So I thought we’re gon na do away with the slow cooker today and we’re gon na make some pecan pie, which you can actually do in a slow cooker, but I’ve never done it. So we’re gon na make little mini pecan pies, but before I get started, if this your first time here, you love food, you love fun and you love helping out a good cause, make sure to hit the subscribe button, as well as a notification belt and check The details below in the description to find out how subscribing helps to feed the hungry okay. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of making the dough for this, and I realize my microphone wasn’t working so as opposed to starting all over again I’m. Just going to tell you what goes in the dough it’s super easy it’s, a stick of butter, three ounces of cream cheese, both of those softened and added to a cup of flour and, of course, I’ll put the full recipe in the description below so anyway. That is already made up right here. So the reason we’re gon na do the little mini pecan pies is my husband will say that like pecan pie is his favorite pie, but actually he doesn’t like the syrup or like the gooeyness. He likes like it chewy, but it doesn’t like like the syrupy kind of middle and he just likes the pecans, the sweetness in the crust. So I think these are perfect and they’re called.

I think they’re called pecan pie Tassie’s. I don’t know what a Tassie is. I don’t know why they’re called it. I just call them pecan pie, tarts, so we’ve already got our dough here made and then for the filling I’ve got 34 of a cup of brown sugar I’ve got an egg at room. Temperature I’ve got a tablespoon of butter that I’ve melted, a teaspoon of vanilla, a pinch of salt and then I’m gon na stir this together. This is one of my favorite recipes to make around the holiday, especially like Thanksgiving, and I almost have to make a double batch, because these things go really really quick, all right, so once all that’s mixed together, I’m gon na take 13 of a cup of chopped Pecans I’ve got him in a bag here, because I had to chop them myself. I bike pecans like in a bag like I buy cheese, so we’re gon na mix this together and then I have got a little mini muffin pan here that I’ve already sprayed with some Pam and then I’ve got so you can just do this with like a Tablespoon I like to make sure they’re all the exact same size, so I have a little let’s move this around this way. I have a little miniature scoop and it takes about two of these so I’m, just gon na go through and fill each of these little wells up, Music and it’s gon na.

Take me just a little bit so I’ll see you back in there all right! All done so the next thing I’m gon na do is. I have my tamper from my blender. So just look around your house, your kitchen, I’m sure you can find something I like using this because I like using both ends of it. You can also just use your fingers, but I think this goes a little bit faster and after all the time I spent with my teeny tiny mini scoop. I think this. This is better. This is gon na save me a little bit of time anyway. So I just spray it with a little bit of Pam and I kind of got to keep spraying it along the way. Just so it doesn’t stick, but I use the fatter in to kind of flat out and then once I’ve got it kind of flattened. Then I go in with the smaller end and I just push it all the way down, so it makes a nice little well for my filling to go into so I’m gon na go around and finish all of these. I think they are ready for their filling. As you can see, I had to go back in with my fingers and kind of spread them out a little bit but that’s, okay, all right so we’re, just gon na put a little bit of filling in each one of these. I am NOT the best at this and I try not to overfill them, because the crust itself doesn’t really stick too bad, but this filling does when it bakes.

If it gets up along the edges, sometimes it makes it really hard to get these out all right and then once we have all of them, full we’re gon na take the rest of our pecans. So these are crushed or chopped chopped. Fine. I guess we’re just going to sprinkle them right over the top, so this is the part my husband loves. All the pecans make sure I get all of it here. Oh these are gon na, be so good all right, I think that’s it. So these are gon na go in the oven, 375 degrees and they only take about 15 or 20 minutes and they are already out of the oven. So they only took about 15 minutes, and you can usually tell when they’re just about done, because the crust will start to turn a little bit of a golden brown and the center’s will start to bubble up just a little bit so either been sitting here. For about five minutes, I usually like to let them cool about 15 or 20 minutes, but they smell so good. I don’t think I can wait today so I’m just going to take my knife, run it around the edge and get one of these out of here. Ooh I broke that one. This is why I usually like to let them sit just a little bit. You know, it’d be so good with. These is a little bit of ice cream. But, oh, I forgot a fork.

Hopefully, this isn’t too hot, look at all that yummyness. I forget how good these are because I usually make them at the holidays, but, oh, my goodness, so, sweet and nutty, and you know what my husband’s sleeping. I could probably take all these and just hide him, except he’ll – probably smell it when anyway, oh no wonder what that guy baked and what smells are good, so I think I’ll probably have to share, but anyway, give these a try. Definitely take this recipe and mark it for the holidays, because it’s I’m telling you they disappear like crazy, so I hope you’ll give them a try. I thank you. So much for watching I’ll see you next time.