There’S bale and bell’s got real madrid back in it. How did he do that? The psg players not happy about something against won the ball verratti by mariah, not this time for the taking and turn able to find sarah bear, who Applause a night for thomas tucker Music, which held a little more than 30 000 here’s di maria it’s di mario’s, Tested mazlera forward and now the japanese international is hopelessly out of position: it’s, a brilliant save by mozlera, and what a hit by anal di maria there’s a slip there, which is presented psg with a chance to go in front and it’s won again, which they haven’t Been able to take Applause, Music, salary at this time, surely they’ve walked the ball into the net Applause it’s maori cardi’s goal having been set up by papa panesan german, have followed up their emphatic success over real madrid on match day one with a slender one. They’Ll, win and club bruce are going to be caught out here, there’s, a wonderful pick out and it’s a magnificent goal as well: mario icardi delivers for paris saint germain Applause, Music Applause in at the start, and the finish of the move. Riccardi they’ve got another one. Applause, well, he scored the second he has set up the third. You always knew that that was goldband. What an influence kilian and the hat trick completed in style. Bruges have simply had no answer: one impressive performance from psg after half time, and particularly kieran on buffet.

Oh dagger, with the cross, it’s, awkward and it’s, easy and mario ocad has finished it off and he couldn’t miss tiago silva and pembe and the targets, although that ended up far closer to the net than any of them and he’s in the box. Looking for the bits and that’s a brilliant stop from navas the angle’s tight, but he’s there again, so nearly done good ball for banana and the buffer in the middle would expect to do better. What’S falling for ritz here, that’s, a big call, it’s a penalty, clumsy challenge coming in here he comes it’s safe by navis Applause and the sheet is still clean. Five minutes are up and there’s the whistle, not the classic exhibition that we’ve come to expect from paris. Saint germain Music, almost his first touch of the night and it’s the first goal that psg have conceded in europe. This season, let’s go across benzema back for tony cross gets 45 minutes tonight, as marcelo benzema could have been tuned out in the opening 25 marcelo coming forward in support of makes it to what a wonderful goal it back in the game immediately been so good at The board for that clever step over tracks over the initial effort. What a stunning goal Music! It is so close: Music whips it back across terrific, save muslin, well, that’s, better from him now killian and pepe to roll it across for marrow icarny. Who does it again against galatasaray Music plenty of options in the middle sarabia didn’t need them.

Terry says your man strike twice in quick succession, here’s neymar with a burst of acceleration Applause, and there is his first champions league goal in a year: oh neymar, to thread it for killian and battery Applause wow. What about that for an assist carol? Just too much is it goes over penalty, five cavani for number 49 and sancho excellent, save by kailyn avers, and that was an excellent block too and bappe neymar on buffet thwarted again by berkey sancho, akimi and bundled in eventually by holland. Applause dortmund make the breakthrough tsg appeal for offside that they’re going through the gears and creating an opening Applause name, our equalizers brilliant work by keel and um to set up that goal for neymar Applause hold on oh that’s, magnificent Applause sensational, psg still celebrating their equalizing Goal let’s come to neymar who struck the woodwork that he angle of poston bar brush. Your dortmund have the advantage going into the second leg in france gone again now. Cavani and berkey just got something on that. An unconventional save team here to deliver and it’s been bundled in neymar, with a head up. Applause scored in germany and now he’s put psg in front i’ve been tony, but when he does usually gets it absolutely spot on by di maria and they’ve got a second goal. Music Applause goalkeeper was fully. Applause has raced halfway across the pitch to get to emery champ. Well, he should get a yellow car for that about that neymar, i think, was almost trying to distance himself, making sure that he didn’t get booked for that.

Chalm certainly was the instigator Music clearance and psg are through to the quarterfinals Music, but neymar’s on his way. Now and neymar is clear of the last man and neymar has shifted his shot. The wrong side of the post, oh, who had tiptoed blind side towards the back stick. I think they’ve got a problem psg in midfield because it’s too easy for city to Applause and this extraordinary burger, it’s, uh it’s, really a mathematical freak by which they stayed in the competition here’s neymar it’s got to happen for him soon. Well, i mean that was certainly authorities. The star was back passed by hatred, Applause, salvation, Applause, Music, with sensational timing from nowhere to within sight of the semi finals, triumph and torture it’s. Why we love the game? Applause and neymar is in here just denied by the post. They’Ll actually might just have got a touch between neymar shooting Music. Oh it’s, a free header, marquinhos, it’s, easy paris saint germain in front after 13 minutes.