Can you guess what is in it today, Music, so Music it’s peter hazel, the postman, hello peter? Are you very busy emptying all the pillar boxes? Do they write a lot of letters in camberwick green? Yes, i see they do. What are you going to do now? Close the box? Well that’s closed and no mistake. Will you take your sack to the post office? Now, may we come with you peter. The postman is a very busy man. He empties the boxes as quickly as he can. He puts all the letters in the great big sack and whistles as he marches with his load upon his back peter meets mary and paddy murphy they’re, the children of mickey murphy, the baker they found a sort of prickly ball on the ground, it’s a hedgehog it Curled itself up when the children came along, mary tries to stroke it it curls up again. Peter finds this very interesting, but he mustn’t stay. He’S got a great deal of work. To do peter. The postman is a very busy man. He empties the boxes as quickly as he can. He puts all the letters in a great big sack and whistles as he marches with his load upon his back now. Peter is going to empty the last pillar box, which is outside the post office he’s, taking out his keys and opening the door.

Then he puts all the letters in a great big sack and whistles as he marches with his load upon his back.

Peter has emptied his sack and is busy sorting out the letters mrs dingle, who runs the post office, is helping him and so is packet. This is dingle’s puppy. He is hoping to find a parcel with food in it. He thinks that sort of parcel is very exciting. Peter sees that the stamps are the right, color and mrs dingle reads the addresses to see where the letters are going, which is not always easy, but at last the letters are ready to be delivered three for mickey murphy two for doctor mop one for mr honeyman, Who keeps the chemist’s shop two for windy. Mill are three for captain snort and six for all the soldier boys who live in pippin fort now. This is where peter has to be very careful. He must remember where all the letters are going and not mix them up three for mickey murphy and two for dr mopp one for um. Oh mr honeyman, who keeps the chemist shop two for wendy miller, three for captain snort and six for all the soldier. Boys who live in pippin, fort Music peter, is off to deliver his letters. He crosses camberwick green waves to mr carraway, the fishmonger and arrives at mickey murphy’s bakery, and this is what peter likes doing most of all, his own special knock, no answer.

Nobody at home. Try again, he must have heard that strange, he’s, usually in at this time. Perhaps he’s around the back Music – oh dear, oh, my goodness, the chimney’s on fire peter hurries round to bang on the door again, but he bangs on poor mickey’s nose.

Oh peter is very sorry but mickey your chimney’s on fire, your chimney’s on fire there’s. Nothing to worry about peter what you saw were the puffs of smoke made by by bellows. You see, i was only getting my fire alight. Peter feels rather foolish because he had got rather excited. Did he remember to give mickey his three letters, then, with a wave he’s off on his run Music? This is doctor mopp he’s, saying goodbye to mrs hunniman outside his house. He’S telling her how lovely her baby is. Peter is very pleased to see them both because he can deliver three of his letters. At the same time, one for mrs hunniman’s husband, who keeps the chemist shop and two for dr mopp. His hands are full for the moment. Peter gives the doctors letters to mrs honeyman. Ah cries. The doctor i’ve been waiting for those letters. Thank you very much. Oh, you are kind to hold my baby for me, says mrs henderman he’s. Getting so heavy. You know talking of babies. Have you heard mrs valley’s cat has just had ten kittens and peter has to hold the baby, while mrs honeyman, who never stops talking, gives him the latest gossip, oh dear, just as he was getting ahead with his work.

Peter is back on his rounds. His next call is at colley’s mill, Music Applause. This windmill belongs to windy miller. He is rather old fashioned and likes to grind his own flower he’s, a busy man too.

He is carrying sacks of grain when he sees peter coming. He goes to stop the sales peter gives windy his letter. Wendy asks peter to wait. He wants him to take a letter, he’s written on the way back. Wendy starts the middle sails again: Music, oh dear poor, peter, a postman feels so lost without his sack Applause. Music windy stops the sails, turning peter rescues, his sack and how they laugh. It’S, lucky they’re such firm friends, Music. This is pippin fort. It is a military academy, a school for boys who want to be soldiers, Music, sergeant major grout, takes a deep breath and orders. Our turn Music slope, hums, Music order, homes, Music and the sergeant major marches across to captain snort, who runs the academy Music. He reports that the men are ready for inspection Music. The academy has a very smart uniform, which has to be kept tidy. It is at this moment that something unfortunate always seems to happen to captain snort’s parade postman come and get your letters. Peter must not do that when the men are on parade peter. The postman is a very busy man delivering the letters as quickly as he can.