So if you want to achieve this, look yourself keep watching don’t forget to like subscribe and share i’m going to give you a little preview of how this turned out. Look at this blend y’all. It is everything yes, girl, all right, y’all keep watching to get this blend. Thank you for watching, bye, okay, so um my face is already primed. I used my banana bright eye um. I use my peter thomas roth cloud cream as my moisturizer and then i primed my face with farsali perfecting primer um. I did my eyebrows with the nyx precision brow pencil and i also um primed my eye with the p louise base. Eyeshadow i’m going to go in first with a purple shade so i’m going to use my jaclyn hill volume, 2 palette, the and not my journey color i’m. Just doing it really lightly right here, um. I will be cleaning this up later, all right! So we did the purple um, which is again the not my journey um now i’m gon na go in with a blue shade. In my crayon case, the macbook and it’s going to be this blue shade here all right, so i’m blending, the blue and the purple with this um morphe m431 and also using the m506 now i’m going to add a green shade. That’S also going to be in the macbook okay, i’m, going to add a little mixture of both of the greens, two of the green shades in the macbook so i’m, going to use um this green here and this green up top.

So first i’m going to go in with that lighter shade green kind of here, i’ll start right here and now: i’m, just packing it on i’ll blend it out here in a little bit, okay, now i’m going to add that darker shade and i’m just going to Add it here on the bottom, all right so now, i’m, just going to blend this up i’m going to add a light: a lighter purple, um right above this darker purple, it’s, going to be in the jaclyn hill volume, 2 palette, it’s called therapy sesh, which is This one here a little bit more blue and a little bit more purple on the bottom blue here on this um m456 brush because i’m going to try to blend this out here more into that green shade. I want to add some more green i’m going to need some lemonade Music so now i’m, going to cut it here with a makeup, wipe then i’m going to add some of that same p. Louise primer base look at my hand, y’all it’s, how my hands always look after i do well during i do make doing my makeup. Look i can’t speak let’s cut it and then, if you, if you so well, you’re thinking like a dark shade of green on top of the light green and more of this purple shade, you want to look at the picture baby get on my video you’re naked. Look dark shade of green on the bottom, my baby’s, trying to help me out y’all.

I got a dark green right here. Well, you can’t use it like you, can’t use it with a purple brush that you already did black no way. No, my baby said i need more green and now i’m going to clean it up with my eye shadow base again, so i have a white base and a neutral base. Oops, leonardo, which one should i use then, should i use a white base or should i use the neutral base? Maybe the neutral base yeah. If i use white it’s going to go, uh yeah no we’re not going to use white we’re going to use the neutral base. Well now, why would it work on like white wouldn’t work right? I i know white wouldn’t work, okay, okay, thank you! So all right y’all – this is done kind of not really now um i’m going to add a little glitter to my lid i’m, going to try to use our nyx glitter primer. So for the glitter i used um mermaid scales, um by style, cosmetics, here’s, the lid too i’m gon na keep it open. So i can use it for my other eye. Okay, now i’m, just gon na add some mascara to this eye and then um i’m gon na do the other eye off camera and then i’ll be back to do the remaining of the eye. Look i’ll be right. Back i’m gon na go in with a actually i’m gon na go on with all these colors that i used up top here at the bottom.

So let’s start with my journey first and instead, i’m gon na go with the purple out here and then the blue and then the green and now let’s do the purple shade. I added that lighter shade therapy sesh underneath the darker purple bitch. Yes, yes girl! Oh sorry, i got a little too excited. Add some white eyeliner to my waterline Music, just lashes in the style star, um get a better look at them. They’Re really good check them out on instagram, amiri’s lashes, alright! So now i’m, just going to contour the rest of my face and um yeah be right. Back push we’re gon na use, my setting spray, the morphe setting, mist and leonardo’s gon na fan me all right fan me. He wants to do this y’all so i’m, not making him just so. You know i’m, not making him do this right, baby, all right y’all.