Its first club president was the famous college football coach, amos alonso stag this week, it’s the playing field for the first time to a fedex playoff event in the form of the bmw championship. Let’S get back to tiger here. What does he need to do this week? To either be better at or sharper to make it to atlanta. Well, everything george said is true, but you got to throw in the i mean the putting in chipping really has been very inconsistent, but so has other parts of his game. I mean like, like times that he last week, uh you know. On sunday, i saw at least everything starting to look going in the right direction: it’s tough, with the few rounds as he’s had competitively under his belt to actually you know, get into a rhythm and carry it over and i think that’s part of it, and i I know i i know i keep mentioning this, but i really do think he said it the lack of fans. I mean these guys, they get. I mean it helps them. It really does when you’re that, when you’re tiger woods and you’re used to that many people cheering you up, even when your game’s going a little bit awry. I think that tiger woods certainly uh is missing that so that’s not going to change yeah. But what is going to need to change is mainly his performance on the greens and these greens. They got some slope to him it’s a big golf course, but i don’t think it’s likely that he makes it.

I mean i would be surprised if he ends up finishing fourth or better, which is what it looks like he’s gon na have to do. You never quite know with the permutations, because there’s so many different things there’s, so many people inside the top 30 that can play poorly tiger. I mean so yeah, i think fourth or better would certainly do it. Is he capable of it absolutely he’s tiger woods? Will it happen, i would say unlikely you know. Last year he withdrew at the northern trust and then played the bmw the following week. So he’d have to go back to last february of 2019 when he played literally four rounds of golf and back to back weeks. What should be better the the repetition of playing a second consecutive week? Well, i mean every you know everything you saw signs on sunday because it looked really good. Now he was well under on the front nine and didn’t close very well on the back nine to continue going low, and that was a golf course where everybody had their foot on the accelerator and you know, even though he shot six under par. He was still 58th in the field tied for 58, so again it’s a mixed bag gary, but but look his swing does not look way off to me. It really doesn’t look bad, so i don’t think that’s as far off as the putting and chipping but tiger. If anybody you know he did try the other putter for for a round and he ended up switching that right back to the other one.

You know the one that has been so successful so to me, it’s, mainly, i got to see some consistency on the greens and him kind of run, the tables on these greens in chicago yeah. He was actually tied for fifth. He shot 66 in the second round of that 03. U.S open then shot 75 on saturday and shot himself out of contention. When you take a look at who is in the field here. Well, we’ve got less than 70, but you have eight of the top ten. In the official world golf rankings, including the newly minted again back to world number, one dustin johnson you’ve got 11 major champions, four fedex cup champions and seven winners of this event: it’s the playoffs it’s. You know it’s it’s, a bigger event, and you know it’s a time of the year where you you want to play well and you need to play well. If you want to, you know, put yourself in contention or you know, have a chance to win the fedex cup championship and so for me it’s. You know i would just always put a lot of importance on on our playoff events, and you know getting ready for them and and trying to play well in them. Just to improve my position going into to the tour championship to you know to try to become a fedex cup champion. Dustin johnson knows he has a tee time next week in atlanta, but those players that are safe, 25th to 35th in the fedex cup standings.

They realize they have to play well this week at the bmw championship. They want to see next week at the tour championship. I’Ve definitely been playing more consistent this year, so i’ve seen the improvements, uh kind of see where my game is going and it’s going in the right direction. So, like i said i’ve you know last year i ended up around 60th something mid 60s, and this year i played consistent enough to keep myself in it. So again that was the ultimate goal and obviously this this week, i’m kind of on the bubble. Because of how the points run now for the playoffs, but again you know just play my game. I know this course decently well from college i’m, 29 right now in the fedex cup and uh, well aware that top 30 gets into next week, as most guys are coming down the stretch. You know, i think, if i was in 29 coming into the last couple, holes there’s definitely going to be some pressure. There, no question but uh, you know hopefully that’s not the case. You know. Hopefully i play well enough to give myself some type of cushion coming down stretch. I still got a chance, you know it’s. I still need to play some good golf this week get in next week, but you know it could have been a lot worse. I thought just a little disappointed. I missed a cut last week, but i just didn’t have my golf game there, but uh you know this week.

Hopefully i can get my game back and get nice four rounds of golf, and so i can get into myself to the next next week. My record’s really good, when i, when i make it there every year, it’s a course that fits my game really well. But i think the the utter the other added perk this year is that you qualify for maui. You qualify for the tournament champion century and i think that’s an added perk i’m, not looking at just trying to secure my spot for our land i’m. Looking to try and win this week and try and improve and try and get up there as much as i can and prove my number as much as i can, because, just with a new system, it makes it vital to be higher up in the new structure Of the fedex step system that i think is really really well done and really well received last year, so we’ll see what happens this week, you heard billy horschel mention kapalua because of the truncated pga tour season, we’ve had on account of covet 19. any player that Plays their way into east lake in the tour championship, they’re exempt into the century tournament of champions. So it could set up a unique scenario for say ben on who has yet to win on the pga tour, but if he makes it to the final leg of the fedex cup, playoffs could have that flight booked to kapalua a couple.

Other players, who are also in that scenario, scottie scheffler and abraham answer, so something to keep an eye on this week at the bmw championship. George. Thank you. It is time now for players on the rise presented by hyundai and nobody has risen faster recently than dustin johnson and when you consider how outstanding in every area, he was in particular greens and regulation. What he just did, this past week at tpc of boston 65 of 72 greens hit in regulation which produced that, when you got to go back to two prior occasions when he, when he hit 61 of 72 at that world golf championship that he won did not Win that prior time at that terminal champions, if this is going to continue, it was weird because he won travelers and then and then memorial happened, which was which was peculiar in a lot of ways: wasn’t just one round. It was two rounds, but if it does continue, is it iron place specifically, that has just gone next level that, and you know what when he was struggling, it was unusual, but now we find out it was some issues with his back yeah, and that makes sense. I mean because some of the swings he was making some of the shots he was hitting were very unlike dj and now that that kind of puts that in perspective, but his iron game was is spectacular, is an understatement. What it was last week what he can do with the driver, we know that’s a weapon, i mean he.

He actually drives the ball so beautifully. This golf course this week huge advantage for him. I mean it’s a long golf course. It’S big it’s got some long holes on it and dj can shorten it quite a bit and then you throw in the fact of how well he’s hitting his irons how confident he is look. I don’t see any way that this is not a big argument for player of the year. I mean we talked about it last week, like who’s in the who’s in the conte. We were like, we didn’t really mention dj, but he’s in it. Now he is, and i think, he’s the hands down favorite right now to win the fedex cup because he sits at number one he’s playing a golf course this week in a golf course next week that we know big hitters can can do very well on and The way he’s playing way he can get on rolls and carry these things over. I think dj is going to be the one that starts east lake at 10 under par next week, and i think he’s going to be the guy to beat for that big prize at the end yeah hard to argue now, he’s been so productive in the fedex Cup era that we know he’s always at eastlake, but this week coming into the the bmw championship, the number of players that have an opportunity to make it to eastlake is significant, like 32 of them in the field, who have never played in any, not one tour Championship – and that was george alluded to and and billy horsham talked about, that, the the added perk, oh and it’s, legit, to know that you don’t have to win the golf tournament or a golf tournament.

If you get to atlanta you’re, going to start your year in maui yeah a small field, no cut, it is one of the great speakeasies of all time you show up. They give you the chips you play with somebody else’s money yeah. Why is this? Why did this happen this year? Well, it’s coronavirus, i mean it’s the pandemic. Look the the the strange year. That is 2020. If you look at what happens now, i mean they’ve played including opposite events before the pandemic hit before the players. There were 23 official events, including opposite field events, yeah and um. Now there have been 35.. Typically, there are 44, but so you say well that’s only nine different, so that’s, not that big, a different, huge difference. We have only had one major championship. Normally we have all four you’ve got all the big ones in there, so that’s why these guys are still playing. No players was canceled so again, that’s where these top players elevate themselves. So i definitely think that’s the reason why and these players they’re taking advantage of it so hats off to them the top ten. The average starts of the guys in the top ten of the fedex cup standings just to over 16 starts.