8 ef lens that i’m giving away you can Find that all in the description down below but today’s, all about the r5, as you can tell by the thumbnail i’ve got the r5 right here. Yep that’s it! This is the r5. Now, if i open the box there’s, absolutely nothing inside and the reason for that is i’m shooting with the r5 right now. That is what you’re watching you’re watching video straight from the r5, so i’m really excited to have the canon, the canon r5 here, um a big shout out to canon canada. Thank you guys so much for recognizing me. I know i only have 11 000 subscribers, but for recognizing the effort that i put in and loaning me a camera for three days. This is really awesome. I won’t obviously have a chance to do a full in depth review, but i will get to show off some modes and right now, i’m filming with, i know it. Doesn’T say: 4k right. No, it doesn’t because i’m shooting in full hd, which is 1080 at 24 frames per second and i’m, using a standard sd card, a uh s1 card. Why? Well? Because i want to take you back to filming 101. Everyone keeps talking about 8k and overheating in 4k.

60., most of us shoot in 1080 and those that don’t shoot in 1080 usually shoot in 4k and quite often down sample to 1080.. So this first video what you’re looking at right now is in 1080 and the only thing i have a problem with the frame right now is this guy i’m not really dressed all that appropriately but i’m wearing loose fitting clothing and the reason for that is uh.

Two days ago i had surgery for an appendectomy and i’m still recovering. I feel pretty good. Now i feel wonderful here i am sitting out in my backyard and i’m talking to you guys about cameras and i’ve got an r5 and i spent most of the morning. Just watching movies, like the time machine, the 1960 version and the 2002 version and then that’s when i got the message saying: we’re, dropping off the camera and so i’m really excited to hear that, and actually it was when i was in the hospital yesterday when i Was getting ready to be discharged that i got the message saying we could drop it off on thursday, but i was just i had just had surgery. I just woken up. I wasn’t feeling the greatest, and i knew i just couldn’t – do any videos, justice, so um here i am today and thanks for canon dropping it off and i’m wearing loose fitting clothing. I did try shooting this with shorts. It didn’t look well, and i just just forgive me it’s it’s.

I have no choice. I need something loose fitting, so it doesn’t bother the sutures, but also a special shout out a special thanks to the the folks at south lake regional health center health care center, who looked after me from the moment of entry. Everybody was fantastic and incredible. So thanks a lot now let’s get on to the r5. So what is my plan for the r5? Well, as you can see i’m shooting in 1080 i’m going to take you through the basics of filmmaking as a basic filmmaker of of us ordinary filmmakers? I know the r5 is a very expensive camera for a lot of us, but it’s definitely something you could save up for if you want to.

But i want to look at this camera from not the super special modes that it has, but the workhorse work horse modes like 1080 4k, so i’m filming today in 1080, at 24 frames per second instead of my usual 30 and the reason being is when i Shoot 24 frames per second on the 70d or other cameras that don’t have as much power. I find that they’re a little bit too jerky and it’s, not because of the frame rate it’s, just how they’re able to deal with it. It just it’s not nearly as smooth so hopefully this is a lot more smooth later today, i’m gon na well as soon as i’m done with this video i’m going to have a some lunch and a bit of a break.

But i want to take the camera to the backyard i don’t want to take photos with it. I want to experiment with a 4k 120. I want to experiment with 8k, not for the purpose of shooting crazy long videos, but well i’d like to see, for example, in 8k. How much detail can i pull out of it? How much can i crop in we’re always talking about photos and the, for example, somebody’s messaged me today about the sony a7s3. Two separate comments. One was: do you think that 12 megapixels is enough for me, i’m doing event, photographs or wedding and another one says you know 12. Megapixels is definitely not enough for me because i like to crop in a lot, but somehow, when we’re talking about video the idea of cropping it never enters into it, 4k shoot in 4k and down sample to 1080 sure, but to shoot an 8k that’s.

A different story, so i want to play around with that. Obviously 8k is not something i would want to shoot for even eight minutes at a time. I might want to capture a landscape i’m on top of mount washington and getting some beautiful vistas, and i want to capture everything and then, when i get back into post, i can punch in. I can zoom in i’ve got more abilities to crop on the video. So that’s, where i want to experiment that same with 4k hq it’s, essentially 8k, but it’s down sampled to 4k, and i think we get you essentially get 30 minutes on a take.

They say 35. But you have to get up press stop and start again and for anybody that does filming on a regular basis, that’s not useful, because you’re always thinking of when’s it going to timeout. So usually you get up before the 30 minutes. You’Ll go and reset it, and five to seven minutes is just not enough time. So at least 30 minutes it’s good for short videos. I could have probably shot this video in for hq, but i want to start off with something basic. So what lens do i have on here? Well, i have the uh rf 24 to 105, and this is the lens that i’ve actually bought. This is my own lens it’s at f4 and i’m shooting at f4 right now the shutter is at 50.. What else do i have so? The card that i have do i have yeah i’ve got one here: the card the sd card, that’s in there it’s got 170 megabytes per second that’s.

Your maximum read speed, not your write speed, but because it says v30 in the top corner there. That means that the minimum write is around 30 megabytes a second now i put this in my macbook pro and i used a utility that writes to the entire card test to make sure the cards are full and i’m not being ripped off in any way and What they were able to tell me is that this card here, especially when i got it new, it was able to minimum sustained write.

Speed for the entire card was around 80 79 megabytes. A second, which is very good. Remember that your camera is often quoting you in mega bits per second, which is a factor of eight, so give you an idea. For example, if you have 170 megabytes per second let’s, just assume 100 megabytes per second multiply that by eight and that’s 800 megabits, then five times eight is 56 it’s about so you’re. Looking at this card here you could maximum read. Speed is 1360 megabits per second. So more than fast enough for full hd i’m also going to test that on 4k 30 as well, i think it should be able to fit and i’m also filming in all i i’m, not shooting in ipb, although tomorrow i might fiddle around with all i and Ippm we’ll just have to wait and see also another thing that i got too, because i am going to obviously shoot in 8k and to shoot in 8k.

These are two things that you really need. So what i have here is the pro grade: 325 gigabyte cf express card. This thing is fast, it is not cheap at all. I think this was on sale at b h and it cost what does it cost 359 dollars us dollars plus tax, and what i love about it here is you’ve got a minimum sustained write, speed of 1 400 megabytes per second it’s fast now in previous videos, Where i talked about the speed of the cf express card getting it into your computer, a lot of people said yes, but where’s.

The bottleneck well i’m, fortunate, the mac that i have has two sd on on board: that’s, not the good part being on board, because if they blow i’m out of luck, but because of that, the maximum speed or the speed that i have is 3000 megabytes per. Second, on board: the bus is more than capable of delivering that and with the help of this pro grade card reader it’s, thunderbolt, 3, so i’ll have no problem getting that full 1400 megabytes per second off the card and onto the computer, so i’m all set there. I’M, almost a little embarrassed to say that i had to actually open up the the canon manual it’s, a pretty thick one here for the r5, because if you can believe it, i couldn’t figure out how to shoot video uh it’s a first of all. I love the feel of the camera in my hand, it feels solid.

It feels like a good quality camera. The buttons are more or less, where i’d expect them to be, but there are some differences and being on the 70d. You have a switch between photo and video doesn’t have that so on the top display, you can click the mode button, but to get the video mode. What you have to do is you click mode, and then you press the info button and that’ll switch you over to the video mode. So you have separate modes for video and photo, which is really great, so any settings you make in video or or more importantly, all the settings you set up in photo won’t impact your video and vice versa.

That’S really really good. The xc4 did that and i’m really glad to see the eos r5 has it. It really helps it’s almost like having two separate cameras. Your settings, you don’t, have to worry about them crossing over from one to the other, so that’s really really good news. Also. I’M. Shooting with the lp e6 battery yep the same battery that i use for my 70d and it works perfectly fine. Why are you doing that simon well there’s, a good reason for that when i got this camera this morning, just just a little while ago it came with two batteries, but they were completely dead. Well, you can grab all your old batteries from the 5d mark iv. Everything, except for the esrp and they’re compatible with this camera pop them in and it’s good to go.

This is my second video. I shot the first one, i was wearing shorts and it showed too much so i had to restart it and it wasn’t even a fully charged battery. So i got 20 minutes then, and here you can see i’m – probably going to get another 20 minutes. It was still showing full when i started recording on this video. So from what i see, the battery performance on this camera really early on is looking very good for video um you’ll, the the frames per second for photo. Yes, they’re a lot lower than, for example, even a the canon 90d would be, but for video i’m seeing the battery specs on this as being perfectly fine and waiting for me in the house, canon also dropped off a battery grip which i’m going to put on There as well and see see how that works out so that’s, wonderful too.

That they’ve given me that as well but i’m, very happy with the setting uh the the camera construction, how to fiddle around with things. But the video modes are the one thing you’re really going to be excited about by this. You don’t just get one two or three video modes it’s, just like photo you’ve got aperture priority, you’ve got full on manual and i think there’s about 10 or 11 different settings for video, which is absolutely terrific. This is video is definitely not an afterthought on this camera, and here i am i’m shooting outdoors it’s, currently 80 degrees and celsius.

I think it’s around 27.326 or something look i’m, a weird i’m, a weird fish. I grew up under both systems in new zealand. It was all imperial came to canada they just switched over to metric and for by and large, i use metric for everything, but with temperature in the winter i use celsius, because once you hit zero everything, freezes kind of thing, and that makes a lot of sense. But in the summer i just don’t like using fractions and even in the temperature in the house. You’Ll you set a celsius. Now you go 22.5. 23. 23.5. I just fahrenheit makes more sense to me, so so obviously temperature definitely not being a problem in 1080. I went 20 minutes on the first video um you’re allowed up to 30 before you have to well, the camera will stop and just like previous canons, you have to get up and restart the video again really really annoying.

I wish you know this is an awesome. Camera if they could have just removed that one restriction, it would be really really powerful but it’s there i’m used to it with the 70d. I know you sony guys aren’t going to have it and that’s awesome not having it but it’s. Just something i’m gon na have to live with, and anybody else who gets the er5 is gon na have to live with all right, so what’s. My plan for the next couple of days well later on today, um after i’ve had lunch and a bit of a break and a bit of a lay down.

I want to practice shooting with it. I want to take some pictures. I also want to practice with 4k hq. I’Ve got a lot of flowers around here, so it’d be nice to get some bees in action. For example, it’s not like i can go down to niagara falls and shoot some really good video, because well you know i’ve. Just had surgery – and i probably want to stay away from people – reduce the risk of me getting an infection because you can imagine having your appendix out and coughing and getting something like covet 19 would not go over well. But i think i can do enough here. So i’m, going to capture, i am going to shoot some 8k video, but not for the purpose of testing overheating been done to death. I’Ve covered it. We know the parameters, but what i want to see is how much detail can we put from pull from 8k? Most of the times i’m going to either finish my products in 4k or 1080.

But if i’m imagine on top of a mountain mount washington in north conway, new hampshire it’s, a beautiful mountain it’s, one of the tallest on the east coast. But you could be the any mountain you could be in switzerland, it could be. The matterhorn could be anywhere else you’re up there, you’re not going to be there very often and in that kind of situation and, of course, it’s going to be cooler up there too, because even if it’s 80 degrees down on the at the surface, you’re going to Be barely pushing 55 degrees in the mountain and you want to be able to capture as much detail as you can.

So when you get down to when you get to post, you can really punch in. You can see the detail and so that’s. What i’m curious to see the amount of detail that we can get because some of those locations you won’t, get to go back to again and having that detail, to pull from, to create different shots or to get different views. I think would be wonderful and what i find really interesting. We hear a lot of photographers saying about the need to have high megapixels, so they can crop in and they’d love to be able to crop in, but somehow with video we don’t seem to do that. Nobody thinks that there’s a benefit to cropping in, and there definitely is one of the reason why i plan on shooting in 4k.

All the time is, if i want to zoom in at any point, if i want to create a slightly different view, i can do that with 4k. I can punch in. I can zoom in on my face. I can zoom in on something on the table. If i’m, pointing that out, i can create multiple camera angles, and i can’t do that with 1080, because there’s, not enough not enough information it’s like shooting in 720, it’s too soft so i’m, really excited to see that i also want to see what 4k hq is. Like um, one of the reasons i was excited to get this camera well to upgrade to from my 70d and to shoot in 4k was not because i wanted to create 4k videos, but because i wanted to produce really detailed 1080 videos.

So what i’m going to do tomorrow, i’m going to produce my question and answer video, but then i also want to practice shooting videos that are in 4k down sampling to 1080 and actually publishing videos at 4k, trying the different frame rates and seeing what the differences Are and i’ll probably shoot some smaller videos because it takes a lot of time to edit and, like i said, i’m i’m trying to get better and i’m trying to maximize this camera, but don’t be too worried because i am buying this when it comes out. I’Ve already bought the lens, the cf express card, the pro grade reader and, of course, a nice refreshing, ef, 24 to 105.

You got to love the ef 24 to 105. You can haul them out, put water in them and they’re very refreshing, very refreshing when you’re filming so yeah, okay, bad joke, i get it but that’s more or less what i have planned and i have this camera till sunday. So i think you’re going to see some nice things but i’m really excited. Are you guys excited? I can’t believe i was able to get this camera from canon. So again thanks a lot. Canon canon canada for uh believing me enough to loan me a camera for three or four days. I’Ve only got 11 000 subs. I only just started in really essentially november of last year, and here i am today. Um i’ve got one of the world’s largest camera companies.

Loaning me a camera, an expensive camera for a couple of days. So i very much appreciate that, and just so you guys know um. I asked him i said: do you need me to sign anything? Is there anything you want me to say he said nope just here you go, try it out so um i’m, not encumbered in any way everything i’m telling you is the truth. Um canon is not giving me any discount off the camera i’m, not actually buying. The canon, the camera from canon i’m buying it from downtown camera and they are giving me a little bit of a little bit of a break which is nice but i’m.

This is very, this is truthful. This is honest, uh canon, isn’t, making me say anything and i and i’m approaching this from the viewpoint of an ordinary filmmaker somebody who has been shooting with an apsc sensor all along and to actually be able to make a jump into full frame and to jump Way up near the top of what’s offered in full frame i’m. You know the er, the rp is where full frame starts with canon and then you’ve got esr. Then you’ve got the r6 and then the r5 and the 5d mark iv is kind of on the same level as the um, the r5, and so to move that high up that’s huge. This is a camera that’s going to allow me to grow. I could. I could see myself keeping this camera for 10 years and then slowly grow.

Get new lenses get the 15 to 35, get the 28 to 70 and grow from there, but i want to say a very special thanks to you. Thank you for watching my videos. Thank you for subscribing, thank you for believing in me, and especially for those of you who’ve been with me since i was a thousand or two thousand subscribers. It wasn’t anything worth well. Nobody would be quoting me online or loaning me a camera at that point. So thanks for sticking with me, i think it’s going to be a lot of fun over the next month. Um in a week, i think in just a week my vacation starts, and so hopefully i’ll be well enough.

I’Ll, take the camera on the road i’ll go places, i’ll go into new market aurora we’ve got some really great places to shoot video. Here i want to practice shooting with ibis and video and see how the ibis and autofocus works. I also want to see how i’m really curious with this camera, if i shoot with ibis, but i also use a little bit of the software stabilization i’m curious to see how that works. Oh and one more thing: um no i’ve lost my thought.