It’S mostly just kills, but who doesn’t love to see that okay, so let’s get into the first news article right now: hurricane hannah heads for south texas corona virus hotspot with nearly ten thousand quarterbacks cases and more than a hundred deaths in that spot. Now they got to worry about a damn. Hurricane could 2020 get any worse for people i mean come on, like i really me saying, come on and our game complaining about it’s not going to stop a freaking hurricane it’s not going to stop the coronavirus, but we can still talk about it, so that sucks And that is definitely you know what that’s, not that doesn’t suck. That is not awesome, we’re going to put that in the first category right now, raw, not rossum are 1 0 and rossum our own one. Right now, after this first article that sucks hurricane hannah, i know – maybe i have to be watching canada, it’s official, the newest nhl franchise – is the seattle kraken. I love the colors. I love the logo. I i am a little bit into hockey, so i really i did want to put this on there. It was gon na be great and to see a new team. It’S gon na really bring a lot of life. I think back into the nhl for canadians for americans. It really it’s gon na be really really good, i’m, really excited and happy that they did this.

This is a raw some new.

This is some awesome news. Man like that’s, always that’s. All i can say about that uh great seattle kraken. You guys had to know that this was going to be on the video mike tyson will fight roy jones, jr and eight round exhibition match now. Is this rossum, or is this not awesome to me? It is absolutely awesome, but what wasn’t you know, what no that’s freaking rossum mike tyson was was smoking a joint while signing the contract for this fight, i mean you can tell that mike tyson is ready for the fight or he’s just not taking it seriously. I don’t know but we’re going to call this some raw, some news. I cannot wait. I i i pretty sure it’s gon na be on pay per view. I wouldn’t see why it wouldn’t be, but mike tyson is already than the favorite by a mile. Okay, now they’re saying that if you put a hundred dollars on roy jones jr for this fight, then he and he wins it you’ll end up with 275 275 dollars. I heard this heard that somewhere, i really don’t know if that’s true. That sounds right, but right now, mike tyson is the clear favorite it’s gon na be great. That is awesome. California surpasses new york to become the state with the most coronavir cases. That is definitely not awesome. I’M gon na try to stay away from coronavirus on the on this series.

But hey you know that’s.

Basically, you can’t avoid it right, but you know because i do know a couple people from california and that just sucks to know that you know their state is now the number one state with for coronavire kit coronavirus cases. I mean there’s a lot of beaches and stuff like that. So i bet that that doesn’t help but hey you know that is definitely not awesome. Let’S move on went to twitter for the top five things trending and its sneakers is one wnba2 am joy for three. For peter griffin and five is actually the pokemon go fest now we’re only gon na, i think be going through two of those ones. Two like important one fun one and one serious one uh that that the for the fun one could be very, very controversial on. If it is awesome or not, but one of them is definitely not awesome. Okay, so now let’s move on here we go so for all you shoe lovers out there, the air, jordan, 4 retro sp is sold out and that was that’s. What the sneaker thing is about i’m, not a big shoe guy, but i know that i know that when there’s some air jordans out everybody’s trying to get their hands on them, they’re very expensive, but when they’re sold out and you going to eat on the on The app and it’s sold out that sucks moving on that is not that’s kind of it’s in the middle and we go for number one and training number four trending peter green died at age 73.

He was responsible for many of the band 6, including black magic woman, which i love has ranked one of the best guitar players of all time dude. I know this guy for some reason. I do. I remember this guy rest in peace, dude that’s, not really that rawson, but it is nice that he’s actually in a better place um than where, in this world that we’re living in right now he’s in a better place guys just think of it. That way, all right guys hope you enjoyed the video if you guys did hit that thumbs up for some more raw.