After the board, members ended up giving him the key to the city, and what actually happened is norman. Osborne would have been completely overdosed with goblin serum turning into the ultimate green goblin and peter would have put him away in ravencroft, so we’re kind of on that territory, where spider man is now entering the ultimate universe, and also a little bit of the mark. 1 mk1 universe from the 90s, but it has its own 2002 twist to it, but anyways guys let’s get into the fan fiction. Spider man would swing down below looking around at what happened he could see. Ravencroft was on fire everywhere. He would run into the building. Looking at what was happening, he would help an inmate that was being burned alive and he would get them into a safe place. He would go further inside to look at what was happening and he could see broken glass, blood and tons of other things. He knew something was wrong and that he didn’t have a lot of time to save everybody in this timeline, a lot of villains would break out and even new ones like cletus cassidy, one of new york’s, dangerous and spider man would save most of the people in The area and he would crawl back looking at a glass tube that was completely shattered, that had blood everywhere and it was filled with fire.

He could hear a car door slam outside of ravencroft and he would hear people walking outside and talking and he would walk outside.

With this broken down suit. Outside black suvs would pull up and there would be a few of them. There would be some of the board members from quest aerospace and military people. They would see spider man and two of the board members and they would be walking outside of the vehicles and one would yell to check the test subjects. They would call for spider man and they would try to shake his hand and spider. Man would walk up to them, leaving them hanging and he would yell to them sang what happened here and he would make a fist picking up one of the board members, but they would try to calm him down and they would explain that a test had gone Wrong with equipment and that it ended up causing a big explosion. They tried to whisper to spider man that he was in the public eye right now and that they didn’t want to make any of their conversations in public and that they should be doing this. In a more disclosed area, they would tell spider man to come with them and that they were going to do some repairs to suit and talk business about what was happening. There would be a breaking news story on tv and uncle ben and aunt may would be watching what was going on.

The tv would be explaining that there was equipment, failure in ravencroft that ended up causing an explosion, and it ended up killing half a dozen inmates.

At ravencroft they would be listing off criminals that ended up dying in the blast, and one of those criminals would be norman osborne. The story would be huge and harry would look at uncle ben and uncle ben would tell harry saying that he was sorry son and harry couldn’t believe it his dad was dead, harry would run outside and he would end up slamming the door and aunt may would Tell ben not to go and that he had to deal with this on his own. They would be worried about peter, but they knew that he could take care of himself and spider. Man would see cameras and they would be trying to take pictures of him, but he would leave going into one of the suvs with the board members. They would ask how comfortable he was by making a joke, and they would end up thanking him for his service. For the city, spider, man’s, spider sense would go off, and one of the members would point a gun to his face. They would tell spider man, everything was going to be fine and that they had to tell him what was really going on. He would be confused asking what was happening and they told him to sit tight and that once they got to quest aerospace, it would explain everything to him.

They would make their way to a huge lab and it had many of the projects like norman’s glider his suit, and he could even see moving arms that kind of looked like doc, hawks and even a vulture suit.

They would tell him to make his way into this area and they would go into a room and a scientist would be there. He would look at spider man and he would introduce himself as auto octavius. So in this timeline, quest aerospace would hire otto octavius to make a lot of his equipment. So now he’s not actually working at oscorp, they would shake hands and spiderman would get his mk1 suit removed by robots, and they would end up repairing it. He was still in his other red and blue suit. That was under it. The board members would tell spider man to follow them, and then they would make their way into an office room, and they would tell him to sit down. Harry osborne would go back to his dad’s place and he would see a for sale sign on the front door. He would throw it to the ground and he would kick the door open. It was dark in there and it was really dusty. He would open the door and he would smash things in his house saying that his father left him with nothing and that he ended up failing him and that he had nothing left. He would make his way into the living room and he would punch a hole in his dad’s painting and he would turn around to hear a noise.

There would be a figure standing there in the shadows, harry would open a cabinet door and he would take out a pistol.

He would load it and point it at the figure harry would scream saying he would shoot the figure and the figure would laugh. The figure would walk out of the shadows and it would appear to be norman osborne, harry would yell saying he was dead and that he didn’t want him to come any closer, because in this timeline harry knows his dad’s, the goblin and he’s scared of him, because His dad pretty much tried to kill him and kill mj norman would try to calm harry down, saying that it was okay and that it was the goblin that tried to kill him, and he never wanted any of this. He would scream saying it was spider. Man’S fault and that quest aerospace was also involved, harry would yell sangno and that he tried to kill him and mj. The gun would be loaded in his hands and he would shoot norman would turn into the goblin in time, and the bullet would bounce off of him. Harry would try running to escape, but the goblin would leap in the air blocking the entrance. He would smile and stab harry in the gut saying that he was useless and then he would pick him up smashing him into glass back at quest aerospace. The board members would tell peter that it was a lie and that norman osborne did not escape and they needed to find a way to cover it up to finally get rid of norman osborn.

They would tell spider man that he became a test subject for military research, since he took the serum and spider man right then, and there would have enough and he would make a fist smashing his hand on the table. He would tell them that they were stupid and that they were trying to control something that was out of their hands. Spider man would yell saying where he was, and they would try telling him that that there was a problem. They would turn the tv on and the footage would show norman osborne turning into the ultimate green, goblin and spider man would tell them he wasn’t going to clean up their messes all the time and that it was their fault that this ended up happening. They would explain to spider man, saying that you’re going to clean up her messes and that you’re going to bring norman back here alive or dead, he would say in a menacing voice that what did you just say to me and the board members would laugh saying That you’re our property now and that you became spider man because of us, and we know that you’re peter parker and spider man would web one of the board. Members, mouths up and the military guards would seal the door tight and the guns would be pointing at him. The other board member said that he can’t walk away because it would ruin his entire career and he told peter that they could expose him and kill his family if they really wanted to.

He would take his mask off in defeat, knowing that he had to work with them, maybe just one last time he would yell at them saying fine and he told them. You know where to put the paychecks and otto would give him his updated, mk1 suit and he would leave the building swinging to uncle ben’s and aunt mays. Since spider man did not learn full responsibility, he would be cocky and also arrogant, and he would also be slowly turning into emo parker from spider man 3. peter, would walk into the room and uncle ben would ask peter what happened and peter would tell him that He officially works for quest aerospace and that norman osborne was still alive on the run. He would tell them how they treated him and uncle ben couldn’t believe it peter would tell aunt man uncle ben that they ended up finding out who he was, but then uncle ben would end up cutting him off, saying that harry ended up running off and peter Would tell him that he probably knows where he’s going to be going and that he actually will check up on him by swinging there. Uncle ben would tell peter he didn’t know where he was going and peter said that he ended up having a hunch. He would walk outside of the house, and mj was crying and she would walk up to peter and peter would end up seeing her. She would tell peter that harry wasn’t returning any of the calls and peter would tell mj that he was going to look for him and she would tell peter that she was really worried about him because of his dad and now all of this.

And he would be in a rush saying that he didn’t have a lot of time that he had to end up going and she would cry looking away and peter would start walking off in a rush. Mj would actually follow peter and peter actually wouldn’t notice. Peter would walk into a small alleyway and he would take his peter parker suit off crawling on a wall and mj would run into the alleyway and see no one was there and that it was peter’s, pants and t shirt. She would hear webbing sounds and she looked to see spider man swinging. She couldn’t believe what she saw. She thought. Maybe she was dreaming and peter parker, as spider man like. How could this even be peter would make his way to the osborne house and he would walk saying that there was a door and it ended up being smashed into. He would start yelling for harry and he would look through the hallways and he could see broken glass everywhere. Spider man would go further and further into the osborne resident’s house and he could see that there was a blood trail. He could see blood everywhere and claw marks and that there was a body on the ground, he would run towards the body and he would see that it was harry. Osborn harry would be coughing looking at spider man, and he would tell spider man that it was the goblin and that he did all of this and that his dad was back.

He would be crying saying that he didn’t want to die and that he would tell spider man to save him. Spider man would take his mask off and harry would smile, and it was peter peter would explain to him that it was a long story, but that he had to get him out of here before it was too late. Harry would cry sang peter and peter would stop, and he would look at what was happening. Peter would yell at telling harry not to go and that he was going to bring him to the hospital he would take his hand and harry would die in peter’s arms. Peter would be screaming no multiple times and he couldn’t believe it. He would yell norman and he would make a fist breaking the painting of norman osborne and he would look at harry’s body and he would take him to the hospital swinging there and crying. There would be cameras everywhere, a reporter would ask him what happened to his son and norman osborne and spider. Man had nothing to say to the cameras and he actually would take a camera and he would use his web smashing the camera into a wall. When he heard that comment about norman osborne and harry osborne, he would jump up onto a wall. Saying norman osborne was going to pay and that he wasn’t fast enough to get to harry he would scream knowing that there was the board member’s fault, but it was also norman osborne’s fault.

He thought what was he going to do now, track down norman osborn, kill him or destroy quest aerospace once and for all. He thought who was the real villain in all this game? He thought he would track down norman and he knew that he would track him down to the ends of the earth. Just like our original timeline, norman would plot for his revenge, and he thought none of them would escape his grasp. Norman would get a second glider and he would put a bunch of pumpkin bombs on him. He knew that spider man would show up because of this and that’s exactly what he did. Bombs would go off in the front entrance way and a glider would go directly into the entrance of quest aerospace and the alarms would be going off. The goblin would jump into action, killing as many people as he could at the front entrance gate and the board members would actually lock themselves up and spider. Man would hear his spider sense go off and he could hear something in the distance. It was a bunch of explosions at quest aerospace, he would swing there and peter thought why not just let the goblin destroy the entire place and then go face to face with him and spider. Man would be outside of the main entrance way and he would see the police. The goblin would make his way into the head office room and he could see that the board members had locked themselves in there and norman osborne or the green goblin would be smashing.

The room over and over again until the shields would pretty much go down and spider. Man knew, though, that he would be out of a job and he would crawl into the room screaming norman, and he would do a punch in the face and he would punch him over and over again and his anger would pretty much get the best of him And he would leap towards the goblin and punch him directly in the face and the board members would be screaming because they were trapped in here and there was a fire happening and they pretty much couldn’t get out of here and the glass was breaking and they Had nowhere to run spider man would kick the goblin in the knee and punch him to the ground, but goblin would slap him in the face and he would go directly into a wall and the glass would break, but spider man would use his webs to catch. The goblin’s hand – and he would use his webs to kick him in the face and he would actually get away and the board members would run off and peter would yell telling them to run and the goblin would scream at spider man and charge at him. He would pick him up smashing him through a wall into the front entrance gate. The green goblin would pick a car up and smash it into a cop car, making a huge explosion happen and spider man and the goblin would be thrown back into a wall.

Spider man would be crawling trying to get to his feet and there would be shrapnel in his legs. He would rip it off and he would try to crawl for his life. Goblin would crawl up saying spider man had wrecked his plans for the final time and that he would be the first to die in his grand plan and he would walk towards a beaten down broken up spider man, and he would see that his mask was on The ground spider man would try to crawl to his mask, to put it back on, but the goblin would step on it breaking it. He would pick him up choking him in the air and he could see in his eyes that this was peter parker. He would laugh saying that it all made sense now, with the spiders and the oz corp trip. He said that he was going to finish the crater off and what he would do is he would give peter a back breaker and he would throw him into the ground. The goblin would say that he would first kill his family and then he would come back and kill him, and then the board members and peter would scream sang. No and the green goblin would jump away leaping far and leaping fast. Peter knew that he didn’t have enough time left before the goblin could pretty much kill, aunt may and uncle ben, and he thought that his legs were pretty much useless.

They were done. He would take off his mk1 chest piece because it would slow him down and he knew he had to get there as fast as he could. He would try to get back up and he would start swinging to the place. He would go as fast as he could and he pretty much had no time and he could see in the distance that the green goblin was pretty much getting there as fast as he could and the goblin would be outside of the parker residence and uncle ben. Would look outside of the window and he would be shocked and scared and he would be with aunt may and they would be hiding in the house. The green goblin would be laughing knowing that he was finally going to be killing uncle ben and anime, and that this act would finally finish off spider man once and for all. But he would see spider man swing down there and they would be face to face at the parker resident’s house. He would scream telling norman to stop and that he didn’t need to do any of this. The goblin didn’t say anything and he would pick up a car and spider man would use his webs before the car could smash into the house. He knew that he had to use the rest of his powers to take down the goblin before he was killed and spider man would throw punches at the goblin again and again, and the goblin would take spider man and catch him and with his claws he would Use them and he would slice his back in half and spider man would pretty much be thrown to the ground and he was bleeding everywhere.

The goblin would break the glass searching for uncle ben and aunt may, but in time they would go through the back door and they would actually run through the main entrance way and the goblin would make the house actually go on fire and spider. Man would be crawling and uncle ben would see spider man crawling on the ground, and he would tell peter that he could finally get up and that they were going to leave and that he couldn’t fight anymore and peter would actually push uncle ben telling him to Get out of here and he would yell go, they would go as fast as they could, and uncle ben would speed away with the car and peter would use all of his might to keep the goblin at bay and spider. Man said he was finally going to finish this once and for all, and he would use his webs to do the most insane stuff ever that he’s never done to anybody before, because he had so much adrenaline. He knew he had to stop this and he would be choking the goblin with his webs and the goblin would try to fight back, but he was losing air fast. Mj would see peter fighting the goblin outside of their house and she would be crawling and she would phone 9 1 1 trying to get help. Norman would fall back, crushing spider man and spider man could see. One of the cars was dripping gas and he thought if he brings norman towards these vehicles.

It would blow him up instantly killing him and maybe he would even kill himself, but he had no time to think about that. He had to save his friends and his family and spider man would dodge an attack and slide underneath the goblin and he would swing towards the cars and kick goblin in the face and he would do a backflip and he would use his webs to catch goblin’s. Chest and he would kick him directly into the cars and it would blow up six cars on the street and the entire street would light on fire, and you could see a flash in the sky, spider man and norman would be sent back, but norman would be Completely incinerated and spider man would be sent back on the parker resident’s yard, and he was pretty much done for uncle ben would see a flash in the sky and he knew that he had to go back for peter. A crowd of people would walk outside of their houses and they couldn’t believe what happened. Uncle ben and aunt may would go out of the car door slamming it and they could see spider man lying on the ground, almost dead, they would be crying and mj would be screaming for help and peter would be crying saying. Uncle ben and uncle ben would cry saying you did it kid, you did it and he would shut his eyes and spider man would die that day. The goblin would be dead and the people at quest aerospace would still get away with their shady practices.

Uncle ben and ant mate would have a funeral for peter and harry osborne and they would have a statue for peter parker in new york city with his spider man. Mk1 suit and uncle ben would be crying with aunt may and he would explain at the funeral in a speech that he was proud of peter and that he tried the best he could of being a hero. Some of the board members would walk up to them, but during the speech, uncle ben would just ignore the members and he couldn’t believe it uncle ben and aunt may would move into an old age home on the street and the entire street that they ended up. Living in was completely annihilated, like it was burnt to shreds, so they ended up having to actually move out, and they would say that this was peter parker’s story and how he ended up becoming spider man in the speech and that they were just very sad for What ended up happening, but he tried his best back at quest aerospace. There would be an argument and all the members would be arguing at each other pretty much fighting over that there had to be a new spider man. Somebody had to come up with the task again, and one of them would slam his hand on the desk, and he would tell him let’s try this again. He would open a briefcase up and there would be blood samples of peter parker.

A shadowy figure would be watching a tv screen saying, spider man and peter parker had died, but the figure would be confused and he would go on saying that it was the scarlet spider’s turn and that’s, where we’re going to end. What? If uncle ben had lived in spider man 2002 now i really wanted to take this more of like the ultimate universe and kind of end it where spider man is literally in his last day of being spider, man and it’s, just absolutely insane like of how, like It ended up happening so quick so fast, but because spider man really never learned with great power, must also come great responsibility. I kind of wanted him to end up dying at the end, because you know he didn’t really learn his lesson, but at the end of the day he ended up learning with great power and responsibility in a more difficult way because he put his own life on The line to save his friends and family and he did whatever he could to put a rest with the goblins. So the goblins dead in this universe and the board members would actually clone a version of peter parker and they would do a bunch of experiments and pretty much ben reilly is now on the loose in this alternate raimi timeline.