He uh ended up taking their clapton’s place in john mayo’s blues burgers when uh clapton left um his vibrato and sustain was amazing. He had a amazing voice as well um. He did a one blues, breakers, album and um man. This is it right here: let’s pee, the green right there, hard roll peter green baby. I got the supernaturals. Was this instrumental track on here? That’S amazing, you don’t, love me on here uh. He hit the highway leaving christine. This is a great album. Um yeah john made a hard road and uh john may. I did some cool albums in the 60s and um the three that he did after this had make taylor on the guitar, who ended up being the lead guitarist for the stones, starting with sticky fingers and uh start with get your hands out. But this. This is about peter green’s, heart roll. This has the supernatural i’m sure carlos antenna and neil shawn and everybody else that was playing guitar in the world at the time heard. That tone heard this and was like wow yeah, but after this he he broke up, but he left his band and um the rhythm section. He used uh uh john mcvee from this band and mick fleetwood, who joined uh john mayer for a little bit, but he ended up firing them because they drank too much, but he uh.

He named them fleetwood mac and put them together. And this right here is a double album, not for sale, promo that i have of the fleetwood mac material with peter green and look at that.

This has all the stuff that they played from 66. You know all the stuff that they did black magic woman was their original recording. Of course, um albatross was amazing. The green man alicia as well man that’s, my bro needs your love, so bad have peter green’s, best vocal one of his best vocals. That i’ve ever heard that he did man of the world is on here as well yeah. This is a double allowance. This is another yeah. This you can’t find this album. This is our print it’s made by psi records 1975. This came out love that burns is amazing, mr peter green and, like i say his, he was the premier blues man. He he made. You know bb king. He himself said he was the only man that made him scared. You know as far as his vibrato and things like that and uh you can. You can read that in print anywhere, but bb king did say that um he’s got ta, stop messing around on here. Looking for somebody yeah peter green’s, fleetwood mac, but they you know they called it. They first came out the first. I was feeding peter green sleep with mac, but this is called. You know, fleetwood mac and everybody knows fleetwood mac.

You know took up another incarnation and and more stuff and uh nothing. You know other guitar players, all the vocalists and singers and stuff, but this is the magnum opus right here then play on then play on 1969, an area there.

The original fleetwood map this album contains the amazing, oh well and rattlesnake shake and uh. Those are two. You know closing comment coming your way: showbiz blues there. This is a great one, but this is the one last one that um peter green performed with fleetwood: mac and here’s peter green right here, young peter green right there, all right there and uh yeah. He influenced my guitar playing as well. Just like a lot of british rock guitars i’m more of a fan of the british rock players than the uh english, then the uh american players. Most of the time you know i love them, guys, they’re! Amazing! I mean i love some american players as well. I love carlos santana but i’m, not a southern rock fan like that uh. This is more of my style here. This type of stuff like this but rest in peace, peter, green and um. This album right here was the last album that you did fleet with mac, and then he had a solo. Album come out.