Today is so exciting because today begins. Are you ready for this? Another magical staycation – i am so excited about this – i can’t i can’t – i just i can’t do it. This is amazing. This is a dream. Come true right here we are at the polynesian village resort for a staycation, unlike any other, the meade family was unable to use their dvc points and they were expiring. They said, michael, we love sharing it with you in the videos. Would you want to go and experience it kind of for us at the polynesian and beyond there’s another resort we’re going to as well, i said: are you sure, are you sure there’s no other way for you to use those points anywhere else they said please. I want you to use them, we won’t use them any other time we won’t be there for a while. Please enjoy it and share it with everyone meet family. Huge, huge appreciation to you. Thank you so so much for making an amazing vacation possible i’m so excited to share this with you. We are all checked in ready to go the room, isn’t ready yet so probably have to put the camera by the pool, which is always a scary, thought, quiet, pool or regular pool. Regular pool looks actually pretty crowded at the moment. Uh we’re gon na check out both and experience some full time.

Fun looks a bit too crowded to me at this main pool.

Let’S go for the quiet. One. Music Music takes a few minutes to turn on there. When you push the button, what a great day oasis pool right here by the polynesian room’s, not ready yet so we’re just chilling out having a great time, love the uh resort amenities. This is. I can’t tell you how much i love the resort amenities great time at the pool. Here you can see it’s just about to rain a little bit of overcast over there. We’Re, probably gon na go for some lunch, possibly dull whip time and we’ll be on our way. Cats and cooks is throwing me up a little bit because that sliding door that we always go through is exit only. This is the entrance just an important difference down here: relaxing for a little bit of captain cooks and the layout has changed quite a bit we’re just chilling in here relaxing after a great day outside looking at some of the artwork all around. I always love this room and it’s very, very empty. At the moment, as you can see, you learn to listen to the weather. You can see. People are starting to pour in here. As the rain is coming down quite a bit. It was maybe he’s in here 10 minutes afternoon, shower just like that. I have two favorites at captain cooks for lunch either the nachos, which are unbelievably amazing, which are not on the menu right now or those thai meatballs, which i got this time absolutely delicious served in the box.

This time, which is kind of unfamiliar for me, i’m used to the kind of uh the bowl instead of the box, but still looks absolutely delicious. Let’S dig in. I had forgotten how good these meatballs are really fantastic. The flavor of the sauce that’s, what you’re going for, try and mix it up a little bit in the box. There mix up that sauce. That is, oh, my gosh. Those are the best two on the menu by far nachos and thai meatballs. Yes, just finished up and sure enough, our room is ready. This is so exciting. Oh my gosh, this room is incredible. Absolutely incredible! I passed by, i think, it’s dual bathrooms, all right, we’re gon na do a full tour of this amazing room. Okay, now it’s time for a room tour of ’48 at disney’s, polynesian, village resort it’s a magical place already let’s walk around as you first walk in the door to your left is the one that conjoins this room to the adjacent one we’re, not using that to Your right first bathroom, i said that right, first bathroom, there are two in this amazing villa right here. The first bathroom has the single sink right there, with the mirror. I see, use disney soaps got ta love it. You got towels right there, a super nice piece of artwork right next to you, love that there’s, your shower a nice one but standard. You can see the tub right there and the i love the wall right there and i say standard because of the next bathroom we’ll get to it.

Then you got a lot of space in here with the toilet. When i say a lot of space, i mean a lot of space: okay, that’s that’s, a lot of space for a bathroom. The next bathroom is right outside, but first take a look at the storage cabinet right over here. You’Ve got your locker down: there hamper up above extra pillow and blanket iron ironing board mechanical down there, areas for your luggage and hangers, of course, walking past it. Almost the second bathroom which is over there. You have this kitchenette kitchenette is super. Nice you’ve got areas up above where you have different cups and items that you’ll need. Microwave you’ve got your other cups and all sorts of things up there paper towels there, coffee machine. You got your toaster right there, different coffees, coffee, mate, sugars, your water right here you’ve got a fridge right down there and trash cans over there. Now for the other bathroom, this bathroom is smaller. It is smaller, but it’s got this amazing shower right there. First, though, let’s look at the mirror right there, so it’s got a second sink. This is your second thing in the suite amazing soaps. You’Ve got your vanity mirror right here. Areas are guessing for storage right below home away from home and then the shower. This is an awesome. Cherry. Walk in you’ve got the glass door right there, little areas for your stoves there, so you can actually put the disney soaps in here same ones that were outside important note.

You’Ve got your one shower head here and your rainfall showerhead up above. I also love the tile work right here and the lighting the recessed lighting right there that’s so nice. I should note that both bathrooms have these doors, that you can close there aren’t any locks on the doors, but you can close them for privacy outside of the second bathroom here, beyond the hallway, we have the main room right here. The main room is magical david’s right there. You can see our bed over here, two side tables right there, little nightstands areas on the left and right, your thermostat right there, and then you turn around very large tv, and this i’ve seen these handles a few times. Now so i know that it is a pull down bed right there and it has lilo and stitch. I love seeing them right. There look at this little kid’s bed right here. That is super super nice lilo and stitch just relaxing together. I love it closes up. Super easy one hand just like that. Next to the pull down bed, we’ve got a table. Two chairs in the mirror. We’Ve got our tiki friend here right there a light. I love this light and there are plugs behind him right. There usb plugs right there, we’re gon na, get out to the balcony in a moment, but i want to show you a little bit more of this area where david’s sitting couch right there.

I love the paintings behind david, see that right there and then here. I think this is storage. Tons of storage right here, it’s a ton of space, so so much space. You could you basically sit in here, there’s so much space in here? I could actually wait a minute yep. This is working. This is it’s kind of working. You a lot of space that couch is a pull out bed and because of that, this little table right here, slides around on wheels super easily. Now, for this amazing view outside and the windows themselves are really long, all right, i’m gon na walk my feet. One two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine nine feet across close to uh, see the view outside this view is magical. I can tell it’s either about to rain or just finished reading and believe it or not. Are you ready for this? I can see cinderella castle from here. I got to show you this. If you look closer right there, you can see cinderella castle from our view, right here at polynesian i’m, going to be taking pictures of it i’m telling you right from here. You can see basically the whole thing. This is the best part of the room right now. The view of cinderella castle, but at this room mind blowingly awesome. Besides that amazing view of the castle, which is hard to ignore you’ve, got a great view of the pool area, a little foggy right now and more of the polynesian more of the walkway.

But the fact that the castle’s right another huge thank you to the meade family for making this adventure possible. I am so excited to share it with you. This is an amazing room. I’Ve never been in a room quite like this. At the polynesian before we’ve been in different rooms, we have staycation, which was uh the john lennon room at polynesian. No, this this is a very, very special villa room, huge huge thank you to the mead family, great shower here in the polynesian. I wanted to correct myself. I said there were no locks in the doors a little bit earlier, but when i took a shower, i realized there was this extra button right here this button, when clicked creates a lock for your door, so you try and open it. You can see the entire door is locked there. I like it. The polynesian has always felt like home to me, but it feels even more like home, where you can just kind of take your bag off. Leave it in the room go experience, a doe whip and uh. If you wake up with the sunrise tomorrow, you know there’s a lot of feeling lovely still whip this one’s, pretty full, so you’re gon na drink it right now bill don’t spill, don’t spill, don’t spill. This is the official welcome to the polynesian village resort, the other the pool time, the room that doesn’t count the dole whip that welcomes you, the polly.

When i was here with adam, i said i don’t get brain freezes anymore, adam i have to apologize. It had been years since i got a brain freeze. I just got one so brain freeze. I just spilled dough whip on myself. Oh my god. It wasn’t that much didn’t lose that much but spilled some some dual whip: okay, that’s all right that’s. What the washing machine is for Music – i love captain cooks, but we ate there for breakfast and lunch and the lunch menu is the same as the dinner menu let’s. Try something else. Music monorail service ends at 8 pm. Well, i think that idea is not going to happen from captain cooks i’m trying the asian style noodle salad with shrimp. It looks really good and there’s a lot of shrimp in there that looks delicious we’re gon na try. It together wanted to try something brand new, that we’ve never tried before noodles and shrimp and orange right there, whatever too very, very unique taste but there’s the caramelized walnuts or something that really adds to it. Maybe they’re not caramelized, maybe it’s something else, but there’s like a sweetness in there. That’S super good it’s a little bit smaller than i thought it would be be honest with you. I thought it’d be a little bit bigger, but the flavor overall, not bad, and i feel like there will be days where i say to myself. I feel like this asian noodle salad.

Staying at the polynesian. There is always a big positive for a smaller meal. Plenty of room for dole whip, not bad, but definitely not my favorite of captain cooks. I would stick with those meatballs or the nachos. There are a tremendous number of people in the polynesian resort, primary pool here, a lot of people back at the polynesian. You know for that first week when the parks weren’t even open, yet the resorts were open. It was much much quieter at all the resorts, but now it’s definitely picking up again Music bye, what a magical way to enjoy the sunset at disney. Oh, my gosh, you know one thing i didn’t do. While i was watching the sunset i wasn’t, looking at my phone we’ve talked about it before we have, but i cannot stress enough how how important it is for you to disconnect at disney or any vacation for that matter. Staycation anything take the time to disconnect it. Really it reconnects you with even more important things. In my opinion, tougher than it looks to get up from a seat like this is so incredibly relaxing. Incredibly relaxing, but you know we got ta get some nighttime photos around. The polynesia i love these lights right here at the polynesian dock, especially as the sun has just set. You can see that kind of like the pinks in the sky right over here, along with this yellow, absolutely love that and along the dock, they’re, absolutely beautiful, it’s glowing with magic.

Now we were sitting right in those chairs right over there just a few minutes ago, but you can see everyone’s social distance right here at the beach great to see. Those chairs are spaced out everybody’s staying in the certain sections where those chairs have been placed over here too, you can see there are a lot of people on the beach, no doubt about it, but when you see those chairs separated like that, people are definitely following Social distancing here i successfully wrote with light. That is a tough one to do aloha or home. I love the home one that’s, oh my gosh i’m, not gon na. Forget those pictures it’s little things. You learn along the way that make the magic even more magical. What an adventure – oh my gosh, i’m, having so much fun! Now i am starting to make my way back to the room right now for one big reason: i do want to be up early to catch the sunrise at the polynesian. How many times have we talked about this sunrise, the polynesian let’s? Do it, google search what time is sunrise tomorrow? 6 40.. Maybe we won’t catch the sun rise, but we’ll catch super early morning at the poly that counts. In my opinion, in my book that counts. Look at this welcome home right here back to our resort area. I love this. I love it that’s, so cool kind of that blue orb above us very well lit right over here.

You see, the lighting has completely changed here, cause the lights are like intense it’s like daylight, the light. Now you know that i carry my camera on the tripod. Sometimes what i’ll do and i’m gon na raise it just for the purposes of this video is i’ll. Use the end of the tripod there to push buttons like that super helpful that i just sanitized the tripod. Thank you so much for being a part of the magic with me today.