It is a big ass nest that i kind of purchase. You know to catch a burger freeze out here, no i’m, just messy hope you guys are ready for the video of today. If you guys are og subs of this youtube channel, it is hot out here. You guys probably watched the previous video on the channel already, where i came to this exact creek right and i kinda failed miserably at the small mouth appreciation day. I mean we caught every other species of fish in this creek for real and the smallies didn’t really showed up well. At least i added some underwater footage for you guys, so dad has to count for something right now, if you are truly an o g, o g, a plus plus fan here on the channel, you watch the entire thing, so you saw the part where i said This i actually found a pretty juicy spot right around that area by the bridge, but the current was too weak for the inline spinner, so i’m, going to save that particular fishing spot for a future youtube video. Okay. So here am i right. I am here at the exact spot that is kept that is kept in the last video, and i tell you what this is the plus of exploring right.

When i came here two days ago, i actually saw a bunch of common carp. Aka, the supreme scarpio is swimming right in this hole right over here, which is precisely why i decided to save it for another youtube, video right, hence right now, and the beauty of it is that in particular, i saw one carp down there.

That was very, very beautiful. It was a mirror carp if you guys are familiar with the mirror carp. You guys know that that stuff is like the shiny, pokemon right. It is all the syphilis scarpio same species, but they have all different kinds of crazy patterns on their bodies. So the main objective of this video is not only for us to do some creek carp fishing with the new net, and i also got a landing mat right here on the left. European subs be proud of me, but the secondary objective is to try to catch that very amazing mirror carp down there so stay tuned, and we will see if that is going to happen. Oh yeah! This is the good stuff right here. I just gave it a good sniff. This is what we’re going to be using in this video right, my weapon for carp, whole kernel, corn and before i actually started the intro i already chummed as a spot quite a bit. So there should be some carp already feeding over here, but just as a precaution, i am going to chum a little bit more of corn and this time i’m going to jump very close, very close to where i am because i want to sight fish for the Scarf right, i want to see the carp coming close feed on the corn, and i want to very specifically target that mirror carp.

If i see it, i know that i say this in every youtube: video, where i carve fish right, but a disclaimer.

Please make sure that you check your state’s rules and regulations before chumming or using corn in your state right. I would like to emphasize that in certain states of the united states of america it is illegal to chum corn because it is considered littering. This does not apply to pennsylvania thanks governor wolf, all right, let’s get the fish started. Ladies and gentlemen, i am using my polarized lenses over here. As you guys can see, it has been less than 10 minutes since i have chummed the spot and i already see some big shadows down there kind of feeding on the corn. The carp are definitely around and they are hungry, as you guys can see. This is the setup that i’m going to be using in this video description is always down below two pieces of corn on a size, 10 hook and a little tin, a split shot, all right i’m about to give my first cast, and i see the mirror carp Right in front of me, that’s a nice mirror carp, but there’s, two autocarp, together with the mirror dude that mirror carp, is dude that’s the mirror carp right there holy cow. I see the mirror carp. Oh no that’s, not the mirror. Carp that’s, not the mirror. Carp! That’S, not the mirror carp, but i got it, but i got it it’s, not the mirror.

Carp though, but i got it, i got it man, boy. First, fish of the day, my line i’m running out of line.

I forgot to spoon my rail, we can’t, let it run any further. We can’t let it run any further i’m running out of line here. I’M legit gon na run out of line here. This is crazy. I forgot to spoon my reel. Oh crap, i put the wrong reel on my oh, my rod, my dude and i almost got spooled amateur amateur mistake of the day. Dude don’t don’t, don’t don’t get me spooned down boy. Don’T get me spool that initial run. Dude was terrifying terrifying, but i think i think i got it under control now i don’t think i’m going to get spooked. You see the line on this rail. I actually forgot to spool it. That is 100. My fault. I noticed that only when the run is started. That is pretty sad, but look at the band look at the band on this rod huh. Sadly, i don’t think this is the mirror, but i saw the mirror. I saw the mirror man. The mirror was right. Next to this fella right here, and it is down there, i’m going i’m going to catch him. Man it’s just a matter just a matter of time. Ah, four pound test dude fights on four pound test, always feels so good, especially if the fish is big. Wait. A moment there may be a mirror.

I thought i didn’t get a mirror. Oh no, i think it’s just a common. I just it’s just a very banged up common i’m, not sure now i’ll have to take a closer look when the fish comes a little bit more upwards yeah, not getting spooled now boy, but that was dangerous.

That was this was a dangerous game. Man, i legit almost got spooled time to grab the big ass net over here that’s. What i bought this net for so better work come over here to papa’s net, come to papa’s net boy come to papa’s natch, and this is how you use the snatch. Never lift it vertically yeah. We got our first carp of the day. Look at that! What a beauty less than 10 minutes down here in the creek i’m gon na put it on the landing mat. Now not the mirror that i was looking for, but a beauty regardless really suck that corn suck that corn in i’m gon na punch some more water on top of this fish and then i’m gon na take good care of it. Get out of the net. Take a few shots. First, carp of the day, not bad huh. I am feeling quite european right now, six pounder on the dot. I just measure it thick huh, now we’re going to put this baby back in the water. I do not want to release this fish too, close to my chum spot, so i’m, going to release it right over here man, the mirror carp his cousin was like right.

Next to it just fitting down there unbelievable, i could have gotten the mirror carp today. First first cast and then this fella came up a six pounder. I forgot to spool my real amateur mistake. I i almost got spooled i’m gon na change.

My fishing rod now with a different reel, because if i catch the mirror carp, which, by the way is way bigger than this fish, i am definitely going to get spooled on this reel right now, all right fellas that mirror carp, is still feeding down there. I just switched gears to my other setup. Now i got a medium heavy with my nasi 3000 i’m using eight pounds, brady line, which is not really prime, but the fish are feeling so aggressively down there, because this place is not really highly pressured. I don’t think anyone has ever fished for the scarp or maybe only a few people before so i don’t think that’s going to be a problem. That mirror is right in front of me: oh that’s, the mirror that’s the mirror, that’s the mirror right there. The mirror is a little bit further away together with two common. Just carp give it a blind cast right over here. Put my corn down there and see if anything takes it. Oh carp’s coming carp’s coming carp’s coming feeding. I don’t know if it is the mirror. Now but it’s bigger than the last one it’s feeding it’s feeding my corns right there right next to it, it’s turning it’s turning it’s turning it’s coming towards my corn.

I got it, i got it, i got it boy, i got it. Oh yeah you’re, not spooling! Me this time boy, no, not this time, i’m gon na tighten it up just a tiny bit after stops running there, we go yeah much better, now, much better! Oh yeah, oh yeah way, bigger than the last one.

I think okay that’s that’s the run that’s. What i like to see boy that’s right, that’s, right, holy moly: where did he go? Dude bro did that carp go all the way to the other hole dude. What a powerful fish man! What a powerful fish it swam all the way from this hole right over here to the other hole to the other side of the island. So now i’m waiting right over here, because i had to make a turn so that i could get it back to the side. I don’t know how big this one is, but i can, i can assure you it’s, bigger than six pounds. So many people underestimate carp. I don’t, i don’t understand why they fight so good. They fight so good. I really don’t know what people got against them. You know a lot of people don’t like them. Well, the majority don’t like then because they never caught one before once you catch one. Usually you get addicted to this kind of stuff to the to the run back in the days i used to do a lot of carb fishing, not today anymore time, to get my net it’s getting close there.

We go yes, job well done boy at the size of that one right, there definitely bigger than six pounds. Ah, but not the mirror. The mirror is still even bigger than this one. Oh man took me a little while to land this fish right here.

What a fat fish look at it in comparison to my hand, this is definitely bigger than six pounds: okay, 100. Bigger than six pounds i’m gon na hook here, real, quick and we’re gon na take a few shots and put this guy back. I may have failed when it comes to the small mouth bass fishing, but let me just show you guys this hog right over here: huh 14 and a half pounder about 15 pounds from this little creek right over here. Look at that! Look at that! Look at the thickness of the beast: i’ve been keeping this fish in the water, but i think it is about time to put it back dude. I kid you not. Why is it that people in this country don’t do more carp, fishing that’s? One thing felons that i will never ever understand, look at the beauty of this beast right here: kind of got a little bit damaged in the creek. Somehow i don’t know how but look at this thing. This thing is looking pretty gnarly a few red scales, but overall for a creek like this decent fish man very, very decent fish, all right so i’m, going to release it on this side over here, just going to wait until the hog is ready to go hold It stale very carefully fifteen pounds, see shaking 15 and a half pounder all right and then mirror carp down there.

I guarantee you a tad bigger than this one right over here.

A lot of people on this youtube channel has the misconception that apf only catches dinks right. I would like to emphasize that i only catch dings, because i want to catch dinks right. I am a lifeblister, a multispecies angler, so my original goal, my main goal, is to always come out here. Explore do the species assessments and see what really shows up right, always hoping for a new species for my life list which, by the way, i am a 286 right now, his mug mug is always in the hyperlink. The hyperlink is always in the description right. So you guys get the idea, but just because you see what you see on the youtube platform, that does not mean that in the past i have not targeted these types of fish before right. I have an extensive collection when it comes to common carp. I used to carp a lot back 2011 to 2014. I even caught some very, very beautiful, mirror carp, okay, two fully scaled mirror carp in the past two beautiful samples, one was 23 pounds right and a few other mirrors here and there. So there you have it. Second, fish of the day: okay, i’m, not done yet i’m still gon na try to catch that mirror. You guys saw that run huh. So if you have any carp or any buffalo around your area, what the heck are you waiting for man? Ladies and gentlemen, i don’t see a single carp down there right now that last fight that i had over here at the creek, definitely screwed up the whole honey hole over here you see one of the biggest misconceptions that people have when it comes to the common Carp is that the fish is very dumb and not only the common carp is not dumb, but it is quite the opposite.

The fish is very, very intelligent. You come here and you sight fish right. The creek is clear: the water’s, clear you chum and they will come to the chum right, they’re attracted to the food. You catch one, you kind of catch, an off guard right and they may be alerted a little bit, but they will still come back to the chum after 10 minutes or so and start feeding. Again you catch a second one, especially a big one. Right like that. One that is swarm all the way to the other hole over there and then came to this hole and they stir up the whole sand. Well, it doesn’t take a genius to kind of realize that something around here stinks, and this is exactly what happened right after that. Second fish, all the carp left the spot over here. The mirror carp that i saw earlier today that came so close to me. Like i’m talking 10 feet, okay, i never saw it again, which is why, right now, i got this rod out there. I kind of chum more towards the middle of the creek right in hopes that the car moved over there, and let me tell you all, not a single hit in the last 45 minutes. I think, for today this is going to be it. I’Ll have to call it a day. It is super hot out here, 98 degrees, fahrenheit. The fact that i landed two fish and i was so close to letting the mirror carp it’s already very good.

Needless to say, hey we got here the landing mat that worked pretty good, hey european subs you’re, proud of me. Now i paid six dollars for that landing mat on amazon, okay, i’m, going to link it in the description of the video. If you guys ever want to get one – and i got this net over here for 70 bucks for our website – the snack actually pretty good. Pretty good, i like it, i like it a lot as you guys can see right this net right over here man can even net my nephew cripper k. Okay, i kiss you now. This is real, though, look how big this thing is: man 42 inches long over there, man all right! This is it for today fellas. Maybe i will go to the river soon and the tam to catch a fish bigger than 20 pounds right. You guys think that’s a good idea if you think i should do it. Man leave your comments below give me some feedback. Okay, an epf is gon na make it happen this summer.