Hi i’m, simon, welcome to the ordinary filmmaker. If you’re new here subscribe to get notification of new videos like this one, so you don’t miss out on any news and all the links to everything i talk about in this video, including gear disgust, are placed in the description down below, along with the contest details For the 50 millimeter f, 1.8 lens so i’m, just going to cut right to the point. The canon 5d mark v is dead according to a recent rumor from canon, rumors and he’s, putting it as a cr2, so it’s not 100 confirmed, but it’s it’s coming from a known source and it’s pretty good, also we’re not supposed to be getting an r5 version Of the well we’re not supposed to be a dslr version of the r5 either now canon understands that there is a demand for a dslr, but we don’t really know any other information we don’t know if canon is going to come out with let’s say a firmware Update for the 5d mark iv to make it a little bit better and, of course, charge us a little bit more for that. We don’t know if they’re going to come out with any other dslr but here’s the thing if you’ve got the 5d mark iv what’s your upgrade path. Well, at this point, the best upgrade path for the 5d mark iv is the r5 and with all the demand for this camera right now, i can’t really see canon changing or mixing that up at all.

I even gave my doubts in the last couple of videos stating that i really doubt we’re going to see the 5d mark v at all. I think it was largely dependent on the success of the r5. So if you have a 5d mark iv, you’re – probably not going to go to the one dx mark iii, it’s, a very different camera – and i wouldn’t be waiting around for whatever might possibly be coming out. Dslr wise, we don’t have anything from this rumor that’s anything. I would consider solid yes, canon’s aware there is a demand for another dslr, but we don’t have anything really credible in terms of or substantial or substantive on what that’s going to look like. So i don’t even want to speculate to that. So unfortunately, the 5d mark v is dead. On the bright side. The canon r5 does look like a very, very solid leap frog over the 5d mark iv. So what do you think is the r5 everything you’d wanted it to be in terms of the 5d mark v? If you have a 5d mark iv right now and you’ve been holding out, what do you think of the r5? I want to talk to you about the contest i’ve been holding. It has been going on far too long, it’s for the 50 millimeter f 1.8. This canon ef lens and initially i started this contest as a way to promote my channel to increase my subscribers and to increase review and i’d say it’s worked on all three of those.

I have literally doubled the amount of subscribers when i first started this contest – and i think two months or a month and a half was far too long for this contest for a lens of this value, and i did get some feedback saying i’m, promoting it too Much well also that’s par for the course right, i’m, giving away something that i’ve paid for and i’m hoping to try and generate some positive returns and those positive returns go back to you through the channel through upgrades to other gear, so i’m i’m. The draw is coming up in about a week and a half and i’ve already started planning what to do next and i’d, like your thoughts on what this contest should look like now, there are laws in place and i do have to follow both canadian laws and International laws, so it i’ll call it a sweepstakes of some sort and basically anybody can enter. All you have to do is subscribe and that’s the plan i’m going with right now. Some of you have already suggested that maybe i should just do something more engaging so, for example, encourage you guys to produce a video, for example, and if you submit a video through youtube in relation to the contest, then, instead of just getting one vote or one Chance to win maybe give you three chances or four chances or five chances to win a froknows froknowsphoto is doing something very similar and yes there’s.

You can enter there’s there’s, no restrictions and well, except you – have to be 13 years of age and i’d. Probably have that same restriction, but then he goes on to say: if you buy this, if you buy that you get this many chances, you get this many chances and i don’t know. What do you guys think i want this to be collaborative, i thought of going as high as an r5 or an r6, but, as one of you so aptly pointed out, if i spend all my money away or spend all my income on really good prizes at The end of the day, what value am i giving you? Only one person gets to win, and yet, at the end of the day, that takes away from being able to buy new lenses such as the rf 50 millimeter, f, 1.2 or the 28 to 70 or the r6 or the a7 s3. So let me know what you think in the comment section down below uh don’t forget to subscribe.