It came to pass at that time that an angel of the Lord descended and appeared before Phil, the Collins and Phil. The Collins said unto him who are you? Oh angel and the angel replied. I am Gabriel I’m Gabriel. I bring you this good news. I am going solo, ye ye shall be the singer of Genesis now and the filler was called Collins was awestruck in the presence of the voice of the angel replied. How can this be o angel? I am but a humble drummer. I can’t dance. I can’t talk. The only thing about me is the way I walk. The angel replied Phil of Collins. The Lord has spoken have faith. He could lay down a steam, no, he could have a steam train. If you just lay down the tracks, now hasten to the studio, a little Oh Applause and with that and with that and with that the angel, Gabriel ascended up Solsbury Hill and was taken up into the Hall of Fame and lo a miracle had occurred and that’s A true story, and so there we go. I personally started to love Peter Gabriel’s music in 1993, when I was a schoolboy and I went to Paris and bought the album us on a cassette tape which those of you over 70 will remember.

I put it in my Walkman and I tried to walk back to our stain, but I went the wrong way and got lost for a day in Paris with just me and that album and I fell in love with it and eventually got picked up by the Police, but I was a true fan, and so after that I learned as much as I could about him.

This was pre Wikipedia, so it was a lot harder after leaving Genesis, Peter recorded a number of albums, starting with Peter Gabriel self titled album. He followed that. Thank you. He followed that with Peter Gabriel, the self titled album and then followed that with the unforgettable Peter Gabriel, the eponymous album and it’s follow up Peter Gabriel. His label said Peter. Is there any way you would give us another title? They’Ve all got the same. One and like a petulant teacher, he teenager like a petulant teenager, he said so and they said that’s, perfect and and and and he said that and they said that’s perfect and he turned into a superstar just with two little letters. I wish it was that easy for the rest of us. He did two week long, video shoots which every frontman will tell you is a heroic effort. You know put in perspective and please could he scroll a little faster. Thank you. Although I did write this, I promise I wrote it yesterday, but they said I had to put it on the thing.

I also have it here that I did. I did I promise okay, and so they that was heroic after that he continued to write the brilliant songs. There’S too many to mention my favorites are Biko Solsbury Hill in your eyes, and the washing of the water is my favorite in the years since so he’s. Given us us and up and scratched my back and I’ll scratch yours new blood, many soundtracks birdie, The Last Temptation of Christ and over at times it feels like he releases music at a snail’s pace, but one this I say this in seriousness, looks back now and Sees this amazing Cathedral of song and it was worth the effort and the time it took.

Why did people like me yeah? I was thinking on the airplane. Why do Peter Gabriel fans, like myself, love his music it’s? Of course, his voice, his powerful and hard, hitting lyrics, sometimes protesting like in Biko, sometimes reassuring? Well, I can don’t give up, and sometimes just based on powerful construction tools like sledgehammer, and he brings together sounds from all over the world. His ears are global. He’S brought us great he’s, brought to our attention great artists like using the door and the wonderful drummer man who catch a who were going to see tonight. He’S always been an innovator and a seeker. He was at the forefront of the digital revolution. He started a great label in studio called real world and he’s found gems from all over the world to share with us he’s a curator and an inspirer.

He helped John Cusack get his girlfriend back in the movie, say anything. What else might he not know he’s replaced the goatee he’s very funny, he’s deeply conscientious he’s, a humanitarian. He plays the flute he used to shave his head just on the top, which is brave by anyone’s standards. He comes from the beautiful west country of England, like I do where he pioneered the school of dance, called English and choreographed, which I’m a proud graduate of along with Tom York. It means that you just do what you like and don’t mind.