To start with that, i mean, i think, at different times of my life. I’D. Probably liked uh. You know this being a sort of a number one or a number two i mean especially when i was you know early on it was hank, marvin shadows, then very quickly. It was keith richards, uh brian jones. I mean i love the beatles but there’s something about the stones. Actual playing i mean harrison, did a few solos but really appreciated the beatles overall, sound and stuff, but maybe more as players then very quickly into the blues boom and obviously you know actually. Obviously i was very, very lucky and being able to go and see eric clapton peter green jeff, beck um when i was very young, like peter green i’m. Amazed by how many people don’t know who he is i’m going. What well i mean it’s extraordinary isn’t. It really that the person that was the most it was his group with matt. This was his group and probably the two, although they did incredibly well they’re great players, uh great field players, the two, the least significant people were the two that took it on um. I mean mick fleet was a good pop drummer, but i mean at a time of virtuosity amongst the blues players. He was regarded as very, very ordinary that’s, no disrespect to the man, because this you know very, very effective and catchy pop music later, but that so uh you had the era of the sort of virtuoso players where the material necessarily wasn’t a great song.

You know like some of the beatles songs were, but the playing was absolutely stunning and then hendrix, obviously as well um. Then of course i some of the prom guitarists, like bob fritt and steve howe, were immensely and then having started classical music. I started to listen to people like julian breen on the classical um, absolutely stunning um then later on it’s, just sort of picking out of guitarism and there’s an enormous amount of incredibly technical, guitarists um. You know john, the dark and all sorts of people like that, and people who just totally buy take your breath away. Um, i i think sometimes you know, maybe less is more with some of this i mean, i think, is it larry, carlton or larry crowe. I always who does the solo on third world man by stevie dan. I don’t. You know that that’s one of my favorite sellers of all time, it’s, absolutely stunning. I think it’s larry, confident i think um. So i became a big stevie dan fan as well. Actually, later on um thereafter i mean there are so many good guitarists. Now this i mean the world is full of technically brilliant guitarists. I don’t have anybody that i sort of, i would say now, i’m hugely, i mean i was lucky to work with andy latimer. Great guitar camel great guitarist steve’s playing, but i can’t i can’t get anybody new who is sort of you know like stop me completely in my tracks as an individual as different for everybody else.

When i went to see big big train, the other night and dave gregory and the other guitars are absolutely phenomenal phenomenal. So i mean i regard myself as being more of an acoustic player now, but i mean like because i spend so much time composing. I don’t really think of myself as a sort of virtuoso in any way like some of these other guys.