s election, which would you choose, stick around welcome the silver heist. Thank you to our returning subscribers and guests we’re, a channel that likes to buy physical, gold and silver, and we like a coin with a good story. If you like those things, please subscribe. Well, the united states election is just around the corner, we’ll be choosing the person who will be serving as president for the next four years. So many people wonder what the next election is gon na hold for the prices of silver or gold. I thought it would be fun to think about if you can make one more purchase before the election. What would you choose silver or gold, so don’t take this as pressure to buy silver gold. Frankly, holding what you have is totally an option as well as selling so at the end of the video leave a comment as to what you would like to do before the us election. I have a poll i’ll share with you. At the end, it was a question i asked my audience: 590 votes, which medal were they leaning towards let’s? Take a quick look at the six month price chart of gold for the last six months and see where we’re heading into november? Third, so we hit a high in august seventh over two thousand and fifty dollars, and it stayed in a pattern for about a month and a half, and now it’s been in the new pattern for a month and a half around the 1900 level.

I don’t have a magic 8 ball, although i do have a magic, 8 ball, but making no predictions as to where it’s going. But where do you think it’s going looking at the silver price for the last six months, it hidden high on august 7th of over 29 and then it’s kind of stayed in a pattern for a month and a half around 27 and now it’s been a new Pattern for the last month, or so in the 24 range so based on this chart, where do you think silver is going based on the results of the november third election so i’m, not even making predictions about what his who is going to win the november election? I do not know they do know, there’s a lot of choices that can be made between silver and gold, so let’s narrow our choices. So if you were shopping for silver, you could go for some bars 10 ounce bars. Maybe you even go bigger i’ve. Never done anything bigger than 10 ounce bars, but that would be a nice score prior to the election or smaller or smaller, in vintage such as engle heart or this art bar of eastern airlines, 24 karat gold plated so vintage or maybe you’re. Looking for something from the us, mint quarter set or some kind of proof coin – i like these because you get five coins, five designs, so i think that’s kind of a cool thing don’t do too much collecting, but i do enough.

A nice simple purchase would be some constitutional silver or junk silver, be it half dollars or or dimes some mercury dimes, nice fractional, 90 silver. So if you like silver, that you can handle with your hands and listen to, then ninety percent silver is a simple way low premium option for yourself, you can also go international. These are canadian silver dollars, so this has been a challenging year for premiums. So the american silver eagle has been in high demand and with high premiums. So there are other government bullion coins that have been available for perhaps less perhaps less premium cost than the american silver eagle. So those have been options and they still are. But if you like the american silver eagle, then that is an option. Also, premiums are just starting to come down, so a lot of choices in silver, a lot of choices in silver, there’s. Also, some collectible coins. You could score before the big election, but in terms of gold you could go big if, for somehow it was in your budget and you were motivated to go big before the election, you could go for a one ounce, american gold eagle, but you could go fractional Or you could go 999, you go. 4. 9 is fine, so this is fractional and four nines fine. So this is a 2020 kookaburra. If you want to stay within the us, you can go fractional american gold eagles, one tenth ounce. So a lot of choices between silver or gold that you have for yourself well let’s see what our audience is leaning towards.

I did a poll on my channel on my community page 590. Members of my audience voted. This was a silver dip around late september. So this gives an indication of what people given an opportunity to make a move in silver or gold, which would they choose so at the last silver dip. What would you like to do? 36 buy the silver dip? Eight percent buy the gold dip, 28 buy gold and silver 26 percent, keep waiting and see what develops and three percent selling so similar, but different question, given one more opportunity to make a purchase, not just one more opportunity.