Why haven’t i been producing videos, i don’t think i’ve produced a video for at least three or four days so far. Many of you have sent me comments asking simon. Did you see this? Did you see this what’s going on? Well, i was, i was in emergency surgery earlier this week. I tuesday night i just couldn’t sleep. I was in discomfort, it wasn’t pain, but it was discomfort, so around 8 o’clock in the morning 7 30. In the morning, sometime around then wednesday, i thought i’m gon na go to the emergency and have this checked out, it was just strange, it was. It was like nothing, i’d had before no the strange pain. So when i got there um, they checked me in pretty quickly. I was amazed. It was a very, very strange environment because everything was all you know, covet 19 and everything the way everything was set up, but they got me in pretty quickly. I was able to see a doctor very quickly. I was very impressed with that, but once they had done all my tests, doctors said you’ve got appendicitis.

So at that point they pretty well get you in right away. You’Re admitted they get you on all different solutions and you’re prepped for surgery, and the surgery happened later that night, so it was um. It’S been a strange time. I haven’t been reporting on the news. I did drop off a few comments: i’m prepping for saturday’s q.

A session which i really enjoy, it shouldn’t be too difficult of a session because i’m sitting down the whole time, and this video here is not so much of a hey. This is what news i’ve missed so far, it’s more of a reason why i have stopped filming. I haven’t forgotten about you guys. I haven’t stopped the channel but i’m, just focusing on my health i’m, making sure i get recovered. So if you see a bunch of news coming out wondering why i’m not covering it that’s, why i’m probably going to be, you know pretty intermittent over the next week, there’s a couple of videos i will get out but other than that i’m not going to be Working really hard i’m going to be relaxing, take following doctor’s orders, eating right, resting doing short walks to help keep things moving because after you’ve had surgery. The last thing you want to do is sit down for too long, because you can increase blood clots and that’s. What happened to my father? He died from a blood cut after surgery, so yeah make sure you follow doctor’s orders and all that so that’s.

What i’m doing drink plenty of liquids but let’s take a brief look at what we’ve missed this week. One of the first things i know i found when i woke up this morning is uh. Well, so actually several things one is um. Ibis is coming to the m system and, if you’ve been watching my channel for a while, you shouldn’t be too surprised by that, because it was one of the rumor things coming to the um.

The m50 uh sort of the m5 mark ii coming out later this year, which we still may or may not be getting if it does come out this year, it’s probably going to come out in japan first and the rest of the world in q1. So that’s good, i mean it makes sense, canon’s ibis as seen in the r5, and the r6 is pretty good. It works really really well it’s, not jittery, and i i’m going to be testing out in the r5. When i get that as well, we can see how smooth that is. The other thing that i found out came out, i think, was yesterday we’re getting a new rf mount or a new mount uh shall we say – and this is rumored to be thanks to camera, because this is rumored to be on the um, the cinema line. It is a cr2, so that means it comes from known sources it’s and they and it could pan out. But the one thing that’s great about the canon line is your lenses can go from one platform to another.

So right now, if i’ve got my ef glass, which is on this camera right here, i can take that glass and move it onto the cinema line no problem. If i’ve got the ef mount on the cinema line and a lot of you have been wondering well, can we take the rf glass and put it on the cinema line and we can’t right now, so if they come out with a new mount for the video Line and we can’t put on ef or rf lenses.

Well, that would be for for shops that are using these cameras that are using the ef and the rf lenses. That would add a bit more cost to their their their solution. So i’d be surprised if they go ahead and create a new mount for the video line if they don’t at least provide some adapters. But this is, i say this is still pretty early on. I did get a good night’s sleep last night but i’m, not speaking as well as i normally do. I do apologize for that but, like i said you know i’m getting better if you’re watching this right now, then i was well enough to edit it but uh i’m not planning on making this a very long, video, so anyways the rf mount um or the new Mount uh we’ll just have to see what that pans out to be, but it’s supposed to be on the video line. Nothing for us buying our fives and our sixes or ours should be worried about they’re, not getting ready to kill off that line anytime soon, and canon has said on many occasions that they’re focusing heavily on the rf system, so that’s good news.

Another piece of interesting news: the associated press, has gone out and said that they’re only going to be using sony gear, no more nikons and canons that’s. Pretty bold. I wonder what kind of deal they’re getting obviously they’re getting some a really good deal to make that happen, but yeah that’s a that’s, a pretty big win for sony, very, very, very, very big, but really when it comes to sony.

The big news is what hasn’t been announced yet it’s coming out on the 28th, which is four days away: wow four days away, that’s pretty soon isn’t it now we’ve got a lot of rumors on this camera. I’Ve covered them in depth i’m, not going to cover them here in depth, but this is looking to be a very, very powerful video camera and some people are saying well it’s going to kill the r5 or some people saying well. The r5 is better and yes, it’s, very subjective to you. The the r5 might be better to you. The sony, a7iii might be better, really depends on what the capabilities you’re looking for in a camera. If you shoot a lot of photos and a lot of videos like, for example, a wedding photographer or anybody does family stuff, then you’re probably going to want to use both – and in that case maybe the r5 or the r6 is better because it’s kind of it’s. Equally positioned between photos and videos, but if you primarily shoot video work well then maybe the a7 s3 is better for you.

We’Ll have to wait and see, but if it can do 4k, video up to 120 frames per second without recording limits or without overheating, that’s. A pretty solid workhorse, i don’t know what this thing’s going to look like. I really don’t know if the rumored specifications are going to pan out, but we’re going to know in four days so that’s.

Why i don’t see the point going into a lot of analysis here on what a rumored camera may look like, but i do strongly believe that the the a7s3 is going to be heavily focused on on the video side of things. I believe that it is going to be capable of doing photos. 12, megapixels and i’ve got a question for this on my q, a session so i’m not going to go into too much detail here. I’Ll answer this on saturday, but you can do a lot with 12 megapixels, but you’ve got to be good. You’Ve got to know how to frame the subject. You’Ve got to know how to um shoot and, of course, having a good ibis really helps too, because then in low light you know you’re going to have you’re going to be better at getting more more shots. And, of course, you need a really good, auto focus system too. So all those things working together help you get better shots most of the time and and you’ve got to frame it right so 12 megapixel i mean for the longest time we were working with eight megapixel cameras, um and nobody was complaining.

Then, though, like wow, eight megapixels, i can do eight by tens and eleven by fourteens, well not eleven by fourteens, but you could do eight by ten. So i you know yes, today, we’ve got 61 megapixel sensors. Thank you sony and 45 megapixel sensors. Thank you.

Canon doesn’t mean that 12 megapixels is totally useless and the main reason for supporting this is you’re. Getting larger pixels should be low noise and it really is, at the end of the day, it’s all about video that’s. Why we’re getting a 12 megapixel sensor and if that’s not good for you, that means you’re, probably more into photos and then maybe something like the r6 or the r5 might be better for you or the fuji xt4 or the new nikon coming out the z5 yeah. Maybe not that the the nikon bothers me a little bit. I mean. I said this in an earlier video. The nikon z5 is pretty well a modern version of the eos r, but the eos r was behind the competition when it came out two years ago. So um, i think if they lowered the price of the z5 down to around a thousand dollars, i think it’d be a great great value, but at its current uh list price i’m, not so confident, i really want to see what else the nikon’s got coming out. They need to, they need to hit it well, they need to have a really good camera and i’m looking for the z8 to see what that’s going to be.

Of course we have the update in the z6 and the z7, but that’s it for today. Don’T forget to subscribe for your chance to win the ef. 50Mm f. 1.8. I know this isn’t my best video, but this is just to remind you that i’m, not i haven’t, stopped producing videos for the channel it’s just that i’m recovering and i’m not going to be producing a lot of videos, but i do appreciate your comments.