com the undefeated that story broke over the summer steven bartow btn analyst is with us and stephen. First of all, your reaction, i mean this is a story that we talked quite a bit about over the summer and then you know mike decoursy was kind of saying he hadn’t heard too much about it felt, like maybe they’ve, been resolved internally at penn state. What do you think when you hear this news today? Well, i think it’s unfortunate uh, because the situation causes a young man to come out and you know really expose a story nationally that typically you find that stays within the clubhouse or the locker room. So uh it’s an unfortunate situation. It happened, the facts are out, the the investigation was done and they chose to part ways and it’s unfortunate they because you know we get to know these coaches working at big ten network and we get to know uh their families. You and i went to philadelphia and did that game and we got to meet some of his large family in philly and the special connection there so it’s. I understand uh that they needed to make this decision, but it’s kind of bittersweet, because uh chambers, i think, was building something at penn. State well, certainly had an extremely successful team this year and i think now the question becomes stephen. How do they keep that momentum? Going how big a challenge is it for penn state to continue to succeed in basketball mike was outlining what a challenging job? This can be yeah.

It is challenging dave, but you know they do have a pipeline. Now that was established with coach chambers into philadelphia and that’s, a talent rich area that, if they can continue to uh, keep those relationships in good standard, i think that they can continue to build um. You know, pat chambers went into areas that penn state didn’t get players previously and if, if coach ferry is the choice, because sandy barber mentioned you know, he was mentioned – that he would be a part of the national search for this position. You’Ve got to know that the timing of what’s going on is going to favor coach ferry in this scenario based on the season starting november 25th. So it would be interesting to see what how this plays out but um. If there is a bit of continuity from his uh regime, i think it would benefit penn state moving forward, at least for this season, put yourself in the position of a player, stephen, a player who was recruited by patrick chambers, and now here you are you’re a Week into practice essentially – and your coach is leaving. How tough is that in terms of keeping this team on the rails? Oh it’s, very tough because you make a decision uh, largely based on the head coach, not solely hopefully on this head coach, but largely this is the uh guy that’s going to be sort of a father figure for you once you leave home.

You know this is the uh. You know the next step up in this progression that a lot of young men want to be and they want to be professional players, and this is the next step on that, and you know when you look at the situation. It’S, like it’s it’s incumbent on who is going to be in charge because do you fit into what this system is going to be and that’s it’s all up in the air right now, i feel for those players, but i do want to stress that they are In a great situation, because they are at penn state university and i’m, not sure that um – whoever comes in that that’s, a talent enough roster that they can do something with that stephen i i don’t, we don’t pretend to know what happened in this investigation. We certainly know the quote that rasheer bolton shared, and you can certainly understand why that would be incredibly offensive to that young man, and so i i don’t want to put you in a position to speculate or anything like that. But i guess i’m asking you more broadly kind of what does this tell us about college athletics, about the relationship between coaches and players about uh? You know the situation surrounding race on college campuses right now kind of again it’s such a broad topic. But is there anything that you read into this, which changes your point of view in any way today or makes you think in a different way than you might have thought an hour ago? Very well put dave that’s a great question and you know i don’t normally do this but i’m willing to bet my relationship that pat chambers meant nothing malicious prejudice or anything by that statement i understand how rashir bolton took it.

I get it. I understand it, but i would i don’t think that pat chambers would say that in the nature that it’s being portrayed and so it’s again it’s an unfortunate situation, there needs to be education on both sides from the player standpoint because it can’t it can’t always be About you know, being new being hip being woke, you can’t always be about that because everybody doesn’t start from that position, and so there needs to be some education on both sides of bringing both parties together. In my opinion, meaning, coaches and players, i mean we’ve. You know there’s some situations going on in another conference with another program, with a coach and supposedly about his behavior, and there really needs to be a lot of education. In my opinion, on both sides. Uh interesting take interesting. You would say that, and i i certainly know you know, that a lot of people have an affinity for patrick chambers. On the other hand, you certainly understand rasheer bolton’s point of view. I mean that’s, it doesn’t get much more offensive in terms of imagery than a noose right, yeah it it. It is dave, but you know the thing of it is. These: are personal situations right and we’re talking about something that’s been systemic in our society. For quite a while and everybody’s going to experience those encounters differently, and so i i think that what we need to look at more so than the act.

We need to try to look at the intent. If we can try to look at the behavior of this person throughout the tenure at penn state you’re talking about pat chambers has been there for nine years. He went and got dj new bill. Um tim frazier shep, garner josh reeves mike watkins. He might have saved michael watkins live seriously, based on the encounters that michael watkins had with police authorities and his own battle with depression. Pat chambers might have saved this young man’s life, and so we have to take those in. We have to take his body of work into consideration if we’re gon na you know, use this broad stroke of prejudice or social injustice over this one situation, because it to my knowledge, it was one situation but there’s a lot of interaction between players and coaches. In a season that, if it all boils down to one situation that that’s that’s tough for me being an ex player yeah and again, i think maybe we’ll find out a little bit more as we learn some details and and begin to understand whether or not it Again, wasn’t an isolated incident was there more to it: pat chambers, certainly apologized uh, for the the comments that he made. But again the the comments are out there. Uh stephen bardo really appreciate your time, really appreciate your insight.