This is going to be a double shot. Man and um i’m gon na do my very very best. With the artist of the month here to start them off in um a chronological order, uh as best i can, because what i understand about fleetwood mac is that they’ve had a number of lineups and their sound has evolved and changed over a period of time. So i really really want to start with their beginnings, because i know that it’s very steeped in blues rock and then i’m going to, of course, uh progressively uh, get to i probably their more popular known, uh lineup with uh stevie nicks. So let’s do this man uh the first one is going to feature a song called um, oh well, and then the second one is featuring a song more of an instrumental called albatross. So let’s do this man fleetwood mac, oh well, let’s get it Music, so Music. I can’t help about the shape i’m in i can’t sing. I ain’t pretty and my legs are thin, but don’t ask me what i think of you. I might not give the answer that you want me to so Music Music. Now i talk to god. I knew it understand he said: stick behind me and i’ll be your guiding hand, but don’t. Ask me what i think of you. I might not give the answer that you want me to so Applause.

Okay, oh well, by fleetwood, mac, yeah man.

That is, that is really a big big difference from um. I guess uh the typical uh contemporary um fleetwood mac um. You know that we uh we’ve come to know now excellent beginnings. Man they’ve got this um very blues rock beginning and that video says that that was in 1969, so they were coming up in a time where you had the hendricks and the creams and the lead zeppelins. You know uh the doors, so you had a good heavy based uh era there and they seem to probably um fit right into that time. Slot yeah man, i i really want to explore their beginnings. Uh their blues based beginnings, get to know that lineup. Speaking of that lineup that’s, a damn good, looking lineup man so uh, i was counting so that’s five people, so they had to have produced some excellent jams with three lead guitarists. So you know that is something i got ta really look into. My buddy john would use the term buried treasure, so i bet you um that those five guys for, however long they were together, produced some excellent um tracks, some good blues rock uh, some good buried treasure man. So i really want to break that open and look into it. So man, if you guys, know um some good licks that these guys laid down in that time period. Um. Let me know, because that is something that i really want to research and and get into we’ve got an entire month man.

So i want to really take my time with um really getting to know fleetwood mac, especially their early stuff, um man. I just lost my damn train of thought: yeah, basically that’s that’s. What i really want to do so um now i remember so i’m gon na do the artist of the month, mainly in a double shot kind of thing. The odd tune will be a single um. I’M gon na stay away from a lot of the triple shots and the quads. I was doing experimentations with those, and i find that it’s a tremendous amount of time um going into it from sourcing to shooting and then doing a whole bunch of editing and stuff. Like that, so balancing it with life has presented serious challenges. The only time i think i’m gon na do a lot of more quads or stuff like that is when i’m covering bands that didn’t have long licks like i did a five set for johnny cash and all of his songs were like two to three minutes long. So the five step worked well but yeah. In any case, man um, when i like the exception, will be like the wall coming up when i do a full, pink floyd um, album reaction, that’s an exception to the rule, but for the most part, i’m gon na go back to my single and the odd Double shot format, just so you know what’s what’s uh, how i’m evolving anyway man.

Let me stop rambling and uh get on to some information here so i’m, just bringing up my uh wikipedia song fact. Uh link here, man and let’s get some more info on fleetwood neck. Okay, yeah lots of info here, but it’s important because uh. It really lays the foundation for fleetwood, mac and what’s to come in the next month. So fleetwood mac the fleetwood neck are a british american rock band formed in london in 1967. they have sold more than 100 million records worldwide, making them one of the world’s best selling bands. In 1998. Select members of fleetwood mac were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame and received the brit award for outstanding contribution to music. In 2018, the band was declared music carers person of the year fleetwood mac was founded by guitarist peter green drummer, mick fleetwood and guitarist jeremy spencer, bassist john mcphee completed the lineup for their self titled debut album danny kerwin joined as a third guitarist in 1968. keyboardist. Christine perfect, who contributed as a session musician from the second album married mcphee and joined in 1970.: okay, christine mcphee christy mcvey. At this time the band was primarily a british blues. Outfit scoring a uk number one with albatross and had lesser hits with the singles. Oh well and blackmagic, woman, green and spencer were replaced by bob welsh and bob weston following personnel problems by 1974. Welch and weston had both departed, leaving the band without a male bleed vocalist or lead guitarist in late 1974.

While fleetwood was scouting studios in los angeles, he was introduced to folk rock duo, lindsey buckingham and stevie nicks fleetwood mack, soon asked buckingham to bear their nuke lead, guitarist and buckingham agree on condition that knicks would also join the band. In addition of buckingham and nyx gave the band a more pop rock sound and their 1975 self titled album fleetwood mac reached number one in the u.s rumors in 1977, fleetwood mac’s, second album. After the arrival of buckingham and nyx produced, four u.s top 10 singles and remained at number one on the american charts for 31 weeks, it also reached the top spot in various countries around the world, rumors has sold over 40 million copies worldwide, making it the eighth Highest selling album in history, the band went through personnel uh turmoil, while recording the album, as both the romantic partnerships in the band john and christine mcphee and buckingham and nix separated. Although they continued making music together, the lineup remained stable through three more studio albums, but by the late 1980s began to disintegrate. The first to leave was buckingham, followed by nix in 91 to be replaced by a series of short term guitarists and vocalists in 93. A one off performance for the first inauguration of bill clinton featured the five central members back together for the first time in six years, and in 97, a full reunion occurred in 98, christine mcphee retired, from touring. The band stayed together as a four piece consistent of john mcphee mick, fleetwood, lindsey, buckingham and stevie nicks in 2014, christine mcphee rejoined for full time.

The latest studio album by the band was 2003’s say you will a side project known as lindsey buckingham christine mcvee was released in 2017, containing contributions from the other band members, okay, and that is a very, very long banned. Intro of fleetwood neck very necessary, though, because there’s just so much history and the foundation is important going forward so that i can really get an understanding of um the foundation and the um and their evolution. So, okay on to the song now um, oh well! Oh well is a song first recorded by fleetwood mac in 1969, composed by vocal and lead guitarist peter green. It first appeared as a fleetwood mac single in various countries in 1969 and subsequently appeared on revised versions of that. Year’S then play on album and the greatest hits album in 1971. It was later featured on the 92 box set 25 years to change on the 2002 compilation album the best of peter green’s fleetwood mac, as well as on the 2018 compilation. 50 years. Don’T stop a live version of the song was included on the 1998 compilation. The vaudeville years old well was composed in two parts part one being a fast electric blues song with vocals lasting two minutes and 19 seconds. I believe that’s. What we just listened to and part 2 being an entirely different instrumental piece with a classical influence, lasting 5 minutes and ‘ seconds. The first part of the song features a fast blues, guitar riff played by green joined subsequently by danny kerwin and bassist john mcvee.

Before a musical silence punctuated only by mcfleetwood’s cowbell percussion green sings, a brief verse with no musical accompaniment before the rift begins again and kerwin takes a solo. Peter green revealed in a 94 interview that he wrote oh well cartoon first intending to release the song as the a side inspired by some spanish guitar playing. He had heard on the radio he purchased a ramirez spanish guitar, specifically for all well part 2.. Soon after he wrote part 1 as a throwaway riff for the b side, part 1 ended up on the a side against green’s wishes, but became a worldwide hit. Oh well part one has been viewed by some critics as one of the early crossovers between blues rock and heavy metal, along with songs by others such as led zeppelin. It goes on to uh, tell us um how well it’s done in different countries and all of that information, but i’m gon na stop there, and it also goes on to list all of the people. Who’S covered the song there’s been a tremendous amount of people covering the songs, but you know it’s just way too extensive of a list, so i’m definitely going to stop here um.