He said a big reason was because your record with the Marley’s in terms of development and that kind of translated to on.i success. So this is really up your alley. Sheldon. How has Kovac 19 impacted the development of your players right now? Well, he’s, like the biggest thing, obviously it’s it’s allowed for time and reflection and all of those types of things and both on a coaching level. And then you know from what we can pass on to the players and we’ve really challenged each other to come back out of this, because, of course, our unique situation. Much like Pascal, we just interrupted our season we’re, just getting ready for a push towards the playoffs, and you know we’re not just wanting to just sit around and wait for a word to be able to get back at it. We want to use the time wisely and challenge the group to come back as better versions of ourselves, as I said so started with us as coaching staff, to use the time to really get to know our players better as players and analyze their games and then Be able to provide them with some information and touch base with their strengths and connect with their strengths and what we really appreciate about them and then look to get to work at the areas in which they can improve upon and there’s limitations. Of course, on what they can do on a physical level yeah.

Well, we think we think mentally there’s a lot of gains that that all of us can make here in terms of coming back with a better understanding of where we are where we need to go.

That’S an interesting point I want to ask you about that: is the challenge more mentally trying to get them? You know to reengage and to kind of motivate them once again, because you guys weren’t right in the middle of a season, unlike MLB they’re, just getting ramped up now. So do you see a challenge that way yeah? That was a challenge that we faced initially and I’ll have to say that first of all, our players have done rific job for themselves of seeking information seeking guidance, and then our performance staff has really led the way to our straight: the condition of coaches, our medical Staff connecting with every player – and you know just seeing what their situation is, what they have available to them for equipment and space and then be able to cater a program to them, to capitalize on that and then just through communication, myself being contact with them and Other members of our staff just to see how they’re doing how their families are doing and you know sending information to them, alerting the manager, Kyle Davis, has done a terrific job of sending out daily emails and notices to everybody just to keep us informed of anything. That’S happened on in that day and, of course, everybody’s following the news and such, but just how it connects to us and what we need to know.

We know the players are really appreciated that, of course, it’s hard not to notice what’s been happening around the world right now, and I want to ask our panel to really reflect on their recent thoughts and feelings in light of the current dialogue surrounding racism.

Sheldon, do you feel like you’ve got a platform and an audience that can make a difference? How do you see your role in contributing to really moving that conversation forward? Well, I think, though, the biggest thing that I’ve really been thinking about a lot here is that, first of all that I have a lot to learn and a lot to it, to listen to, I think, being in hockey particular well, very predominantly white sport. I think we, you know, we have a lot to learn and a lot that we don’t quite understand about what other people would go through, and you know along the way you know I’ve had you know, people different races that that I played with and you’ve been Teammates with and and and you’ve always felt that they were a part of the team. I mean things were we’re very much normal, but I am sure that it’s very much a different perspective that that that they would have – and I think now in a leadership role really want my platform, and my role as I see it is, is to make sure That the environment, that we’re creating is one that would would accept people for who they are with the players or or staff, but then also just to get to understand their perspective and then learn about what rule can can we play to spread the wood to get It out to the community – and I think, right now, I’m learning a lot and it’s creating it’s, creating a lot of time for reflection about what we can do better and I think certainly hockey we’ve seen a lot of great responses from from a number of leaders.

In in our industry, but I think we have a long ways to go in that regard, and I was a really good time for us to continue to develop in that area to stay with the theme that we’re talking about here Sheldon, you know, George Floyd wasn’t, The first man to you know die under police brutality. Is it different this time? Do you get a sense that there might be real change this time around? Oh I’ve been thinking about that. I think you know one of the big things. You know that the fact that we’re going through this, the pandemic being what it is, and it has created a situation where I think the world is paying attention, not just Canada or the United States. I think the world is paying attention, perhaps more so than they would otherwise, and I think that as it relates to to this, you know this situation is a very positive thing and I know it as a positive thing.