Applause. Chris jordan gets another over the first bowl of two in the power play. He started. Second, certainly that’s, just a poor delivery, good job, excellent, shot, great placement. Good timing quickly picked up the length Applause. He did well on this one as well. It just stayed a fraction lower and he moves his feet really quickly. Pretty much facing the ball full on and picked his gap playing in front of square marcus, lovely shot. It was a little too full. It was uh a little too wide, but dealt with Applause yeah. That was a bit of a gift there, maybe slower one 72 miles an hour had so much time to pick his gap got enough length to get the leverage. The mid off big shot all the way for six i’m saying earlier: it’s pretty big ground here, Applause! Well, this is what you call the slot. This was right in his arm, but look, it might have been the same thing outside of the hand, but either way it just landed in the zone. Look at them all travel good rejection, it’s gone up a long way and he’s taking safety pouch this time going for the same shot, the sweet slope, tom benson in the runs in the first game: good, solid catch there’s, a good change up there from rasheed quicker 57 miles an hour, but also angled a little bit wider, all just kept drifting away had to reach, for it ended up skewing and getting underneath Applause.

Pakistani skipper, barbara, was not happy with himself, but a little bit of extra bounce, i think, is the trick for uh. God is the second wicket an important wicket, the pakistanis, keeper departs Applause, much needed boundary for pakistan; Applause Applause to play; Applause, Laughter, Applause Laughter! Well, these are golden august that’s, going for 23., so he’s propelled the innings 155 for two four orbits to go tom curran three, always known for thirty nine got the wicket. He was looking for joey malik, just drilled, that straight to poet morgan, who takes an easy catch in the end they needed that breakthrough. Well, he sure did just to get a new batsman show him just planting him straight to extra cover boy morgan on the edge of the circle. He hangs on that’s a good wicket for england just to get a new money showing malik 14 from 11. he’s. 162. Applause side edge thick inside it, but it’s quicker, is this over Applause elbow, so many players now bears, though in particular that bottom hand is so dominant that’s different every complaint. I just got for six: what Applause, Music, the reverse, sweep Applause? He slapped it Applause! A big score on the board to defend, but an excellent start from the openers and a good bowling change huge wicket for pakistan. When shadow is the man got the breakthrough for pakistan, he went across against the spin top edge and good catch by ahmad baseem. At short, fine leg, an important breakthrough at this stage of the game – english still required nine point: five, five one and over brilliant innings from a score 44 Applause off brilliant from morgan.

This is a ridiculous shot. I mean this is the sort of thing that morgan does it’s just got an enough length, but he was still able to force it using those wrists just create a fraction of i’m still drilling relatively straight as well. Big shot just a little step across and then smashed into the seats yeah. The ball has gone some distance. This is a brilliant shot here. Applause just shuffled outside that stub, like you, said to change the angle, get it fine i’ve got enough length. Applause, who’s just smacked it to the longest boundary. That is a massive six. Well, you called it that he needed to get things moving and he’s done just that Applause just got down early didn’t over complicate the shot either Applause it’s gone right over the cow. Only in the shot that’s, all i see nice straight to the real deep backwards square. Talk about a minute magic, get rid of one of these bass, but they’ve done that, but england still need 18. marvelous innings for morgan morgan under pressure. When he came out, england was 66 for two and look at this straight to the face they pushed in shark. Till catch ball is reversing of it. They should think they can still win. They can believe they can still win tremendously for the skipper. That’Ll do nicely. It’S, a three mic series: first, one was washed out: pakistan set england 196 to win and no problem.

They managed it in the last order. First, delivery of the last over on an excellent surface.