Oh, what is this? Oh it’s freaking snowing too. Oh, i need to do something here. Who’S this guy. Look at him. Oh, the vents are now holes. Interesting, oh i’ll just leave her at that. Oh Music; no, no! No! No! No! No! No there’s! So many people, okay, we’re, all we’re! All in this Music together they just shower together, Music, okay, Music, oh wrong with that. Okay, they have the dvd symbol. Okay, i did not know what the heck i was doing. Oh it’s chase it’s josh Music. No, no! Can we? Oh thinking? How did he get me was like a mile away come on. You saw me who’s this andrew come on. You found me he’s found: oh it’s found out that’s a long time, i’m, pretty sure, it’s breathed. Let me explain. I saw her walk towards like the whole event or whatever and she’s. Oh no. I can guarantee you that it’s, not me. I don’t know i haven’t seen that and then she like saw me standing there and then walked away from me. Okay, no because i was making sure it wasn’t you, okay, that’s, exactly guarantee you that it’s not me and not doing anything, and so i followed you around, you shouldn’t do anything and you stood over a hole for no reason. I’Ve made a mistake too many times, not sticking with the partnership bro.

I haven’t seen him do shit. I haven’t seen josh, who did you find andrew at tom timur in the center between like the two buildings? You saw me the whole time ethan.

I was doing tap. I thought you were looking at me because you were going to watch the task bar go up when i was done. Brie was a good idea, but i wasn’t ree was acting sus i’m gon na say honestly. If chase is calling me out, it’s, probably chase we’re doing great with the tasks let’s let’s skip the vote this time and just complete the tasks yeah just sit on brie it’s too early to tell sit down. You know what i’m going to find a buddy right. Now i would and murder them what the fuck that is: freaking josh josh’s little weasel where’s my tasks, security, camera footage, oh snap: where did the weasel go? Oh chase is dead one sec to check the communications board and chased eyes. What who else was there josh uh eth walked by but it’s fucking ethan i’m sitting here? No, no! No! Everybody shut up. Everybody shut up i’m sitting here, watching josh try to defend himself when i walk in see a body and then he scurries his little green slimy body down the hole. Imposters, hey, hey vote vote for me out: that’s fine i’ll, be the innocent and then vote for josh you’re too young ethan you’re, two yeah no vote vote.

Josh josh is the imposter no i’m. Not yes, he is, i feel like. If josh was the imposter, he would have killed me because i saw himself a couple of times. Thank you and i’m more efficient than this you’d all be dead.

If i was the imposter i’m, not i’m done with my time. This guy woke me up mother. I hate you trying to boot my ass when i’m innocent, no you’re, not innocent you’re slammed you went down the hall. No, you murdered him. You guys are all gon na laugh because it’s all gon na laugh you’re gon na laugh at josh Laughter. I thought you were suspicious. I haven’t seen you all game. Oh my god, okay, josh, okay, ethan ethan was amazing. Are you kidding me what the hell? What happened? We need what happened? No it’s josh i’m, calling it i want it. If it’s not me, just kill josh that’s, all i’m saying that’s all he’s gon na try, this strategy did ethan call this meeting. Yes, i did because that’s just calling the meeting because that’s exactly what i did when i was imposter. I called oh, my god, andrew. If that is your logic, then kill me and then kill josh. What is so hard about this like? If i was the imposter? Why do you think it was josh? Because i saw him caleb? Oh no, whatever he didn’t even light up to me. What if he didn’t light up to you like that’s? What happens because you’re the imposter i i didn’t know that was the way you got around.

It did not occur to me because i’m, not the imposter, oh my gosh, you guys don’t belong. I voted for josh wow wow.

I hate this it’s, not him. I hate this it’s gon na be ethan isn’t it. Thank you. Thank you. Oh my god, freaking josh, i defended you josh. I thank you. I know i said poor chase. I said josh was following me, but he didn’t do any tasks he was still stuck. I need to stand stationary dude chase. You were my skateboard. You were like. Oh my god. Ethan ethan was amazing. That game you guys didn’t vote for josh. I called i was like no, we need a recess. If you guys almost got you down yeah you did, i was like almost josh is a little weasel. I do know i hate josh in this game. First of all, i didn’t even know. If coms board was a task that was made up. Second of all, i had finished on my task too same i’d finish, i know so. I had a master plan there. I just needed to be quicker about it, yeah to play again, but after last game joshua’s asking like what do i have to do to gain more trust, and i was like stand stationary hang around for me. I was like this motherfucker’s. The imposter again you’d be good at it. I feel like you’re, a dirty fucking liar josh josh has to kill me because okay let’s go let’s, go okay, okay, i think we’re, all here.