This place simply a monument to the game so much prestige, so much pride, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, you’ve been well you’re right peter. I have been in this position. The message is usually something like remember all the work, the hard work you’ve put in to get this far so don’t leave anything out there now do what you’re good at it’s better than what they can offer. Stick to that and you hope it’ll be enough. Remember all the work. The hard work you’ve put in to get this far so don’t leave anything out there now do what you’re good at it’s better than what they can offer. Stick to that and you hope it’ll be enough. They’Ve got underway here, pretty promptly. Look. We can help unbox what a wonderful goal, what a start and what a contribution from the main map. I had a feeling he might do something given his reputation, but to do it like that, absolutely brilliant! I wasn’t expecting that the breakaway clinical and clean and the finish honorary yes tries to get it forward quickly. Marquinhos plays it forward, shoots oh taken with style and there’s. The goal they’ve been looking for Applause yeah, looking back at that that’s how you play on the counter, quick and decisive and ruthless. With the finish, i thought it was a stunning stunning, breakaway Music Applause and they are dragging it back game on Applause again, Music, because it took them seconds to get the ball from back to front and they really came forward very well.

Applause hoist it forward. It’S levantovsky cannabri towering header Applause Applause unable to make it happen for all his good intentions and here’s left it’s levski, yes, it’s in with half time at hand, perfect, timing, davis and another time forward. It goes marquinhos he’s through oh good. Take andy cardy, he’s pulled off a fine, save maro icardi really must have felt he had the measure of the keeper then, but how wrong he was. Quebec gimmick drives it forward and it’s paid forward. Applause, that’s, really nice. Now. What next is leftist more pressure on the opposition goal? Paris, saint germain gnabry, gets away from his opponent. This could fall anywhere. Kayla nap and they’ve been caught out here, gets up to head it’s, oh just needed a better contact. Well, plenty of moving targets to pick out in the box obviously increases your chances of the ball being met like that by someone davis good take, and he has a pop goal by a munich number, 17. lovely bit of skill, muller and here’s conabry he’s gone for It Applause he’s got a long way off and away Music just received an a plus grade. Hernandez gets it back and it’s coutinho and here’s lewandowski. Oh showering header they’ve done it after 76 minutes it’s, karenska it’s. Anyone, oh real danger here. I can’t speak highly enough of the keeper after that save can’t stop thinking about it. It’S paid forward plays it back and here’s lewandowski Applause a reprieve, albeit perhaps momentary all of his mercy and somehow he’s missed it.

Herrera drives it forward. It’S, a promising ball, a big chance, we’ve got a goal back within one; they have them in their sights again. That was a given. It always was yeah. It looks simple peter, but it requires intelligent use of space and good understanding to pull it off. Leave it clear and it’s smaller and here’s canavery canal decides to play it back. Applause, Applause and the finish another follow up decent attempt, but not quite good enough. The final whistle and the end there was to be no perfect ending, they were brave, but they fell short simply. The big day was their day a day for them and their fans a truly proud line in their history.