Take it away. Thank you, josh, for the warm welcome hi everyone we’re so excited to be back. Come on in the showroom we miss seeing all of your faces. Okay, i don’t think she was doing a good enough job, so i’m gon na. Do it welcome everybody um. I want to introduce debbie who is going to do peter fasano today. Take it away. Debbie. Thank you. Thank you josh once again, and thank you christina welcome to the series christina and thanks for coming back and watching our series again. Um it’s been a lot of fun and um we’re going to continue to do these, as you know, and so it’s. The best way for us to get the new product out for you all to see, and today, as um josh said, we’re going to be doing peter fursano so i’m going to do a nice layered story. Colored story i’m going to mix wallpaper, mostly of most of which are the grass cloth version of the wallpapers and i’m going to mix it with the fabrics. Okay, a few of the fabrics are going to be the large pieces um that are some of our wings, which is a nice thing to see in the big scale and i’m going to angle it not as far down as before, because of the wallpaper so i’m Going to try to have a little bit of a curve, so you can see it on a vertical and a little bit as it curves down onto the table as a horizontal, okay, so um, i will start and a few things i do want to say prior To, and that is, is that peter fasano will custom color anything and um and it’s not a very long lead time, which is always nice as well um.

Also, their grass cloth that i’m going to show you can also be made onto a vinyl and a paper um and any any of the fabrics can be printed um on a an outdoor fabric, which is also really fabulous. So you’re um you’re gon na, like to see this it’s super fun and then i’ll start right now, there’s my mask: okay, okay, first i’ll start with samburu and uh. Sambaru is a really that goes this way. Sorry it’s a beautiful brass cloth as you can see, but it also comes on it as a paper and uh. This is the color midnight. There are other colorways as well. Um and it’s it’s really bold, a really graphic pattern: it’s a very painterly look and i’m, showing it here with the fabric. That’S called sarapa and sarapa comes in these beautiful colorways here that you can see and i’ll try to scheme it a little bit better like that. So you can see. Um syrup is a really nice linen it’s, a very, very heavy and it’s great for upholstery, as well as drapery and again really pretty colorways here and, as you know, always ask me if you like any memo samples or you can send them in to kiana or Anybody else in the show we can all help you. This is argus argus also comes in other colorways, comes in a beautiful ground as well. That has a little bit more of a shimmer it’s, a nice large scale, and these are two different colorways.

As you can see here, the background here on this little teardrop shape here is a little bit more like a chocolate and then the bottom piece, as you can see here and the last six inches – has the ground here: um the background color and the teardrop as Orange and then the fuchsia, so those are two different colorways there and again there are other color ways. Peter passando also has a really great website with wonderful install shops. So please go ahead on his um on his website and you can see some really really great. Install shots as well. This is a really beautiful fabric. We actually custom color this quite a bit. I have a friend who um a designer friend, who did this in another colorway um that she custom colored and it was just beautiful, i’m gon na try to lay it out a little bit better and see if we can do this. Okay and then i’m going to show you this and the um, also in a really pretty colorway of a wallpaper, and this is jaipur and the colorway on this is ochre, and here we have it in the wallpaper. Is that great? So here this is the grass cloth version, this is jaipur and the papaya colorway, and then this is ochre and the grass cloth version as well. So we have a lot of other more colors um, also available on that, and then we have hello b.

Um olivia’s is a beautiful sheer, so this is going to look beautiful in your room, um it’s, a great look. This is actually our wing and it has a really nice hand to it. A beautiful, sheer drapes really nicely, as you can see here and i’m, going to hold this pattern up a little bit. So you can see hillary and the scale here, isn’t that beautiful so that’s in the sheer. It also comes on a linen and it also comes in a really pretty wallpaper, and this is the wallpaper so here’s. How would be like this – and this is the kiwi color in the green and then down below – is the cherry and again other colorways and other grounds as well. So you can choose different grounds in the grass cloth and they can also be printed on a paper and then next we have chatsworth. Chatsworth is a really lovely wallpaper as well. These are digitally printed and um. So the turnaround time is really nice and um. Again beautiful on this colorway here and that colorway is called danube and then we have spruce in the bottom and also in the pink version is pete. So here on, the the side on the right is pete, and then we have a really great fabric. This is a very good classic sort of traditional but fun. This is called lauren it’s, a really great check, a really pretty install shot as well on the um on their website.

I think they’re using the pink and the purple and it’s just really lovely and it’s a nice classic, like i said, and really nice fabric it’s on a great linen, and this is called lauren chuck and here’s another great wallpaper. This is hila v again. Hilaby is the same pattern that i showed you in the sheer, but you can see the graphic pattern in the large scale. Sense right here: beautiful colorway, it’s beautiful with this sort of tone on tone blues. The color way of hilavi is in this pattern, is called indigo and then ellsworth beautiful fabric in ellsworth. This also has a wallpaper, a coordinating wallpaper, very pretty colors here, as you can see in the bottom. So we have a little bit more tone on tone with the browns and then the gorgeous magenta. And then this really pretty sort of soft taupe color, with a little bit of a midnight blue, gorgeous sort of sea glass. Green with the soft blue and then that pink and brown really beautiful, i’ve seen this installed on with as drapery and bedroom. It was really lovely gorgeous colorways, again beautiful, install shots online here’s chatsworth, you saw chatsworth a little while ago, and then chatsworth here is the sorbet color, which is again lovely and an up close view. Here is a paper weave in the natural fleck really pretty, and then a nice traditional pattern here. Italia italia is actually custom, colored quite a bit like i said in the beginning: uh they will custom color anything for you and again really pretty colorways.

So you have that pink and you have the yellow and black, and then you have the pretty grays different versions of grays and then that traditional blue, which is really lovely – and this again is called italia and this color. This color right here in the blue is called capri. This is a great pattern here in this wallpaper and this is called thatch. The main the main color here is called nocturne it’s a nice white ground on this again, this is a nice grass cloth. As you can see, the pretty colors that are available on the bottom are coral reef, amethyst, wedgewood suit and mill. Pond and again, all of these can be printed on a different ground as well. So if you don’t want it on a grass cloth and you want to print it on a paper, you may do that if you want to have it printed on a vinyl, you can do that as well and it’s. Again, it’s really quick turnaround time and this is called trotwood. This is beautiful, colorway it’s called beacon hill in this main color, and then there are a few other colorways here. So the colorway on this is called gossamer. This is a really pretty soft blue in that. So it has a little bit of a tree of life pattern inspired and it’s again really pretty and the colors are lovely. This is kiwi. I’M. Sorry quarry k o r i cory. This is a nice graphic pattern.

There’S some nice pain early brush strokes in this there’s, also a reverse, which i will show you. I think i have it included in this um, so you’re going to have the opposite, so the negative space becomes a positive and it’s again, it’s, really pretty it’s graphic it’s, fun, um great for bathrooms, um powder rooms, great for kids rooms, even fun, entryways great and Then a nice stripe here in libby, stripe, um libby stripe is um, has a really pretty ground here, as you can see, it’s more like a herringbone ground and there’s. Quite a few colorways in this. As you can see, we’ve got the pink and brown and then we have the softer blue and then we have a brighter blue with the big main stripe. So, as you can see, here’s a little bit of a different colorway with the blues and then this beautiful soot color here with that soft yellowy green and then the grays and brown it’s a really nice fabric, it’s really pretty. Certainly, if you wanted to change the angle, you may, but really typical width but really lovely it’s. A lot of stripes with peter fursano so again go on their website and you can choose from a lot of different stripes and it’s it’s it’s really nice to see this is called a serengeti. This is a newer pattern for that for peter pasano, great colorways. In this as well, it’s really fun, so you can see the greens and the blues and i won’t go through all the colorways, but there are a lot so again you can certainly ask us, or you can go on the website – it’s, very user friendly and it’s.

A lot of fun um and then we have leopardo. This is just a really fun take on an animal print it’s, not necessarily an animal print, but it sure looks like a lot of fun. It’S really lively, really fun um great colorways again so you’ve got pretty blue, you have the pink you have the yellow and the red and then so, yellow in the black, the black and gray and the greens and then another grass cloth. This is called cow rochelle. This also is a newer pattern for peter fasano. It has a really nice kind of um frost check in that i’m going to show you the the pattern, looks like large scale. I hope that helps. I hope you can see that okay, um it’s, a really nice repeat and it’s – really fun great colorways in this as well and there’s, a few more colorways in this and i’m going to show you another one towards the end. That has a little bit more of a sheen which is lovely. This is another. This is leopardo again very soft color palette, where the other ones are a little bit more vibrant. This is a little bit more muted, a little bit more pastel and really pretty and soft. So you can have a little bit of take on that that leopard skin, but it’s a little bit it’s a little bit more gentle and then we have dovia. This is a very pretty very feminine look with those beautiful peonies and um.

This is the color it’s called the pewter and the ground on. This is really nice. It has a little bit of a shimmer to it, but it’s a little bit understated. So this is beautiful for dining rooms, for bedrooms, really lovely and then we’re going to i’m going to show you hudson. Hudson is also a newer pattern. This is lovely. It looks um like a little bit of a um cross hatch on this as well it’s, not pretty great color, where you have the blues, the pink, the soft, yellow and then the soot and then the green, the blue and the black it’s, a nice scale. Very user friendly it’s, a nice heavy linen peter persona, also has, i think, it’s about 12 um, something like that i’m going to loosely call it a dozen different grounds to choose from um, one of which is like i said earlier, is a nice outdoor ground. So some of you know all a lot of these would be pretty as outdoor fabrics as well, which obviously you can use indoor. This is a really nice fabric. This is called brompton. Brompton is, is a very popular small scale pattern for peter pasano and it is custom colored a lot as well, so you have a lot to choose from, but if you have particular color blue that you need to coordinate with, you certainly can do that and we’re Always happy to help with that, and this again is called brompton and then another pattern here is called reverse quarry.

This is what i was talking about earlier when i talked about the reverse, where the negative space becomes the positive. This is reverse quarry, and now here we have trotwood got what i showed you earlier in wallpaper and also in fabric and uh. This is um, the color called crocus and then there’s another color way here and that is called java. So this is a little bit more brown toned with a pretty soft green and that sort of soft butter, yellow and then here’s another pretty crocus color on wickfield wingfield is a really nice scale again really soft pattern, it’s a very nice repeat, and that is called Wickfield and then after that, we have visca and briska is a nice scale as well, and this is actually a nice did. You see the ground on this? This is a oops. This is a nice ground. This is a a paper weave and um. This colorway here is called wedgewood and then on the bottom. You can see how it’s not as bright and um it’s a softer color it’s called autumn it’s a little bit more like a lavender, and then we have chesapeake. Chesapeake is a really pretty pattern as well. This is a nice floral in the color, wedge, wood, nice colorways again and please feel free to look online and check out any other colors that you like. They have a very nice editing section, so you can really narrow down what you like and what you need.

This is pretty as well i’m. Sorry, this is upside down. This is powery shells i talked about. I showed you clown shells earlier, but on a different ground. This is the one that has a little bit more of a shimmer to it and um it’s, a sisal, um and it’s. Also a metallic, so it’ll have a little bit of shimmer to it. It just kind of jazzes it up: it’s beautiful for powder rooms, it’s, really fun um. It has that cowery. Shell look, which is like that little puka bead that we remember when we were kids, some of the guys used to wear those necklaces, and this is chatsworth chatsworth again, i showed you earlier in a wallpaper, and this is the color, spruce and the fabric, and then There are three other colorways here on the bottom: you have the pink and the blue, you have that beautiful orange and blue and green, and that beautiful, blue and blue lovely and then we have reverse cowrie again. This is reverse cory, sorry and uh. The color on this is twilight and angelina. This is really fun. Uh angelina is a great stripe, it’s a little bit more bohemian, looking really fun it’s a nice heavy. This is actually a cotton and it’s nice and heavy i’m beautiful for drapes, but also great for upholstery and again really pretty colors in the face and then argus. I showed you argus in the sheer i showed you argus, also another wallpaper and also in a fabric, and this is the color coco and it’s a sisal ground and then another nice stripe.

This is called georgia stripe, so georgia stripe also comes in these gray colors. This main color that i’m, showing you is called wedgewood it has beautiful, coordinates soft soft pinks in it has this just really nice range in hue, nice, blue and more of a gray, the soft yellow, the more taupe color, bluey green and then again, a gray charcoal Gray so that’s georgia stripe and then um here’s, a brisket brisket. I showed you a little while ago in a different wallpaper that was more had a little bit more of a sizable appeal appearance, and this is blue and teal, and then jaya jaya is a really fun fabric around a little bit more for you. This is from our wings. We get to see this great big repeat here and a small reefy but it’s a beautiful it’s beautiful shape. So this beautiful striping, a little bit of horizontal let’s, be up close to that, but it won’t change the color but it’s quite gorgeous beautiful blues in that and that’s jaya. This is a beautiful linen and then finally, i have jaipur um jaipur. I showed you earlier in a lot of different sort of mediums and – and this is a metallic it’s – a linen string and you can see how it has a beautiful, shimmer, it’s, really quite elegant, it’s, beautiful beautiful tone on tone almost with this blue and that gorgeous Ground it’s really stunning, so this is called again jaipur and the color of this is is capri, blue and the ground is linen string.

Metallic silver, blue, beautiful, and i also want to show you an example of some of the outdoor. So this is an outdoor um fabric, that’s print, and this is printed on their outdoor material and here’s, another one and then also we have a nice. He has a nice selection of outdoor solids, so you can have a lot of colors to choose from on the outdoor solids, which is, which is a very nice woven and also, if you’re interested there. Peter fasano does have a very nice book for wallpaper and you can just talk to me about that and i’m happy to get that for you, um it’s right here, and here we go so there’s a nice book here. It shows some nice install shots as you go along and it’s really handy. You need to show your clients as well, and this is an example of the vinyl for wallpaper. So you can see two different patterns that are printed here: it’s type one residential it’s, durable, it’s wipeable. So please keep that in mind if it is something that you’re looking for and i’m going to now turn this up a little bit.