I did begin a story placed about 100 years after the downfall, but it proved both sinister and depressing. Since we’re dealing with men, it is inevitable that we should be concerned with the most regrettable feature of their nature, their quick safety with good, so that the people of Gondor in times of peace, justice and prosperity would become discontented and Restless. While the dynasts descended for our goal would become just kings and governors like denethor, and always I found that even so early there was an outcrop of revolutionary plots about a center of Secrets, Satan istic religion, while GaN Dorian boys were playing at being orcs and going Around doing damage, I could have written a thriller about the plot and its discovery and overthrow, but it would have been just that not worth doing the new shadow is the name of the tale that Tolkien abandoned. It was his attempt to write a sequel to his epic fantasy tale of the Lord of the Rings. His plan had originally been, as said in the previous quote, that it would have been set around 100 years after the fall of Sauron and the destruction of the Ring. Although later Tolkien would debate whether to change this in his mind slightly and did consider actually starting the story in around the Year 220 of the fourth age, which would basically mean that our gone would have passed on by this point and that he would have been Set in the time of his son, Al Darian Tolkien had never really got far with this idea.

He believed it was a story that would have be helmet too much of a thriller, rather than the style that he truly wanted to write, and this is something that shows that Tolkien really did see as well as more as, though was a history book, rather than Just some epic fantasy fiction as such, it also would have been a very different story for talking in the sense that it would have only been about men, not his other fantasy races. In fact, the story, or at least the fraction of the story that he had ever written, had what depressing feel about it than his previous epic. The new shadow actually starts with explaining that the epic events of the wall of the Ring are already turning into little. More than great tales to the men of Gondor as very few were still alive or have any memory of around that time and of those that did they would have only been very young. We actually see one of our main characters is a man called all us who is, in fact, the son of Eragon and, as the same barrel, guard who befriends Pippin in The Return of the King and mostly with these kind of links. This is where you can see that the year in which this story would have taken place was perhaps still subject to change, but anyway he describes the feeling of evil within the hearts of men, using the term of a dark tree in the sense of its roots.

Digging deep, a being near impossible to remove ever that dark tree also has other meanings that we will get to in a minute. Now, when you compare that to our introduction to the peaceful and beautiful Shire from the Lord of the Rings, you could see that that was very much a different tone. And would this have been a bad thing? Probably not in the sense of there were definitely depressing sections to the Lord of the Rings in his other novels, so it was not like. He was not able to write this kind of thing, and I imagine there would have been very few of his fans. Who would not have actually enjoyed it, but if the heart of the writer himself was not in it, and it is hard to argue that he should have continued after all, even his son Christopher said that it was a shame. He never completed the work and abandoned it so early as even if it had been a thriller. Surely it would have been a very remarkable thriller nonetheless, now, if we continue to look at the part of the story, he actually did write the two characters of all us and sail on talked about the growing discontent within their realm after the death of the great King referring to King Eleazar and the question what this growing unrest would even accomplish those even mention of an evil cult on the rise led by someone or something called hell more.

This cult is also referred to as this dark tree like we mentioned before, and this cult would worship the likes of Sauron, Morgoth and Saruman. It is also strange how the child, with their growing, disconnect from the events of the past even play, games like orcs or soldiers, or even refer to bad jobs as awk work, almost disconnecting the truly evil beings. With these throwaway sayings, you can kind of get the feeling here and see why it was maybe just a bit depressing. The story seems to say how men cannot live in peace now there is always some kind of fascination by some form of evil, but sadly that is all we will have a gallon this or at least any time soon, with junior Tolkien abandoning it and Christopher Tolkien. Having never planned on continuing it either from his father’s wishes to not pursue it. Further, then, is unlikely. Anyone in the Tolkien family from here on out will either maybe in the future. If the Wrights ever changed hands, we might get something, but we can never really say that that would be a good thing for sure I mean just look at Star Wars so as much as it is fun to imagine what happens later on in the lands of Middle earth – imagine is all we will ever do, or at least for any time soon and to be honest, I’m. Ok with that people could make up fan fictions if they wish.

Some will be good somewhat and you could decide for yourself if you want to read them and then, if you want to believe in them after that, but if the man himself said it would just be too miserable and depressing to finish, and that is when you Already had stories like the children of hrin, then I could accept his decision, and that is where we will leave this video for you today. After all, there is not too much on this subject, but that does bring me to my question for you guys, and that is, would you be happy to see someone else write a story sat in the fourth age, whether that be someone of the Tolkien line or Someone else entirely, or would you prefer that the times after the fall of Sauron were left completely alone? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below also. Is that time, to give a massive shout out to all of our patrons, you guys make the world of difference in helping us out to make this channel what you all deserve, and also mentioned specifically our Wizards staff patron tier members of Lorenzo Joe Michael and Hvar. You, or are incredible, so thank you for getting to the end of this video. Please remember to hit that subscribe button.