of fade and it faded beautifully into the hands of malik pakistan on a roll. The danger man, josh butler, has come he’s gone for 16 93 for four bit of in drift there. From what happens. Hundred comes up. 14 overs have been bold. Another england batsman falls in the deep it’s ben stokes. This time butler went to deep cover and stokes now has gone to deep square. Big pakistan have patrolled the boundaries very well another big player goals as soon as he hit that i thought that’s in the stand. Two fielders protecting that leg side – boundary that’s, a big hit, finds deeply wicked.

Who makes no mistake, england, finding this a little bit difficult, then stalks, laters to go for four he’s 154 goodbyes morgan in the air should be safe, is safe, just 15 or visits on Applause, slow, bulma and ali beats. A short extra cover picks up a couple. Applause, Music Applause and the wickets continue to tumble Music with his second wicket. Morgan goes for 14 110 for six Music. Another slow ball from i’m. Here. This is where england may look for twos, and they do this time. Good running Applause goes big over the man. Not quite all the way, but a good strike Applause slower again ali through his shot again, Applause malik, it is showing malik the capture of Applause mid after tim robinson. The umpire, i think, has signaled a number, but liam plunkett is halfway out onto the pitch, but we’ll have to retrace his steps. He’S fine. He wanted to check the no ball. What often pushes the front line so uh tim robinson has to check. The finger goes up, david willie can make his way off and again, liam plunkett can make his way on to the middle. For the second time will he gone for 12 run of all 12. yorker to finish inside edge in just a single, so a terrific effort from pakistan in the field safran’s in his first game as official captain, can be well happy with the performance of his team. 56 for non england work in the seventh over but he’ll be opening swings a bit, but they’ll have to have that same tactic as pakistan.

Slower deliveries hit the pitch hide Music that’s his shot isn’t it. He loves that pickup off the hip. England saw that at trent bridge they got him out by pitching the ball and one bounce four up and over the offside you ain’t catching that up back to back boundaries, Music Applause, Music, khalid straight away of answer. Well, his uh strike rates up in this game because he starts with a boundary four more too short, too wide england gon na have to cope with this atmosphere as well. Oh that’s. Now that is now that snowball just did not work. It sat up and said, hit me well. This is a time for england to think on their feet. Now, instead, they’ve been too short, too wide and they’re getting spanked everywhere: Applause, Music, that’s, a lovely shot, that’s his shot, it’s just floated up it’s been hit away. The dew has come down. It is september, but it’s still quick enough. This outfield eight fours make 32. short ball top edge coming towards the pod one bounce two bounce: four: they continue to deal in boundaries. Applause, surprise again, a little bit of width, not a bad delivery. That’S a pretty good shot inside edge a little bit of luck. Stokes has done nothing wrong there at all Applause, it’s away, it’s a cracking shot a fraction wide and he threw his hands at it and again that’s six that’s, the maximum 63 for none Applause, Music yeah.

It is wonderful placement, Applause, Music, so hard in the power play so hard. Just two men out leg side gets it. Past square leg gets four. This could be over in a hurry short fall away. It’S, a big boundary stokes is in hot pursuit all the way for six six foreign Applause. Absolutely wonderful. Now what a way to go to 50 54, not out from 30 balls he’s at seven fours and now three sixes 93 without lost remake. Pakistan are charging to victory right to delivery right in his slot with the stem third. Six version strike out of 180 he’s on 54 of 30 and the crowd has gone berserk Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, it’s him with the spin let’s see get all of that unreal that’s, where he’s very, very strong against the spin finale got him Applause. Oh, i am here could be the first wicket extra covers under it. Mowing only takes the catch. England have got one misread: the delivery. Lord happy with himself england got the first breakthrough here. Let’S have a look. He was going with the spin, but i think he was a googly top edge and a good catch by moines, oh boy, right in the fingertips, charger, wonderful, innings, 59 from 36, pakistan, 107 for one Applause; Music. Oh, my goodness me there’s another into the crowd. Has he caught it? I don’t think soy’s down Applause 50 for latif 36 deliveries, his first 50., both openers with half centuries they’re.

Nearly there, pakistan just 18 needed Applause, big difference, boundary count, 14, fours, five sixes for pakistan, Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause. He shot again into the leg side into the gap. Has it gone all the way? One bounce Applause? Pakistan needs. Six short ball leg side will be a couple here: Applause scores it level, but that’ll do nicely.