He passed away early. This morning, in his sleep july 25th 2020 and leaves behind quite a legacy not only of uh. You know the early music of fleetwood mac, but his guitar artistry. I mean well respected for his guitar playing, also an excellent excellent singer too. You know most folks who love like fleetwood: mac. Uh generally, you know the the cash more casual fans think of the buckingham knicks era of the band, but actually they have a long history before then. It actually started out in the late 60s as a british blues band with uh. You know the original lineup john mcphee, okay, mick fleetwood peter green jeremy, spencer, danny carowan. That was the original band. Basically, a blues band and you had all these uh very, very strong musicians and characters in this band to make them what they were and alongside other acts like savoy, brown and chicken, shack and so on and so forth. A big part of the british blues movement. You know jethro tell 10 years after that sort of thing so uh. He leaves us today at the age of 73 kind of an interesting career, though, because he you know, while the early fleetwood mac were a very popular band, obviously not to the level of popularity that they were later become uh towards the end of the 70s.

But they were a very uh, influential band on the british blues scene, three guitar players in the band all very different from each other, all sorts of songwriters.

He eventually wound up leaving the band after just a few short years and you know, got really messed up on psychedelic drugs and kind of like lost his way for a while and then eventually you know he had dealt with mental health issues. But eventually, you know made his way back to you know, put out some records and – and you know, become a member of the music society once again uh. I think a lot of you know in recent years a lot of people talk about uh. You know that classic guitar that gibson les paul that that he played early on that he wound up selling to gary moore. That now is in the hands of kirk kirkhammet from metallica all right. The greeny guitar it’s it’s, one of the most famous les pauls on the planet, um, but just a great player. And, of course, you know let’s not forget how peter green got his start in john male on the blues breakers all right, so he appeared early on right. He was basically the successor to eric clapton, not an easy feat for anybody, but boy did he live up to the billing and then went on to form fleetwood mac right, like we said so. I just wanted to kind of touch on some of the uh classic albums and i you know i forgot to grab the john male stuff you know hold on.

Maybe i have it right here. I just want to see if i got the mail stuff uh handy.

I don’t know exactly where i have that now, probably not um anyway, that uh that classic you know, especially the first album he appeared on just absolutely amazing um. But then you know you got uh the fleet with mac albums. Okay, you got the self titled album. Of course, okay you’ve got mr wonderful, which uh you know has stopped messing around and uh dust my broom coming home trying hard to forget a lot of good stuff here. You know the first down also has a chair of classics. Long grey mare, held down on my trail no place to go the third album, the pious bird of good omen all right, another very strong, album uh. He would leave the band shortly after that. Some uh, of course, probably the seminal album that he appeared on was uh, 1969 or actually no 1970 early 1970s, then play on he would leave after this this particular album. This is probably out of all the the studio albums that he appeared on the fleet with mac easily the best. This is a really strong, album produced by martin birch. All right, um it’s got coming your way on it all right, uh, oh well, probably his signature tracks great stuff on here. You got searching for magic fighting for madge the great studio jams which, just let you know danny and peter just unleash all sorts of great soloing before the beginning, uh closing my eyes a lot of great stuff on here, a lot of great stuff on here.

Uh, you got um this very cool the early years. All right it’s got the selection of live stuff. Here, of course, you know you got a big rambling, green manalishi, okay, made popular by judas priest but, of course, a fleetwood mac song. You got blackmagic woman on here, another song made famous by another band, obviously santana, originally a fleetwood mac song. You had oh well on here, madison blues um, you know all sorts of other stuff on here very, very cool, and then you got this really really excellent. Live at the bbc double disc set. This came out when was this originally released 1995 on castle? Here you got a lot of their great studio classics as well as like b sides and rarities and things all sorts of stuff, because they were very, very busy. Recording all over the place, not a lot of their stuff, i mean they had plenty of stuff that did not make their actual studio albums a lot of great material on here, trying to think if there’s anything else uh, i don’t know just albatross another really really Amazing instrumental uh that showcased, his wonderful and his guitar style was like he wasn’t like a um. I try to you, know to um, compare him to some of his peers at the time you know. So, of course, you got like uh hendrix and um clapton, obviously, and you know mick taylor and alvin lee and all those guys i mean he was a very lyrical tasty player who, with one or two notes, could say what other guys took.

You know 10 or 15., i mean he just would hit one note and you knew it was peter green and he had the sweetest tone and he was you know very notable for kind of rewiring. The pick up the pots and stuff on his guitar to get these kind of like out of phase, sounds all right which a lot of people nowadays a lot of players. Nowadays they go for that. They want that peter green, slightly out of phase sound okay in their pickup, so just uh, just a really influential influential player that again wasn’t, he wasn’t a big showboat. He just you know he would just come out and just with a couple notes: man just that’s. All i needed to do, and that was the peter green, sound and style right uh. I do want to touch on another album of his, which i only discovered later on uh. This was released, so this is after he had been kind of like because he just like disappeared for a while. He just you know he went out and did acid or whatever and kind of like got really freaked out on that and that prompted all sorts of other mental issues going on. He just kind of like basically like disappeared and hid out for a while doing whatever it was. He was doing, and he resurfaced later in the decade in the 70s uh he put out this very fine, album called the end of the game, which this is the album.

If you want to hear peter green, just non stop jamming. This is the album it’s. Just him just soloing, all over the place, just kind of he’s got the fuzz going on the wawa and he’s just letting it rip uh. Just a really really cool. Album he’s got a bunch of other guys playing on this zoot money on piano, godfrey mclean, on percussion drums, nick buck on keyboards and alex machowski on bass, guitar and then, of course, peter on electric guitar, just absolutely just uh, guitar solo and guitar playing on here. Yeah there’s not much else to say about it other than if you want to hear peter green absolutely unleashed, because you know he gave like uh little bits of that throughout, like the fleetwood max stuff, but not not enough. In my opinion – and i think on here – he just kind of lets – it all hang out so um a great loss, a very, very influential player, easily one of the greats of all time. I think, if a lot of times like guitar players, we tend to think of the greats in history by instruments so like we, we often talk about those great players, those great les paul players, and he absolutely was one of them and he’s going to go down In history, as being one of the greatest les paul players, yeah he’s one of the greatest guitar players too, but he’s he’s always going to remember this les paul guy, just kind of like you know, jimi hendrix is the stratocaster guy blackmore’s a stratocaster guy.

Paige is more of a les paul guy. You know that sort of thing, so a fine player, he’s gon na be missed. Uh. I don’t know what he died of uh. They just all they’ve said so far, is that he passed away into sleep at 73, but he is, you know: he’s been making sporadic appearances in recent years here and there he’s got a couple other. This guy have a couple of other solo, albums kind of hanging around that he’s done in recent years. Good, you know bluesy bluesy rock stuff um. It was good to hear him back playing music once again, all right but uh, but now he’s gone so rest in peace, peter green, passed away today at the age of 73 uh. Another great one joins the uh, the halls of the immortals up there. So he’s up there jamming with uh all those other greats that we’ve lost over the years, so uh visit us on the web at www.seatranquility.org we’re on facebook, we’re on twitter, of course, we’re here on youtube. All the damn time see you guys tomorrow with some more programming uh, but for now go out and crank up crank up some of these old fleetwood mac albums and listen to the majesty.