You really should be, as you want one of the greatest blues and rock guitarists of all time, sadly had his health problems and kind of retired from the music business. But if you’re familiar with the marks and spencers or m s, adverts here in the uk, you’ll hear the track for albatross play it all the time. One really really important guitar instrumental when you think if you had ling ray with rumble and the shadows with apache fleetwood map was you know right up. There is one like an important instrumental guitar track something that’s much overlooked now: uh quite simple to play, but effective back in 1998 um after a long retirement, peter green uh, actually quite a band put together and he played the seller club in south shields. I was actually there and watched him play and flee watched him play albatross, which is a nice thing to be able to say that i actually saw him play that’s a famous track now, another one i mean dad used to have the greatest hits of fleetwood mac And he used to be on all of the time, and i used to ask for this one to be put on over and over again. Oh well part one Music create a riff based on a minor blues scale, and it always has our humor in that song and it rocks out, but the acoustic bit at the beginning.

Now another almost completely different type of song is man of the world, which is quite an emotional, sad, reflective, sound Music, beautiful use of chords, two guitars on there i’m just kind of picked out the main one, but check that one out, because that is another beautiful Song now this one, which almost sounds like oriental, which is quite unusual for the 60s Music beautiful use of like lush cords, another one worth checking out now we had likes of black magic woman, which was bit a big hit for them.

But one of my favorites, and which i think was really ahead of its time and almost like pretty a lot of heavy metal stuff um, is green, manalishi, Music, use of like unusual chords, Music, almost dissonant and slightly out, but great now, there’s, a riff in there, Which goes Music a little bit out of tune there, but um? We might take that for granted now, but that kinda. It always reminds me of Music by metallica Music, where you just going g e g in Music. But then we’ve got this little bit: um Music, which sounds almost wicked Music, which predicts a lot of metal stuff. Now we’ve got this bit in it as well. It’S kinda almost wrong way around power chords with open strings, which is we i might actually have to do. What i will have to do lessons for these ones, because once i’ve gotten my head into the imitate, this is really interesting.

I mean i’ve just quickly looked over these on how to play them um. But let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’M sure there’s some great tracks that i missed out and with fleetwood mark it’s, always like the the 70s fleetwood mac, which was almost a completely different band.