We are gon na start. Our series covering all of the ghostbusters so basically as their events, come out we’ll be putting out videos back and forth on our channels. I have the pleasure of covering peter venkman who just dropped today in his wonderful brickspace event, and when rey comes next week. We’Ll be covering that over on garrito’s channel yeah i’m super excited for this character. He just came out today, he’s looking pretty good yeah first thing i noticed with peter venkman ghostbuster attacker magical. That magical tag really does it for me, i’m super excited about that, because now we have a magical attacker to go with magisso and wu and willa god bless you. If you have her high enough to use her, but you actually could build a pretty decent magical team now yeah, i agree: uh it’s good to come up with more magical characters for the magisto’s tower set. That’S gon na be really good yeah, especially that like, even if you ran it as like castle team and just subbed him in for virta, because he has that magical synergy, because castle’s biggest downfall is nobody hits. But this guy hits this guy hits. This guy definitely hits yeah uh he’s got an insane attack, stat. So far, a 500 attack at seven star gear, six, thirty five hundred that just blows highwayman right out of the water.

So this guy is the new highest attacker in the game so far, yeah but he’s, not even the highest attacker on his team, not even yeah, spoiler yeah, no he’s very strong he’s actually got pretty solid defenses almost 500 defense.

10. 000 hp. So you know good hp for a dps unit, uh 105 speed, so he’s not slow. He’S, not you know the quickest unit in the game. He’S. Definitely not slow and he’s got some really cool abilities. His basic deals, 110 damage right and then there’s a 50 chance to just do 25 more damage, yeah that’s, a lot of damage, 135 right off the bat half the time, he’s doing 135 damage just because just for existing and doing a basic yeah that’s like that’s. More than a hard man’s basics, so he’s gon na be hitting for quite a bit. He’S got more bass attack than higher man, but that’s, not even the best thing that he does. No, he goes he’s got more yeah. I feel like the guy had like an infomercial but wait there’s more wait, there’s more. His first special ability deals: 90 damage to a foe and there’s a hundred percent, a hundred percent to call another random ghostbuster hero to assist for 80 damage, spoiler alert, the ghostbusters. All have really high attack stats yeah, so it doesn’t really matter who you call it’s going to be doing a lot of damage yeah. But now you might be saying: well: okay, that’s a cool ability, but if i don’t him on a ghostbusters team, it’s not useful, not true, still a hundred percent to call an assist.

But if another hero assists who’s, not ghostbuster, it’s only 50 damage. So i mean that’s a great skill right there like right highway man, there you go, he’s still got an assist yeah, so he could call pretty much anyone for an assist and then his other special throw.

It is 120 damage, so there’s that highwayman esque damage right. There yeah and it reduces the target’s pep by 50, so basically you’re cutting their pet meter in half and guess what, if they’re spooky or if their pep is reduced to zero percent. It’S, a stun so it’s a free stone on spooky and if somebody has less than 50 pet guess what it’s also a stunt yeah and there’s no chance for it to not to reduce their pep, because there’s no percentage chance, it’s just a flat out. Fifty percent reduction struck flat out reduction, his passive he’s immune to fear that new debuff that just came out with spooky and when he’s attacked and takes damage from a spooky foe. He has a 50 chance to counter and when another magical hero attacks, he has a 60 chance to heal 10 percent of his max health. So if you play him on that magical team, he actually heals himself up. He gets a little bit of self healing whenever they attack so that’s. Really nice yeah keep him alive. He’S he’s, really really strong. You want to make sure that he’s not going to be going down and if you’re running spooky you don’t want to be attacking him because you’re just going to get clobbered yeah and if you’re running magical it’s like he’s, going to be your main attacker wu can? Who can attack, throw him under self and heal them all at the same time, yeah he’s gon na be so good he’s.

I even think he’s got some good plug and play viability just because of that assist and everything yeah, i think, with his assist, if you played like him and slimer together, could just be a great duo, because he’s always gon na call that assist from slimer yeah. You want those spoilers slimer is really good as well, but you want the two biggest attackers. It makes sense, it’s like a red beard and uh magenta, yeah or red red beard, scarlet combo. All you need is those two all you need is like these two peter. Oh yeah and slimer there you go well, it helps to have egon too they’re, all good everyone yeah. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but i think as a dps unit, he’s right now, he’s in my top five dps units and i think he’s he’s in my top 10 units right now, peter bank yeah, yeah he’s, just an excellent hero. I’M, probably gon na buy a few packs in order to uh get them up to five or six star. I’Ve decided that i’m gon na go on this. This ghostbusters train you’re riding the train the whole way, i’m riding the train. The whole way yeah have, i think, i’ve made the decision i’m only gon na wail on the one unit, and i won’t talk about it right now, because it’s not his video but uh. I only have one i’m gon na wail on so i’m gon na hold my wallet tightly closely: it’s yeah it’s, tough man, it’s tough i’m like ah either.

I do this or like i’m gon na fall behind, but you know what i think your idea of like going on, that one unit is gon na, be a good one as well, because that’s gon na open up a whole other team to be great as well.