Your host jason rosslyn at dfsgolfer23 on twitter go over some of the fit and form or the recent form for the entire field. Some course history for the entire field, and then i bring in the pivotal strokes, gain statistic to try and find the golfer. That is in good form and a good fit for the course. So if this is your first time joining, i appreciate it. This is the shortest of my three podcasts. This one normally goes about 10 15 minutes, maybe right at the 10 minute mark this week, as we only have one year of course, history here at tpc, twin cities, for the 3m open and before i go on, though i want to turn everybody’s attention to superdraft. The sponsor of the show i thank them for their continued support, uh and the best way you can show it is try out their product. If you haven’t tried out their multiplier mode, you should do so as soon as you can. The future of daily fantasy sports has arrived experience, super drafts, exclusive game mode multiplier, say goodbye to salary restrictions and hello. To line up freedom, use your fantasy sports dollars to draft any player. You want to build your very own dream team, countless lineup possibilities. Let you experience daily fantasy sports. The way you want super draft offering contest for pga nascar, mma mlb now starting this week, and so much more so you can enjoy the best of dfs all year round, sign up for super draft using promo code, osmo 10 and it’s 10 bucks free on your First, 10 or more deposit and 20 free on your first 100 deposit or more download in the app store or play at superdraft io no limits and more winning, so i’m gon na quickly review uh the course profile from the first cut.

This is the tpc twin cities uh quickly, it’s easy to hit fairways 66 percent of them plus long drives over average drive over 300 300 yards, not 300 300 yards and uh that’s, quite good uh. For for here, that means there are a lot of drivers hit off the tee. So the course at 7, 500 yards may seem a little long, but with all those drivers hit it really doesn’t play uh. That long greens are also easy to hit at 74. No surprise there, when you’re hitting driver all the time and the fairways are easy to hit gon na, make the greens easy to hit and once you’re on them not too hard in the top 20 hardest. So, which is you know, 42 or 49 uh courses that we monitor over the years, so that kind of fits right in the middle, all right, let’s, head into uh and learn about some of the recent form first, but before we do, i want to turn your Attention to our awesome, plus member, of course i provide all of this to our osmo plus members and if you’re looking to win a monthly pass to all of the awesome sports that we have going on with mlb coming back this week, uh we have some some Of the best players, uh dfs players, mlb on staff, so come and join uh and see what they have to say. Of course, check out our twitter handle awesome, underscore com to uh, find out how you can win that monthly pass and, of course, if you’re looking for just the golf information and you’re not already an osmo plus member, you get access to all the great awesome plus Tools and content for this week’s pga dfs slate with an awesome golf weekly pass for just 8.

95. It includes leader, golfer projections, ownership projections, top golfer tool and so much more, never better time for pga, dfs so step on the course today. Uh all right let’s go into reason. Four: two stats uh that i’m going to give you uh, not two stats: a couple of stats: six golfers ryan armor luke list, christopher ventura, derek ernst, joseph bramlett and ben martin have multiple top tens uh. Obviously, with this field, not being as strong, we don’t have as many names up here and the only name that’s done at twice on the pga tour is ryan armour. The other five luke list has one on each tour. Christopher ventura has one on each tour. Well, derek ernst, joseph bramlett and ben martin all have theirs on the corn fairy tour this week might play a little bit like a corn fairy event, though so i don’t think we should throw those guys out uh for any stretch. Talk 25, since we returned lucas, glover has four of them: christopher ventura, doc, redmond and derek ernst have three. Nobody else has more than two made all their cuts: we’re dwindling down here, maybe a little to do with field strength, but richie warrenski, scott stallings, chris baker and johnson wagner now. Baker and wagner have only started twice, whereas rorensky and stallings have started a few more times and made all their cuts. A couple of guys that i already mentioned as well uh have made all their cuts.

I just want to bring those guys up uh. Lastly, van roy and sam burns, jonathan vegas, dustin, johnson and wes roach 50 of their starts, have ended in the top 25. The only guys that could say that now, when we situ switch over to the negative side, we’ve got a bunch of guys that have not earned a paycheck. Since professional golf has returned russell knox. David hearn alex jecka aaron, badly beau hassler, cam davis, robbie shelton missed all of their cuts. I suspect at least two of them are gon na make the cut this week here at dpc twin cities, which let’s go over into our course. History now and obviously i’ll bring up matthew wolf as the defending champion, but what i’m going to do instead is i’m going to give you the strokes gained review uh see some of the golfers. Maybe that enjoyed the setup of the course uh or what have you so shows getting t to green matthew, wolf, kramer, hickok, carlos ortiz, sam burns, dylan fratelli, tony fenow, max homa, brunson, bregoon, russell henley, scott piercy and charles howell iii round out your top 10 of Golfers playing this week that also played last week, i think that’s an important note to uh to make there it certainly isn’t the top ten of the actual field, uh that played uh just uh, the of the guys that are playing this week when we switch over To punting, danny mccarthy no surprise leads, then it was ryan.

Blaum, pat and cazire lucas glover had a good week on the greens here last year, troy merritt keith mitchell had a good week on the greens here last year. Johnson wagner arjean atwal, windham clark, ryan armor and harris english all gaining at least four strokes. Putting here last year now, i mentioned a few guys uh there at the strokes guaranteed to green uh list. So i wanted to switch over talk about who potted terribly here. Last year, maybe a bounce back for them, and some of those names include adam long lost four strokes, putting in route to his miss cut, wes, roach lost 3.6 and route to his miss cut cramer hickok, who made the cut. I just mentioned him in the top strokes game teeth green here. He lost almost seven strokes putting here last year, while dylan fritelli ended up losing five strokes putting here last year. So if those guys can figure out these greens and keep up their teeth, green game liking the setup of the course certainly in play this week well let’s move on now to our last category. The strokes gained category where, of course, if you’re not familiar with it, it is a metric that the pga tour uses to compare the golfers to each other on an individual shot basis. That individual shot basis is then broken out into four distinct categories. Strokes gained off the t, strokes gained on the approach strokes gained around the green and strokes gained, putting so the four distinct categories in of those four categories.

There are three other categories that uh we look at to determine a golfer’s strengths and weaknesses. Strokes gain t to green, which compiles around the green approach and off the tee ball, striking, which is just off the tee and the iron game and the short stroke skin short game which is around the green and on the green. So just want to give that quick, little tidbit here now, we’ll start start with strokes. Gain total, which takes all of those into consideration. Christopher ventura is six of 11 starts gaining more than a stroke, and a half paul casey brooks kepka dustin johnson are the only ones that have done it at least 38 of their starts, while tony fenow has done it seven times. Only 35 of his starts, though, and brian harmon has done it six times and that’s less than 30 of his starts in the last six weeks, tony fenow, sam burns and siwo kim have all gained at least a stroke and a half total three different times. When we switch over to t to green here, what we’re looking for is strokes gained at least 1.25 1.25 strokes gained teeth, green uh and will gordon eric van roy and paul casey tony fenow dustin johnson have done it in 50 percent of their start, while bubba Watson see who kim and eric van royen have done it three times in the last six weeks when we switch over to ball striking, we add in doc, redman who’s over 50, while emiliano, griot and tommy fleetwood are just under 50 at 48 and 47.

we’re. Looking for ball, striking that ended up at least with three quarters of a stroke gain on average per uh per round the other guys that are above 50 percent with doc. Revenue include paul casey, eric van roy and tony fenow, uh and the alike. Once we go into a short game now, we’re gon na hear some different names, danny mccarthy he’s over 50 percent of his starts uh. The only guy to do so with at least 10 starts that have gained at least 0.75 strokes gain with their short game. Luke donald is also there as well as rayne gibson, but not in as many starts well. 13 golfers have done it in the last uh twice in the last six weeks, including pack desire charles howell russell knox, austin cook, dylan, fratelli, brandon, grace and keith mitchell. We switch over to off the tee now since we’ve gone through all of the combined ones. Now we go through the individual ones. We find peter quest who has been off to a good start off. The t in his limited starts on the pga tour, but certainly hasn’t got any other part of his game. Going matthew, wolff, johnny vegas will gordon dustin johnson docker, edmond keith mitchell, tommy, fleetwood and brooks kepca all have gained at least a half a stroke off the tee in 50 of their starts uh in the last uh six weeks, uh two or more starts that have Finished with at least half a stroke gain off the tee include scott harrington luke list, bubba watson, tony feno, dustin, johnson and emiliano griot.

So maybe a couple of names there, like scott harrington luke list, that you might not have thought you’d, have heard when we look at the irons or the approaches, see kim he’s been super hot with his iron, since the tour has returned gaining at least a half A stroke out of four out of six weeks, grillo and van royen have done it at least fifty percent of their starts, but paul casey takes over the reigns as victor hovland’s, not playing this week. Paul casey has done uh gained, at least after stroke on his approach is in 75 of his starts very interesting there. Now, when we look at guys that are good around the green, which i’m not going to spend a lot of time on this week because uh since the greens and regulation are at 74 or 75 percent there’s, just not a ton of opportunity to gain strokes around The green but alex norring bill has dylan fratelli russell henley and kramer hickok have all gained at least a half a stroke in 30 or more of their starts. Well. Brian harmon has done it four times in the last six weeks, but that did not help him get through the cut line. Last week at the memorial now, what i did with putting this week a little bit different than what i’ve normally done is i’ve. Looked for. Putters that have gained at least 1.25 strokes with their putter or five strokes for the week, so that’s one category, and then i wanted to find the guys that are just gaining consistently with their putter, maybe not that much but gaining consistently.

So i looked at .25 uh as the metric, so uh. Basically one stroke gain for the total for the week and got a couple of guys. Christopher ventura, harris english, windham clark and vaughn. Taylor have all gained at least a quarter of a stroke, putting in 70 of their starts, where ventura and english are actually at 80 percent now believe it or not, that’s they still neither of them um no of those four uh have even come close to gaining As many strokes, putting as danny mccarthy has, who has gained at least a stroke and a quarter in 11 of his starts, nobody has more than six the other guys, though, with six are sam burns, pat and gazar, pat rogers and andrew putnam. So what i did there was, i looked for golfers that have the ability to get hot with their putter and the golfers that are consistently beating the field in it. Maybe a little different way to look at it. So uh thanks again for coming by and you fit in the forum podcast. I got about 12 and a half minutes in here and i talked pretty quickly so maybe i had a little bit more content than i thought to give away and of course, if you’re looking for more audio video content, i am recording this at 12 24 on Tuesday we’ve got a 2 30 show. Pga dfs strategy show, with timothy, frank and ben razza, bringing some good entertainment and good advice uh to the airwaves that’s at 2, 30 on our youtube channel and, of course, ben razza, and i lock it up at for our live before lock show tomorrow, night.

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