Does that just highlight the um, the top order options available to you? You must be really pleased with that yeah delighted, um i’ve said it before. I think we’re, just in a in an i suppose, a period of a game where there are a lot of really good top order. Batteries available to us um. I don’t know why that is. I know a lot of guys who tend to score the majority of runs for the county, but at the top of the order in the top three or four. So that might be the case, but it’s it’s great, to see those two coming in and scoring runs see tom more so the other day. The way he played is the way that we see him in the summerset shirt, which is awesome and david’s. Just continued to score runs at a at a rate. So his start to his international career is unlike many others, so i meant to ask you this the other day actually um, now that the t20 world cup is in india, australia does that affect your thinking going ahead, yeah, i think it does. I think uh. Certainly one area of our game where we’re looking is having ben and mowing in and around our strongest eleven. So your all rounder is a singer and a spinner, and if only one of those players in a side in india majority of time, i think it will have to be a potentially a seaman i’m.

Not sure you can get away against certain teams with a spinner and likewise other teams, you need it seeming all around thanks for choosing okay lawrence, please um. Do you feel in terms of your own batting that you’re hitting the ball as sweetly as you ever have done? Yeah definitely um and the numbers definitely back that up even before the series started. Certainly within t20 qriket, the last two years of international cricket and some domestic are my best numbers to date, which is great because if i can combine that well a little bit of that, not all always going to perform like i have done, but a little bit Of that, with experience, i think that’ll go a long way and certainly when i’m moving up and down the order say between four and six to try and uh win again so yeah it’s, it’s nice that i’m feeling good but it’s it’s actually replicated in the numbers. As well, but that down to anything in particular, is it your experience just getting wiser with age yeah? I think a little bit of both, i think um experience and confidence, and actually the roles that i play i’m more comfortable with. I think before i became captain jumping up and down the order, i didn’t feel that comfortable with um, but now that it’s my decision, i feel more at ease, say if i was sleeping down to six and putting stuff ahead of me, i’d feel more comfortable with That than i probably would beforehand.

Thank you, george. Please. Okay well played um, given how many options you have at the top of the order. Does it make you think that joss might be ideal in that sort of floating, finishing role where it would appear? There are a slightly pure option: yeah. There are definitely fewer options um, but i think when you, when you’re trying to um fine tune selection of the the final level, which is very hard to do a year after the world cup, the teams that you pit them against are the best in the world. Do they perform in that way against the best in the world, or do they do do they perform just against certain number of teams, but the the three guys that we have the top of the order in as strong as 11 and ju? That includes joss? Do it against everybody and which is obviously one of our strengths? Whereas if you were to bring one of the younger guys in um, who’s, less experienced and then less runs under his belt and it might be a bigger challenge but moving forward like if it doesn’t work out at the top, we we have options. I think that’s. The best position we’ve been in um for some time with our t20 cricket, just simply because majority of the guys have been rested, the last four years and throughout series. Obviously you were without your two kiss bowlers today is still probably have a decent role to play.

Wouldn’T they, even if it is in india instead of australia. Sorry george, what bowlers did sorry two quickest bowlers in wood and archer yeah uh you? They would still have a role to play, wouldn’t they in in india, absolutely um. I think it emphasizes more so on the really flat slow wickets. You know. If you have that extra bit of pace, you still can skip through somebody and maybe bowl a white yorker or hit the stumps and get a wicket. But when you’re a little bit slower that that pace, isn’t there it’s almost it’s it’s difficult to skip skip through somebody. Basically, unless the ball is reverse swinging. Okay, thank you, john. Please yeah. I mean you’re announcing the squad tomorrow for the australia games. Would we uh expect to see some of the test guys back for those games, yeah, there’s there’s a chance. Some guys will be back um yeah for that, which of which is great um i mean guys, do enjoy playing the you know, white ball setup. So the fact that some of them want to come back and play, i think, is – is great, particularly after being in the bubble or biosecure environment. For so long does joe got a chance. Jayru got a chance, or maybe you know you haven’t played you got some runs he’s back playing t20 yeah keen to be involved. Okay, thanks chase. Okay with more then we’ll finish with george last one go ahead too.

Hi owen um the innings from from darwin. Probably not the most familiar position of him coming in after the path i would spin on. So how impressed for you with that and although he’s done very well opening realistically for him to be in your sort of squad going forward, do you have to be able to adapt to batting at three or i think, four in a squad um for your spare Batters, you need a top three position covered and then your other bath batter is an all rounder and that might be spinning all around or seaming all, and so that obviously presents a challenge itself, but the options we have obviously with with joss at the top of The order at the moment is to alternate and play around, if need be, if that formula doesn’t work um, which brings top order guys back into the frame george last one yeah, just a a more geeky one. Is there anything that you’ve been doing personally on your backing technically that’s helped you enjoy this run of particularly good form, nothing out of the ordinary that i haven’t been doing already. George now does just it’s very boring. Yeah, sorry is it, so is it confidence in part yeah, i think, just being like i mentioned earlier being comfortable in the role that i mean um, also accepting the different parts of our journey that we’ve that we are on at the moment, um with one team And the other trying to grow and learn and build strength and depth um, just taking that on, as as anybody would, as opposed to you know, maybe being fussy about selection or down about not putting out a best 11 holder, okay, green.

Thank you. Thank you. Everyone cheers cheers guys.