Well, a statement from his family says he passed away peacefully in his sleep. The guitarist formed fleetwood mac with the drummer mick fleetwood in 1967, but left in 1970, as he struggled with mental health difficulties. Well joining me now is the music journalist will lavin always good to talk to you. Well, thanks very much for giving up a saturday night to do so. Listen tell us a little bit about peter green. I mean why was he in the rock and roll hall of fame? Well, i mean peter green. Obviously he uh was one of the co founders of arguably one of the biggest selling bands. Of all time i mean fleetwood. Mac have sold over 120 million um before that he was actually in a band with john male and he replaced eric clapton as the guitarist. Now, obviously, everybody knows eric clapton and to be able to fill those shoes is, is no small task, so him doing that he was only in fleetwood mac for three albums, which were record well. They were released in just two years, which i’ve always found astonishing, that they released three albums in two years, but without him we wouldn’t have had fleetwood mac um. He was an incredible musician, but he actually had quite a sad life didn’t. He and he had these battles with mental health and with author also with using psychedelic drugs yeah, i mean that there is a history of it and uh it’s, partly why he left the band in 1970.

There’S there’s never been a real um, full reason as to why but um something happened when they were on tour and later on in life, he was actually diagnosed with schizophrenia, so yeah he definitely lived like a sad life, but at the same time he was always Making music and music, as we know, helped so many people. So i believe that that was his outlet, his therapy as it were um we played the uh riff if you like from albatross. Just before this interview and of course, that’ll probably be the most famous song that he’s associated with having written it, but tell us some of the other tracks that he was famous for i know obviously, like i say, you’ve got a look at some of the early Um fleetwood mac, uh material and the stuff that he did with uh john male um, but i mean, if you look at songs like oh well, uh black magic woman is another one as well. That was really big man of the world. I mean the man had so many and but i think, like i said before, without him we wouldn’t have had fleetwood mac and um. I i think, it’s no small feat to really say that uh mick fleet would obviously another big part of it, but without the two meeting i’m, not so sure it would have happened and down in legendary status as a blues guitarist, absolutely sensational at it wasn’t. He, oh absolutely i mean, like i said before, replacing eric clapton, not many people would be able to say that they could do that.

There are. There are plenty of guitarists in the music world, but there aren’t many that can do what he does there there’s a few like, i say eric, clapton jimi hendrix i mean you look at the modern guitarist someone like a john mayer, for example, but there are only A very few and he will be greatly missed, he will indeed well whilst i’ve got you. I want to ask you about another music story making the headlines this evening: um the grime artist, wiley and some seriously hot water for those people who don’t know who he is. I mean he really is the godfather of that sort of genre of music isn’t. He he is, and that’s that’s what he goes by he’s, often referred to as the godfather of grime he’s a pioneer of what we now know as grime and what is the biggest thing in british youth culture. These days um, he started off um as a mc. In the garage world, so he was in cruise like pay as you go, which then later on, he was in roll deep. So he was a member of many crews, but then he came out with a song called. What do you call it after spitting on a load of um tracks that he referred to as esky beats and that later became grime and in what do you call it he’s asking people? What do you call his style and it eventually became grime, and he was one of the pioneers at a time of dizzy, rascal cano lethal bizzle and they paved the way for the people.

We know now like stormzy skepta chip all of these, so he has always been the voice. He’S. The godfather people respect him for his contributions to the game, and he also has an mbe for his contributions to music, okay, we’ll laven.