So usually a dish that’s reserved for fancy. Restaurants, there’s actually a very simple way to make it yourself, that’s, very flavorful and healthy, so we’re going to be making this using three kinds of fish we’re going to be using a mix of tuna aura king salmon and hamachi, which is also a amberjack. And so these three fish – you can see them here. The tuna is a little bit darker. The salmon, of course, has that bright orange color that our salmon does, and this is the hamachi and so all of these fish i purchased as sushi grade and that’s extremely important to this dish. You must have a sushi grade fish in order to make this, which means that you can eat it raw without any risk to your health. So please ensure that when you’re purchasing your fish, it is sushi grape okay. So this is the fish we’re going to be using and we’re going to season it with a couple of things here: um some soy sauce, primarily a low sodium soy sauce extremely important, because soy sauce tends to have a lot of salt and sodium. So you can use um any kind of low sodium variety. Soy sauce that you have we’re gon na. Add that we’re gon na be using a little bit of toasted sesame oil. Now toasted sesame oil is very different from regular sesame oil it’s.

A lot darker in color and that’s, mostly because the sesame seeds have been roasted before they’ve, been pressed into an oil.

So it’s going to have a really robust kind of nutty flavor, as opposed to regular sesame oil, which is completely clear in color. And – and you know it doesn’t have that nice nutty taste that we’re looking for so that’s, going to be important and we’re going to be using a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and some fresh lime juice. Really really important for this dish is that bright, acidic flavor, that the lime gives you and we’re actually going to use the whole lime we’re going to use the zest as well so we’re going to be reading graining this on our the finest holes of our box. Grater to get the outside and then we’re going to be squeezing it for the inside um, so that’s going to form our sauce and then we’re going to add in some sesame seeds for some color and again some nuttiness. So the sesame seeds before they are toasted. Look like this, and then i just pop them in a pan, i don’t add any fat or oil or anything to the pan. Nuts and seeds have their own oils. So as soon as they’re exposed to a little bit of heat, you’ll notice, they start to get a little shiny and you get that that nice fragrant um nutty smell. So this is just after they’ve been in the pan, so you can see quite a difference in color there really important when you’re doing this don’t walk away from the pan.

If you walk away, you’ll come back to completely burned seeds, so keep that in mind kind of want it on a low to medium heat and just move it around on occasion and also keep in mind of carryover cooking. So, just when the seeds are starting to look like they’re done, you want to take them off the heat immediately, because the pan is going to continue to be hot and it’s going to actually continue cooking or toasting the seeds. If you have gone a little too far in your seed, toasting experience and all of a sudden, you think, oh my gosh, i think these are getting a little too dark quickly, scrape them into an empty bowl, a plate anywhere where they’re not going to continuously be Exposed to the heat of the pan um that way, they’ll stop their cooking immediately. All right, so let’s get started we’re going to make our sauce first you’re just going to want a little bowl and a whisk to bring these ingredients together. Super simple we’re going to add about a teaspoon or so of our soy, sauce, we’re, going to add a teaspoon or so tablespoon or so of our toasted sesame it’s, so delicious, a tablespoon of our olive oil and and again that lime juice and zest. So, whenever you’re, squeezing your citrus it’s better, if it’s room temperature, because it’ll all the juice membranes inside, will kind of relax a little bit at room temperature when they’re in the refrigerator they seize up because they’re cold um so try to have your citrus room temperature.

If you can’t it’s, not a big deal, you’ll just have to squeeze a little bit harder, so i’m, just gon na pat this dry, because i’ve washed it and after washing you want to make sure that it’s really really dry it’s, going to be a lot easier To zest so, like i mentioned just going to go right around right and you don’t want to go too deep as soon as it starts to get a little pale there that pale green turn. So this is going to take a little bit of muscle, but the smell the flavors that you’re going to get are so worth it. You can also freeze your zest, so if you bought a whole bunch of lemons – and you just want to sit in front of the tv and zest, your lemons and your limes, you can definitely do that and then put the depth in the freezer. And just you know, pull it straight from the freezer it’s going to have the same great taste, all right, we’re almost done here. I want to make sure i get almost every last bit. You can also do this using a microplane. That is a great kitchen tool. I don’t have that here so i’m, just gon na use my trusty box grater, okay, so it’s about three to five scrapes and turn right. So now you can see i’ve got almost all the zest off of here and um. Just keep in mind.

There’S always some hiding in on the inside, so i always run my hand, see we had a good full teaspoon that was in there throw my hand on the inside and kind of gather everything up. Okay, so this is going to go right in with our sauce and let’s. Remember: we’re also going to juice this. So when you’re juicing your citrus, a nice good roll to kind of break up those membranes cut it right in half and i’m going to squeeze this right into the bowl. So you could do this just using your hands, you could use a citrus squeezer or reamer. You could also use like a set of toms, so you can clamp them together. I have to switch hands. When i do this, i have to clamp them together and then twist inside right. So you kind of are going right into the center of the line and twisting this is a very simple way to use your kitchen tools for multiple purposes. Okay, here we go we’ll, do one let’s get rid of that and the other half here so again just use your hands. If you want a good forearm, workout right, um or even better get in there with the tongs a fork will work too. If you want to just you know pop a fork in there, forks can be a little bit sharp on the other end. So just be careful, you don’t go through the lime and you know to your hand, so that’s the kind of an advantage of these tongs.

If they have nice, rounded edges all right, so we’re almost done with this it’s, pretty simple. As i mentioned, um we’ve got the soy sauce, the olive oil, the toasted sesame oil, the lime juice, the lime, zest kind of bring that all together and this recipe. Usually i wrote it using scallions, but i don’t have any scallions or green onions today, but i do have these beautiful, chives so i’m just going to bunch these up make sort of a neat little package right and i’m gon na hold my knife up up on The bolster here wrap my hand around and tucking my fingers as i go nice slow, rocking motion to get these small little beautiful, chive pieces. Now again, if you don’t have chives you don’t have green onions or scallions um. You could also use a little bit of shallot anything with that kind of oniony taste. Red onion would work well too, if you’d like to try that and um and that’s just going to add a nice flavor with your fish kind of balance and balance, everything out. All right pop that right in there, so a good sharp knife is essential. When you’re cutting your herbs, you really want to make sure that you are cutting through the herbs and slicing them and not kind of crushing your way through them all right gorgeous. So we have our fish we’ve got our sauce. We’Ve got our toasted sesame seeds and i’m gon na add a little bit of diced cucumber just for some crunch um it’s also sort of a nice refreshing flavor.

So i have some cucumber here kind of in this shape. Kind of fat, fat bacterial shape, stick shape right and i’ll, just dice it up to smaller pieces. So this is going to add a little crunch, a little freshness to the dish there we go. That goes right in with the fish um. So if you’re working with a you know cucumber, you want to kind of get it into a nice slab, so i cut it in half first and then i cut vertically to get these slab pieces um and then i just went lengthwise to get long sticks there. We go and then across to get little dice. You know cubes all right if you um have any trouble, digesting cucumber seeds or skin feel free to scrape those seeds out peel. The cucumber no problem so here we’ve got everything our three fish, our cucumber we’re, going to add our sauce. Make sure you get all of that: good, flavor, okay and i’m. Just going to toss this together, gently with the sesame seeds and you’re done so beautiful refreshing. You know summertime meal if you don’t feel like turning on your stove or your oven, it’s too hot to cook, but you want to get a nice protein filled dish. Maybe you don’t have a grill, whatever the case may be. Maybe you just love sashimi raw fish, and you want to find a way to enjoy it in your own home. So these can be.

This can be served over a bed of quinoa or some rice with some. You know extra veggies, i actually love to mix mango and avocado. In with this, it just makes it extra. You know sumptuous and sweet and just really really yummy. So if you’ve got some mango and avocado, you want to add right in here, you could definitely do that. So at this point you would let this marinate for about an hour or so to really let the flavors um kind of get enmeshed with the fish and everything else. If you were plating this, you could get your plate ready and just kind of keep it up. High in a little tower, it looks really elegant if you want to, if you have a mold also, you could definitely use a mold for it and do it that way. So you know whatever whatever you want to do is fine. I think, as long as you are happy with your plating, this is really lovely and then you can, you know, put some mango or avocado slices around um. You can serve this with plantain chips, which is really yummy or um like sweet potato chips, it’s also good. Again serve it over a bed of quinoa rice it’s full of protein serve it over some shredded red cabbage is really beautiful as well.