i’ll meet these y’all boys, not afraid of you, though. Hey i’m bts y’all boys how to shoot greens every time bro like i ain’t gon na lie bro i’m, a good shooter, but i want y’all to be good, shooters bruh. I want to spread the sauce to y’all, but y’all already know bro. If you watch my channel, you know i always give twos but cause i care about my subscribers man. So hey man make sure y’all boys, like this video man, hit that subscribe button man, because when we hit 500 subscribers man i’m, giving somebody one of y’all nba2k21. So y’all boys hit the subscribe button, hit that like button man and turn on the post, noted man, so you won’t miss nothing. Man, hey what’s, good green light game. Now, before we get into the actual factual, gameplay i’m gon na teach i’m gon na just tell y’all like at least three things that i think you need to be a great shooter on nba, 2k. 20.. One two three. I know those three for all. My spanish people so look the first thing: you’re gon na need to be a consistent, shooter or nba. 2K. 20. You got to have the confidence you got to have the confidence bro. You got to have the confidence to shoot your jump shot bruh. If you don’t have the confidence to shoot and you don’t shoot, how are you gon na be a good shooter? If you don’t shoot the ball, you got ta, learn how to shoot with confidence.

You got ta. Have your confidence to shoot tip number two. Is you have to know your jump shot if you want to be a great shooter on nba 2k20 nba, 2k, 21 bro just be a great shooter and know your jump shot. Bro. All you got to do is know your jump shot. Bro, like you feel me. If you know your jump shot, you shoot greens over people’s head. If you know what you’re doing you feel me like, you have to get your timing down back bruh that’s, the that’s, the second tip gon na tell y’all bro know your jump shot. Bro don’t switch! Your jump shot every two days because you started missing. Everybody missed bro, i missed, but i learned my jump shot so now i rarely miss man. I rarely miss so know your jump, shot, bro, don’t change, your jump shot every two days, bro just speak with the same jump, shot i’ve been using the same jump shot for like two three months now, because i just know my jump shot like that. You feel me so make sure y’all boys get your confidence to shoot bro and keep your confidence on a thousand at all times this in real life in on the game. Bro keep your confidence, know your jump shot, know your jump, shot, bro and tip number three. Please please please turn off your shot meter. Please i’m begging! You bro turn off your shot. Meter! Bro i’m telling you! If you turn off your shot meter, you will shoot a lot of greens bro.

A real lot of greens, like you, will shoot so many greens that you would think something is wrong. You would be like, oh my god, something wrong with me. Bro i mean like when the game first came out. I had my shot meter on, but i was hitting you feel me ain’t, nothing wrong. With the having to shot me know i was hitting but Music. It was like when you don’t time it right, it’s not going in bro. Like i don’t know what the tweak is now about the game, all these white go in, but bro they shot me do not. Where is that bro that’s not gon na be not? Where is that bro? You turn your inside meter off. You get a boost on your jump, shot who wouldn’t want to boost on their jump, shot bro, you feel what i’m saying so make sure y’all boys turn that shot meter up man. Those are the three tips that i got for y’all so far. Those are the actual, factual tips now let’s get into this actual factual game. You feel what i’m saying so most of the time when you’re in the game bro most people want to bait you to shoot, you don’t understand they baiting you to shoot bro, you see how he playing he bagging off and trying to bait me to shoot. Since i know my jump shot since i know my jump shot i’m gon na green – that, because that was my tip number two that i gave y’all to know your jump shot if they baiting you to shoot, you know your jump shot and you still shoot it.

Nice out of 10 bro you’re gon na make the shot bro. If you know your jump, shot, you’re gon na make the shot. Bro listen! Look at this game! Bro! I went six for six. I went six for six y’all six for six, but i didn’t miss out one shot bruh, because i got confidence in my shot. I know my jump shot and i don’t have my shot meeting room. Those are i’m telling you bro. Those are the three most important things about being a consistent shooter and having a good and just being a good shooter on nba 2k period, like i’m telling you bro, you got to have the confidence to shoot. Bro like like my friend right here, i was playing. We got a slashing playmaker and he got a sharp tape, but he don’t have the confidence to shoot like i got the confidence to shoot, so he was dodging me more and i was steady telling him bro. You got to have the confidence to your shot. If you want to be a shooter, you got a sharp tape. Take advantage of that. You know what i’m saying like you feel me. Ain’T no reason for you not to take advantage of your sharp take bro like shoot, shoot the ball. Bro, you get the confidence to shoot. Bro, get your confidence bro. You know what i’m saying y’all got. Ta have confidence. Y’All said, but y’all got ta know, y’all jump shot.

Brother and y’all got ta turn off this shot. Meter bro turn off this damn shot reader turn that shot meter up. Bro you better try to shot me off. I know that i better not see you, they shot me wrong, no more don’t do that! No for real, though this shot meter is cruised. This is boy that that that shot peter, not where is it not gon na lie but um yeah man i’m. Just saying, though, like i want y’all to be better shooters man, i feel like 2k 21 gon na, be my ears so i’m just trying to get you feeling i’m trying to get you all up, trying to get y’all ready for the eye, because it’s gon na Go down man it’s gon na go down. Man i’ve been consistent, i’m being consistent, you feel me. I feel like i’m gon na blow and y’all with me, y’all with me. You feel me y’all with me. So i’m gon na keep dropping these tips for y’all. You know keep dropping these green for y’all. You feel what i’m saying so hey make sure y’all boys, you feel me tune in man, i’m gon na. Let y’all watch these clips. Man i’m gon na. Let y’all watch the rest of these clips man. I hope y’all boys enjoyed this video man if y’all enjoy the video man make sure y’all leave a like man hit that subscribe button. Man um turn on the post notice.

If you like, my content, if you don’t man, you don’t, have to you feel me, but hey it’s, all love at the end of the day, it’s just a game, but hey man. You already know man green light game. We are what the fuck don’t jump. I’M. Just a good shooter i’m, a good suitor, brad that’s. Why i stopped fucking! I would green that bitch every time i don’t like mission bro. He can’t help ain’t no way shit and i will green autumn hoes. Oh that’s, a sale that’s a sale, oh god. He don’t know that was a good. You know it’s a little more to me way.