Now the place is rocking. An all brazilian affair made by neymar, scored by danny alves, see the frustration guy with carlo ancelotti. This man is an absolute magnet of a player, not only the way that he goes up should be areolas. Here’S cassava Applause and it’s appears that in back pain, neymar can go out and wear the one it’s nice and easy for all right. It must be superb to see mrs lewandowski and it is a buying corner. Nearly came all the way over to have it gimmick, it’s, a lovely ball in that’s, a cross square well to somewhere, where arturo vidal was lurking and ravio was forced to put it behind great work. That was a chance. It still might be. Javi martinez gimmick there’s. Another ball in that was potentially dangerous. Free kick, though, because smaller here’s, muller, cavani tiago silva turns it behind psg well, on top it’s, not a way yet and that’s a good try and a really good, save from areola Applause, happy martinez, caught that sweetly set up. So well come out, buy and come again that’s james Applause. Well, it looked to me as though it was deflected for a corner looks for lewandowski who might have put that straight at the middle. Nobody, therefore, to poke it through to muller lewandowski across any touch whatsoever. You feel would send that goal down. Applause, gimmick, areola stays back just to have cavani shot, always wide, two wonderful options: didn’t, he got the feeling that perhaps the name our ball would have been better.

Such a cross would have taken him into the 18 yard box. Then he doesn’t just stand in by the pass. He carries on his run, the very last minute that is a quite brilliant finish and some super approach play from the teenage tear away killing him. I said he was a couple of degrees offer, i think, it’s fair to say, is red hot again now again, it’s down to the front three again, it’s down to a player like in bappy, drawing players to walk, gets spotted at the last minute. Great hold up play by him back. This is quite, and it comes from hamas and areola. This time looked at fault. He does not want to come to catch those bosque doesn’t have much of it. Now is neymar with the touch back and there is cavani, and that was a week gorgeous little touch that sets cavani up. He’S got plenty of time. He can run it towards the munich goal from neymar to him. Neymar wants it back and he would have got it, but for thiago alcantara. This is superb. This recovery challenge she’s muller forced wider than he wanted to be Music turned behind by thiago silva Applause. So this has got a huge bearing as to commit, can only find danny elvis with another chance and it’s headed off the line by tiago silva neymar could get it back. Neymar’S got the chance for three, then they don’t really look for anyone else.

Today. Come on he’s there in support, so he’s back over at e that’s good ends up being well while i’m to get it down. He’S run out of time. Now, though, and his muller turned behind by tiago silva, who wants a little more in from rudy another headed chance because his name are but they wants, it, neymar wants the he’s a little closer than he was last time, but not close enough at the right time. Kingsley come on; he takes it on now, but just caught it off the outside of the boot sebastian rudy again, he takes on the shot, smartly saved by areola that’s blocked by rapidly first, in line here, come the support, players or kavani before the ball was anywhere Near it, Applause it’s a good try, but it was never likely to be spent alright, such a long way out like and the ball in from neymar the space closed by javi martinez, what a touch he’s gon na do, and after that he’s always hunting. He knows where to go. Does he name? I could sniff a chat this time, it’s bad munich, so uncharacteristic, superb it’s in the pullbacks. Nowhere to be buyers, hesitancy at the back played a big part and after that he’s always hunting. He knows where to go. Does the name i could sniff a chat are away into the parisian. You can do it with a little more ease when it’s three nil, but he nearly tiago alcantara trying to drift away from ravio in the tension and what comes into lewandowski, and that one is.

Finally, put in by arturo vidal but it’s not going to count Applause levandovsky to kingsley, kerman lewandowski felt he was then unfairly stopped from having any chance of getting on his own, and here comes danny elvis again what’s up he’s set up so nice isn’t it to Go back across before he gets into his busy stride. Gimmick areola, couldn’t, looking for vidal with that here from james rodriguez over it comes lewandowski, turns and scores robert lewandowski so close to goal. Rarely misses a chance like that. The flag stayed down and and have the lead status defending from psg stood around looking around who’s meant to be picking up. Robert lewandowski, i don’t know whether the ball that gets stood up comes back off a psg player 11 now with james rodriguez curling that one in good ball, it’s, two nil, current time to liso ten point cross, superb header and talisa, who scored the winner against anderlecht. Last time out scores brian second of this first half beaten three nil in paris. They now lead ps4 sunshine, looking to make a fast start here, it’s into a buffet and they’re back in the game. A little flick inside and killian and bappe was there five minutes into the second half it’s bayern munich, two paris saint germain, one that’s a very well worked goal by psg, which is the sluggishness of bayern munich. That really surprises you. After such a good. First, half a late run by keeling and buffy, not spotted at all, with a chance to break now into the penalty area.

It’S three chalisos there again his second goal of the night and just when paris saint germain were coming right back into the game. Bayern munich’s two goal lead is restored: 3, 1, just past the midway point of the second half it’s. An absolutely devastating counter attack well finished back to lee.