Now that you have secured that second place, how important is it to win the FA Cup for your seasons, be seen as a success? My English is getting worse every time, so I didn’t say that, did I say the qualification for the Champions League for the future, for one club is more important than the domestic cups not finished. Second, so I finished. Fourth configuration for the champ is the next season. In terms of the prestigious and everything is so so important anyway, if your cup is a more historical and an you know beautiful beautiful cap and of course you are one step step close to to get another final and we’re going to try to do a good Game that weekend tomorrow, but of course one would play the fact I’ve seen the final. Of course we can become so important, especially when you are already qualify for the Champions League next season. Your record personally against Arsenal is very, very good, but how much more difficult is this game made now, given the McCulloh Teta takes charge of Arsenal, and obviously he knows so much about your side, so we find out the fair capitalist. If I remember, last season will be plagued and right on how difficult it was, how tough would be before the our semi final against against Tottenham each in Champions League. I expect an entire level – tough, tough, tough game because they have something especial already. They have a team spirit; they they create me calculate from outside, maybe I’m wrong from outside.

When I see in the games and how they celebrate the goals, how they fight every single ball, they start to create something especial for this club and everybody fight for everybody. Everybody is required, we have to do important. Things will be difficult throughout the day. Is Gary James writer and ill Gary. Quite what happened? No I’m, not sure what happened there, just one that final one pet for me. If I can and obviously FA Cup semi final weekend is normally a massive day out for the fans I don’t know if you’ve seen today, the Boris Johnson has said that he hopes that we will get some fans back inside stadiums from October of this year. I just wanted your thoughts on what have you missed about not having the fans in from the last few weeks and also how important is it for all clubs, yourselves included, that supporters can get back safely into watching football matches? These are the most important thing, so we miss the final, the club’s so annul disperse playing golf now a to remember without the spectators, basketball. So, friends, as there is a way, but they have to be safe, so hopefully the authorities, the medical the scientists can allow to to the people come back to the to the stadiums when, when okay, the security for our lives is, is the most important. Thank you very much, you’re very welcome. I’M. Installing a quick note. Equally, fine um hi pep you’ve got a fantastic record against Arsenal.

Not only we beat them seven times in a row. You’Ve scored three goals against them: six of those times. What is it about Arsenal that seems to bring out the best in your team? No, we approached Arsenal the same for the other ones, so with one of the elite clubs in the last in the English football, but especially in the last 20, 20 30 years. So an ampere issue, the right person to come back and the position done before when, when the club supports him, there are no better person to the job like McCann. So I had the feeling is creating something unique and he can be support for the club. In terms of of investment and give the players that they need, they would be another contender for the next year’s well, when you played them right at the start of the resumption of the league. David Luiz made all the headlines because he came on us, so we gave a penalty away. He got sent off to some. People is a bit of a figure of fullness here as a manager. How do you look at someone like David Luiz? I have an incredible respect for him for his career he’s, an exceptional player with incredible mentality and especially personality, and I laugh – I laugh about all the pundits that they were defender and they they believed they didn’t make one mistake on their career for the when they Played 20 or 10 or 15 years, so I like he’s, still playing football and uh and and I’m pretty sure, he’s going to make more good action mistakes, but it’s part of the game, but a lot of dignity.

So how about the respect of this player? I’M? Just finally from me, what would you say to the City, fans or people who are looking at the two semi finals and say Sunday’s will be quite close. What tomorrow’s won’t be close at all, because city will win easily. They are completely wrong. I said before no semi final was easy. My career, never ever so always was tight and I will lost semifinals and our first year here and say my father is completely different than the finals and then the players know we would be so tight, especially for this, not because it doesn’t matter. I have the same opinion about the team for Marcin and especially for mikkel. No because then we need win against Liverpool or lose against writer, for example, they don’t change one second, my opinion about the quality of his manager, the players that they have will be a so difficult game, and I don’t have an incredible challenge: opportunity to get another Final, we won last season and, being there would be, would be great for us. Thank you. James talk, sport, please, okay. I believe I’m right in saying that you’ve won on your last seven trips to Wembley in domestic competitions. What is it about your side when you get to Wembley, you always seem to perform there by shows the team likes and enjoy to play. The finals in Wembley is in an incredible place to play the old one, and anyone and the players know then of the challenge that you have to get another final against.

One team that the show would have – I know they different really well really tie – is not easy to play in Liverpool, but they were incredible. Stovl incredible focus during 90 minutes I’m for Man City. We know that the club, a desperate set to win the Champions League one day, but where is the FA Cup sit for you at this club in England, when my first memories about English football? He was the FA Cup Finals, not about the Premier League or championship before so I remembered that you know in Spain always we can see that the FA Cup finals – it was the tradition and and everything so is so nice, and then I think we are looking Forward we are so excited to to travel tomorrow to London and just finally from me, pepper. We know now that you’re going to hold on to that 100 point record that remains intact for another season in terms of Premier League points Sally. What does it take to reach a hundred points, and do you think they’ll ever be beaten again? Well, my point of view that doesn’t cancel for one second incredible leak that Premier League and Liverpool has done so 99.1 hundred two hundred seven. The league was incredible. So just we can convert uhm at them again, always I thought always. I thought that the record the records are there to be breaking and sooner or later, it’s going to happen, but Dobson didn’t, I’m.

Sure, oh, that may be 100 points, is not easy, so but nothing changed. So we were incredible two seasons ago. When we did it, we were incredible when we make 98 last season, like Liverpool mean a 7, this season can do 99, so both teams did it in travel and nothing changed to have 100. Sooner or later, this this record will be breaker, but that show that doing the incredible season the Liverpool has done and not get 100 points means. How incredible was that we we did two seasons ago. Doing these an achievement record great, no usual policy and the cops have been for Claudio to playing goal. It’S not still gon na be the case this week ending, and can you say any more about Claudio situation beyond the end of this season? He’S going to play early because Claudia’s a little bit injure. Oh, it was what’s. The problem – yeah not in the bench, has a little bit muscular problem, not not big one but he’s not able to pay tomorrow. Okay, any other injury problems at all coming out of the bottom of game. Thank you possibly for the environment plays we’ll. Go to dark! You, nada, you’re meeting, my hello. Can you hear us? I can hear you guys nearly yeah good, good yeah, just falling off Randy. Really Pat knows you’re canceling hasn’t been in the squad’s last two times, then. Is that a physician with him or is there? Is there other issues and just season? It was injure other problems in the in the tough place of the leg.

By now, he’s back trained the last two days and tomorrow’s ready to help us what he thought of his first season at the club. Is it being tougher, yeah well a little bit, but especially for the true little injure that he has, but his behavior and his and his open minded changed a lot. The last period – and we are incredible happy with the him and in the future, is going to help him help us a lot.