Um i’ve already done a review of this before, but um i’m playing it because peter green died today, it’s a little bit of a little bit of a sad start for the video. However, um it works with what i was going to cover today, and that is some blues and psychedelic progressive releases that i found recently catching up with. You know a lot of releases that i’ve been buying i’ve been kind of on a binge lately, so um, but a little bit of an homage here to peter green born 1946 died in 2020, really legendary guitar blues guitar player. You know he was devastated when people started calling eric clapton god, but you know eric clapton is a very flamboyant player. You know a lot of a lot of tricks. A lot of fast playing and peter green was very much a traditional uh player. He stuck with the traditional blues and was still an outstanding guitar player had some issues. You know, after fleetwood, mac and kind of disappeared from the music scene for a while, but then started coming back with some other releases. Nonetheless, peter green, that peter green era of um fleetwood mac is definitely my favorite period and i really enjoy uh the stuff that he was doing with with john mayo so anyway, let’s get on with you know some other blues that i had found recently and starting Off with uh this year, brownie mcgee and sunny terry nice little um release here on the fantasy label that i found.

This is at sugar hill, so it’s a live. Recording and sugar hill was a club in san francisco and if you’re unfamiliar with brownie mcgee and sonny terry you’ve got brownie mcgee on guitar and he’s. Also the one with the the lighter, more melodic sounding voice, sonny’s on harmonica, and he throws in these falsetto whoops. Once in a while and his voice is a little bit rougher that’s kind of how you can tell them apart when you were listening, um another one, that i got another brownie, mcgee and and uh sunny terry – is this one here sings and this was originally released On folkway albums in 1958, the year i was born, however um this is a 2000. Let me see 2019 reissue by the smithsonian folkways, really really nice album. It comes also uh with this booklet has a lot of bio, uh, biographical information and uh lyrics. You know what the songs so really nice, really nice record nice find to have uh with that additional biographical information of that duo, then kind of moving through a blend of blues and psychedelic music. We come up with here, dr john, so this is dr john, also known as the night tripper, and this one is the sun, moon and herbs it was issued in 1971 and, like with many dr john albums, this is the stateful very cool in the back. Here. I mean he has you know he always gets like a lot of really great people to play with him.

So i mean some of the people on here. We got um, you know bobby whitlock, backing vocals along with mick jagger uh, and some of the songs too we’ve got bobby keys on tenor, sax and then we’ve also got the memphis horns and eric clapton is doing some slide, guitar on one of the songs and Then jim gordon playing congas on one of the songs, i will have a link back to that special genealogy of music. I did about jim gordon, fascinating and really amazing, drummer and percussionist and uh quite skilled in the piano as well, so yeah it’s a very solid album. I mean i really like this one, perhaps not as good as grigri, uh or gumbo, but it’s right up there. This is a really really strong release and then we go to some classic psychedelic from the 60s, the electric electric prunes and their eponymous debut. I had too much to dream. It’S also, sometimes called i had too much to dream, but it’s the electric prunes, the electric prunes anyway. This is from 1967, but this particular one is a 2007 reissue and i don’t know if you can see yeah, you can kind of see it is purple or maybe prune colored vinyl very nice and the tri color uh reprise label as well, Music. All right now. Another one from late 60s early, 70s, frigid, pink, very cool, interesting band. I got interested in finding out more about them after reading some biographies about sid barrett and they were mentioned on occasion.

You know going through uh various iterations, so this one was issued in 1970 which, by that time, sid barrett wasn’t with pink floyd anymore, but he certainly knew about these people knew about this band and the players when they were in other groups. Then i also uh added to my collection recently. Another nectar release so remember the future. Really really nice really solid concept album. You know concept all the way through on here on the passport label, and this is the 1974 us release. It was released originally in 1973 and great britain and europe. So a very interesting concept story. Uh, i mean you kind of wonder if the idea me of you know mr cameron of uh um, oh and now my mind is drawing a blank that sci fi movie. You know with the uh strange creatures, uh winged, almost like lizard people, but anyway you know i’m wondering if that concept. You know if he perhaps lifted it from this album, because you know the storyline is about um let’s, see having visited the planet many times before. Blue bird had always found that the people he met couldn’t accept him for what he was rather than how he looked with his blue, skin and wings. So yeah, you know kenneth reminded me of that movie. He makes mental contact with a young blind boy and tells him stories of past and future in the form of visions and amongst these visions he places a picture of himself.

The boy is not disturbed by the visions but confused by all the bluebird tells him. So you know one side is about bluebird. You know, i guess arriving to earth and side two. Is this conversation between the boy and bluebird and um the message of hope and this knowledge? This idea, too, of you, know, really got me thinking about. You know, time being such a false construct. You know that the time that we think about only exists because we happen to be on the planet that we are, that is rotating at the speed that it is and revolving around its sun star at the pace that it is, you know, other places. Time would be different, so it’s uh interesting. You know sometimes, when you think about things like that, i don’t know. I do sometimes don’t you when you listen to some music and then one more. This is probably my most interesting find. I mean i bought this solely on the cover i saw this cover and i was like wow man. This looks really cool, and so i took a chance. I’Ll uh show you the back side of the cover as well. I have to pull it out. I, if it’s not a gatefold, album and i buy them new. I tend to just slit the side and leave the shrink wrap on, but all right so here’s, the back there. You know here’s the front a bit of glare as an ob sort of an ob strip as well, so the band is called mongtong and the album title is mystery and the sticker on it says brainwashed.

Occult sounds by two brothers from the taiwanese underground best suited for water, coloring, sleepwalking and time traveling to ancient worlds i’m like oh, that is just so cool looking, so i bought it completely on a whim. You know i do that occasionally, but you know i thought. Ah can’t be that bad, and then i started listening to it and i was like this is really good all right now, if you, if you’re familiar with a crong bin, it kind of has that similar sound, particularly with the guitar being very much a lot of Echo and and uh, and picking but there’s some distortion and fuzz. That happens once in a while a lot of the rhythm um from what i’ve i’ve read in here and what i’ve been able to find about. This band is programmed um so, and this and it’s these, i guess i think, that’s what he said: they’re brothers, yes, so um. I was really really happy that i i did buy this. Apparently there is a another version of this that there’s, a colored, vinyl, splatter, uh vinyl edition and the one i happen to get is the black vinyl um i don’t know i mean i suppose if i see the splatter colored vinyl, i may i might decide to Get that also that’s on this label from japan called guru, guru, brain and apparently this label also has a reputation of producing a lot of of asian japanese taiwanese psychedelic and prague music, so that was kind of interesting as well.

For me, i’ve never heard of this label and i don’t think i’ve ever seen it anywhere else before so you know you find out something new um. So there we go, we got the peter uh peter green. I think. Actually, this is the one, though the song that well no he’s singing there. We go um nigel watson doesn’t sing that often on this record, even though it says with nigel watson, nigel doesn’t get very many local opportunities, but it’s a good album. Uh hold it up again in case you uh it’s called hot foot powder Music, so check it out, it’s, certainly uh, certainly good stuff. I mean apparently yeah buddy guy honey boy edwards, dr john otis rush um also contribute on this, but i have done a video on this release before so. Like i said, i’ll have a link in the down under so that’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed that. Please come back and subscribe if you haven’t already share the video leave a comment, especially if you have any comments about peter green.