So once we get this uh lyric and the intro and the bridge, you pretty much, have the song it’s very easy to play, really beginner friendly, so uh, let me go through the intro and a lyric right now and we’ll play with that. Shall i tell you about my life? They say i’m, a man of the world i’ve flown across every time. I’Ve seen lots of pretty girls. Guess i’ve got everything i i need ask for more and there’s, no one i’d rather be. I wish all right. What do we got going on g d? G, 42, 34. 24. Those are my gauges wound. Electric open g i’m playing through a roland, mini cube and i’ll show you those settings momentarily at the end of the video, so uh. The chords in this song are really really quite easy, it’s a d, but how do we know where a d is so open? G g sharp, a important chord in this song b, flat b there’s, an important chord in this song c c, sharp and d. So the bod main body of this song, so the lyric sections are d, a second fret you can see where that is right there and a g minor and the way to make a g minor. Is you put your finger or any finger on that b? Flat? Note and just play open, so d: seventh, fret a g minor and d.

Again then it’s d, a an e minor and an e minor, is a four two: zero or a b and then e and a g.

And then a b and a b is a four four four, so it’s d d d, a second fret g, minor, seventh, fret d, seventh, fret d d, a second fret e minor, four, two zero and a b so that’s, the entire lyric section. So one more time: d, g, minor d, again, d d d, a e minor, four: two: zero b: four, four: four g: minor d: okay, so you do that twice that series, so you do it in first lyric and then you do it for the second lyric And then it has a little jam and the jam is exactly the same as d d a right, so you can fool around with the jam a little bit, and these are the chords for it. The bridge or the chorus is an f, sharp and there’s two ways to play: an f sharp one would be here so g g sharp, a b flat b, c c, sharp d d, sharp e, f, f, sharp 11 11 11.. I don’t say i’m, a good man if i could so. The chorus is just two chords: f, sharp on the 11th fret here and b there’s another way to play an f, sharp and that’s here so that’s, a c sharp, f, sharp c sharp. So if you take that d string, go d, d, sharp e, f, f, sharp and then put your third finger in your pinky.

You can certainly do it this way.

I personally like this because i can use that finger to walk around and you know that’s what i like but it’s all up to you so it’s, f, sharp don’t, say i’m, a good man. If i could and then you stop and then you start over on the d, i could tell you keep you amused i’m sure the little intro that i was doing so i’m working with the chord shapes, but in different places. The a is here: 14. 14. 14.. The g is here: 12, 12, 12.. The d is here so the d is 14 12, 11 and that’s the shape i’m using so i’m going 11, 12, 14, 12, 11, 12, 11, 14. and i’m. Incorporating that chord. When i hit that note and then i’m playing the g that’s kind of where you’re at in this little equation, so the first section just like here is d, a g, minor d, so it’s d, a g and i play the chord and then i’m playing with That note on the 14th, fret that a 11 14 12. and getting that be able to play it and replace at the same time is a technique that takes a a lot of practice. So if you don’t get it right away, uh i guarantee you will in the future because you’re going to practice this now holding it and getting the rest of the note is a just a tough little combination and it does take time so we’ve got this.

So far, then we’re going to go to e minor in a different e minor, 9, 9, 9 or 9 9 12. back to d here. Okay, so it looks like, then we go up to g and it’s, just very cool and it’s a wonderful little intro, and you can fool around with all of these notes. Uh, you want to play around with the solo you’re going to work with that e. That d d d c sharp b, a so it’s really fun to play with just a great song so take a listen to it enjoy. This is uncle mark in the mothership. I just wanted to share this song with you, peter green, just passed away, and what a just a fantastic guitar player really really very influential in my playing, and thank you very much for everything you do for me and uh a bucket show is all we ask. I do have a paypal link here down below it’s a paypal dot me forward, slash uncle mark tips, and i told you i’d show you my settings, and these are my settings for this song and i’m on the brit. Combo and i’ve got a little bit of reverb. My tone is dimes, so it’s, just a nice clean tone, no gain at all so uh, just a really nice clean tone with some reverb. I i really like the uh right.