Simple, simple trick: Music, hey everybody! This is perch, one of the things that i found. People who uh it can copy to great success, is it it’s, because technology has evolved in and especially now that we’re in this new kind of coveted world and the uh you know the reality is you’ve seen some of the kind of the the zoom meetups and Undoubtedly, the san diego comic con uh virtual stuff, those sessions they’re going to be terrible. People are not going to know how to use the technology it’s going to be really uneven of the uneven and bad you’re gon na have some creators who have audio that’s, really crystal clear and you’ll have others that have audio like me and you’re gon na have Uh, just just a whole random mess, and also these conventions always overspend and do stupid things when it comes to the streaming technology they get suckered in by like something adobe is pushing. They don’t really know how to use it, it’s, really awkward and clunky, and in many cases, if they just signed up to zoom and just paid for an account like pay the 15 dollars, they would do they’d be better off like way better off uh, but you’ll See some people who are doing that kind of virtual green screen that looks super cheesy and bad like everybody gets excited about it, and then you realize it, it makes you look awful or or what have you you’re gon na see this kind of clunky virtual con.

Now, given that, what does that mean? That means you, as an independent creator, who has no money, can do the same or better than a lot of these people who are giant companies, and given that the uh, you know, the the playing field has been leveled. Why not pretend like you’re one of these big companies so here’s a you know very simple idea that i’ve seen people do uh to you know reasonable success, but very very few people do it so back when uh, you know amc! Well, i guess they still do they have the the walking dead. You have the show the talking dead, no i’m, not gon na talk about whatever kind of shenanigans chris hartman got up to. They did this thing where the show would drop and uh the walking dead. Would drop and they would do right after kind of a you know, behind the scenes. You know a little talk show like approach. If you are a small, independent creator, consider that every time you drop a show – or you drop a comic rather that you go and you do an hour basic, live stream just to promote your work. Now you may be saying a lot of people do that any like already that’s, not a new idea, yeah here’s. The new idea, though pretend like you’re, marvel: no wait a minute don’t. Do that pretend like you’re a legitimate, you know buttoned up company that has their act together and approach it like you’re, doing a press conference on your your comic don’t.

Do it cheesy don’t, like you know, have fake props or any of that just kind of tidy up your room, whatever you’re trying to do uh put a black around if you don’t want to show your face and have a nice little background, get somebody who has You know very basic photoshop skills to make you a little logo or a little title card. Uh most people can crank those out in about five minutes. Uh. You can even go to like these sites that will allow you to do just text treatment. Um, do you know it just very, very simple, but just make yourself a little title card and come on and just no nonsense and when i say no nonsense, i mean don’t wander into whatever social topic is bothering you today, if trump’s doing something stupid or on The other end, if the the other side is whatever the sjw side, is doing something stupid. Whatever it happens to me avoid that stuff you’re there on message: you’re, not there to fill like five hours of content and eat pie or whatever you’re doing you’re there for 30 minutes of just straightforward. Hey comment came out and here’s me talking about it or, if you’re, making a comic you know, certainly do your youtube channel. Do your live streams, do your silliness but make sure that you devote uh on schedule like every other friday, whatever it happens, to be go on for 30 minutes.

Do a you know, very straightforward, hey here’s, a comic i got this done today. You know got some pages, maybe show smart, maybe not just walk through what you’re doing make it dry. When i say dry i mean don’t, try and be charming entertaining just be informational, get it out there make yourself appear like you’re doing a little um. You know a checkpoint on your comic, either what’s out or as it’s being created. Now, why would you want to do this well marvel and dc, and the others are slowly coming around the idea that probably be a good idea, but it’s going to take a while it’s going to be another year before they figure it out. Conventions are going to continue to be super clunky and weird and crappy. Where this is concerned and they’re, you know they’re trying to wrestle a bunch of people together, just come out and pretend like you’ve got a legitimate product that you’re out trying to sell it’s got a brand it’s got a trademark. It’S got a copyright. It’S got a story and a vehicle and you’re going to come out and you’re just going to say hey here we are it’s it’s friday and here’s. The latest uh update and here’s, where things are at now marvel and dc will eventually figure out. This is a reasonable idea and you will start to see more things like it’s it’s, cheap, connecting to fans now why, in a time where everybody is virtual, working from home, um and youtube, is you know been around forever? Why they don’t do things like this? I don’t know again: they always try and over complicate it, they go cutesy with these uh kind of marvel.

Lifestyle shows, rather than just putting out a very straightforward um. Hey here is here’s uh like like, for example, if you had a comic that was kind of struggling a little bit or not – maybe not even struggling just middle tier classic example would be batman. The outsiders, or just you, know that book okay, brian edward, kills on it. He talks extremely well about his product. He knows it, he knows the characters. He knows where he’s going with it. He’S got a lot of insights about other things in hollywood and so on. Very very easy for brian hill to basically every month check in you know, like first thursday of the month, we’re gon na check in we’re gon na talk about the issue that just happened. I’M gon na give you a few little teases of what’s coming up here’s. Some interesting things that went on there you go 15 20 minutes in and out here’s my here’s, my comic. This would make incredible sense for the big publishers, because it it’s cheap, it’s, easy to produce. It provides ongoing attachment. It makes the product look bigger than it is because you’re doing like a little press conference. If you will on the comic itself – and you can just continue to expand – you can have you know three more titles – join that why not just be regular about it. The key is to like it’s almost like something you’re tuning in on tv.

I know there’s, you know everybody binges at once with netflix and all the rest, but there’s still something to be said from for regularity. So if people simply come on and say hey, you know four o’clock uh every once you know once a month first thursday there’s going to be a little update on what’s going on with the comic you can look forward to it. You can set your clock to it. The crazy part is people have tried to do this in the past, they’ve thought about it, but they psyched themselves out. They do it for the first time they have like six viewers and it’s like well all right. Clearly, this is a failure. I’Ll never do it again. No, the trick is to the next month. Do it again same time you will guaranteed get more viewers, the second time and every time you show that it’s something people count on people can rely on. It will expand, you’ll get more and more and more and it’s just it builds on itself. It’S super super easy to pull off. You just got to have to commit to just you know: stick it out and doing it and realize that you, the show you’re on is going to be less than the next show, always now to recap a bit because again, if you’re listening to this mega, there Are people who already do this? I don’t get it. This is not new information. This is kind of dumb cheap advice, um it.

It is new in the sense that very few people are actually doing this effectively or doing it regularly or again they come in. They want to try and you know, screw up the set or they want to try and get real fancy, whether they want to you know bring in a buddy that is going to kind of ham it up like they like their johnny carson, that’s, an old reference, But anyway, they always try and and cutify it and what they do is in the process. They blow the just very basic, straightforward. You know here’s here’s how it can work. You need to to look like you’re reading the news, not not completely that boring, but definitely from a standpoint of uh. Here is some information. You want it here. You go that’s the trick, that’s that’s. What you need to pull off! You need to pull off like this is something very ordinary, something very regular. You’Ve been doing this comic for a long time. You know what’s going on and you’re there to present information. Now again, there are people listening to us. Right now are saying that sounds boring. You’Re not going to get anybody’s attention, it’s not going to work. It will, though it’s it’s again it’s, not about entertaining people. The the goal is to make yourself look bigger. Make yourself appear like you: are the marvel, the dc, the big publisher, because you’ve got your stuff just buttoned up, that’s that’s, the game you’re playing here, that’s the trick you’re trying to pull off is you’re trying to shorten the gap between yourself and the big publisher And now is the time again, the big publisher is screwing up all over the place.

They don’t know what they’re doing they have a just vague sense of how to use any of this technology, and so it’s it’s a perfect time to actually just beat them in their own game by simply showing up and doing a competent job. Yeah that’s the bar rat right now competent that’s. All you have to do come across as competent, and things will work out for you and, if you don’t believe me just just check out the people who are or you’re serving um the the big publishers, the big boys, by just doing the basics. Doing the basics is literally all it takes right now you just got ta, have some willpower to actually to actually do it so try this out. If you are a small publisher, just figure out one day a month that you’re gon na do this announce, it say we’re going to give you a behind the scenes. Look the making of this comic and fill you in all the information and just kind of lay it out there to that point uh when peter sametti was starting with alterna and before you know quite some time ago, he was doing that kind of state of the Union with alterna – and it benefited him quite a bit more than i think he realizes of just starting to get a feeling of solidus you know, is being solid just being a product people, people can depend on when you’re starting out new, and you have something small That’S, the biggest hurdle you have to make to kind of remove yourself from the perception that you’re, some just kind of hobby thing, that’s just kind of hanging out there and and is not really serious that’s the the trick most people never escape from that they they Just they continue to look amateur and they don’t know why.

The problem is, i mean amateur, you know, has a lot of pieces to. It could be a perception about how the work looks. It can be how it’s delivered it can be the style people use, but the biggest the biggest factor is just the big guys. Have this um, almost corporate solid kind of way of approaching things that is, is very dry, very boring and people look at and go. I i can be more exciting than that i can be. You know i can be great uh, but it they fail because they they try and jump immediately to kind of the gimmicks and the the wacky that the uh, the big sorry, the big publishers pull off and they miss the basics and the basics are what give You the platform and the trust and the credibility to then do crazy, stuff, that’s that’s the trick you have to get the basics established people try and skip that step. So i hope this makes some sense, but try it out if you’re wanting to do it it’s an easy little trick. Just pretend you’re one of the big guys. You know emulate some of the things they do from a like that they look corporate and looks basic and just start clocking away. That will get you there. That will get you the finish line anyway. What do you think comment? Suggestions, uh advice? This is the dumbest thing, you’ve ever heard, that’s cool too. Let me know in the comments below like subscribe.

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