I think so i i wasn’t as sharp the back nine and i got off to a good start, though, fortunately to build enough cushion, but tim played really well the back nine and made it close and my lag putting wasn’t great, i kept leaving four or five Footers and unfortunately, i made a couple on 16 and 17 to have a three shot lead all right. This win right here. What does this do for you for the rest of the year, especially leading to the u.s open, so it’s, just it’s really a fun week. I really enjoyed playing here. I enjoyed the way, seeing all the guys again and i enjoyed the way they were so accommodating and fun. I had, i really had a great time and it’s fun for me to compete like i’ve, got to shoot, scores and and compete and it’s. The competition here is really strong and it was fun for me to get off to a good start play well. I’Ll uh. Take a week and a half off before i go play, hopefully in napa. If we can get the fires to subside i’m, hoping that we’re still, we don’t cancel a tournament and that that people are safe there and then i’ll try to get ready for the osa open there. What do you take away from this week about your game? So uh there’s there was a lot of good and there were some things i identified that i got to work on and it was a really good course for me, because the fairways were pretty generous.

I didn’t have to hit drivers a lot of time and there were some holes where i was able to use my length to uh to reach and like number five today make eagle, and so it was a good course. For me, there was phil with billy ray brown. Now in stripes, when john winger says you know czechoslovakia, we zip in we zip out what could possibly happen. Yeah you go into ridgedale, you zip in you zip out you’re like wisconsin right, yeah yeah exactly and you know what uh what bill murray said. He says are what uh ramus said is he said i got my butt kicked in wisconsin. Well, he phil kicked the rest of this field. He did yeah, he did and and the thing about uh this debut for him is you you look at the way phil was playing on the pga tour. It was very uninspiring. It just didn’t, look very good. He said he was playing tight. He said he was shooting the numbers at home, but he wasn’t translating it to the golf course. You know in competition on the pga tour. I think a little bit friendlier venue for phil certainly helped, and then you throw in the fact that he did putt very well the first two rounds. Now it cooled off a little in uh, the third round, but that’s been the one thing for phil as he’s. Just not been first of all, he hasn’t been driving the ball very straight and then second of all, he didn’t need to here.

But i think the performance on the greens is what’s going to do the most for him, because he putted very very well and look don’t, be fooled by the by the uh that this is some pushover golf course yeah. It was an easier test, mainly because of how open it was, but you know what you shoot: those scores i don’t care where you are that’s that’s good. That is some good play. Billy ray alluded to the us open what is transferable from a place like ozarks national uh to the challenge. The stern test of a us open set up at wingfoot, your last name, initial, w yeah. Okay, any time you win, it’s, a skill, winning is a skill. It is and and look when you win in this kind of fashion, you can say: look i didn’t play tight there, so i don’t need to go into wing foot playing tight, now he’s going to have to drive the ball much better at wingfoot than he did Here, but he knows that, and i think he like he said he learned some things he and that’s the great thing about competition. You learn okay, i’m, going to go back. I’Ve got to work on this. I’Ve got to do that now. He’S got a checklist and he’s got a barometer that he can go back and get his game ready for wingfoot, which we know of course, 2006 one of his best chances of winning the u.

s open. All right joining us now from 20 miles south of his old hometown is george savariquez george good evening to you. You know, tigers spoke earlier today and he sounded more like a guy previewing, a major championship venue did he not yeah. He definitely did, and you could say, that’s how a number of players in the field feel about this week approaching olympia fields and tiger woods. If you look at his game overall, he’s basically been stuck in neutral, since the pga tour resumed play back in june. He’S made three starts: hasn’t posted a top ten, his scoring average splits from pre march to what we’ve seen the last 12 rounds, they’ve jumped about a shot and a half. So when tiger spoke with the media earlier today, here at olympia fields, he was asked to diagnose. What’S been the issue with his recent play. Trying to get used to you know, playing competing again. That’S been one of the things that uh, you know, has i’ve been a little bit rusty in that regard, um, but also trying to one of the reasons why i delayed it and not coming back and playing earlier. So we just didn’t know that how the protocol is going to be and and is our sport going to be safe enough to come out here, we’re all going to get sick and in my mind, as i’m. Just now, i’ve played enough tournaments trying to get an understanding and feel for what’s going on.

This golf course is set up more towards an open than it is anything else and with the weather it’s supposed to be as hot as it is uh. You know today and tomorrow and probably friday, this rough is only going to get more difficult. The greens are going to be quick and hard, and so we’re all going to be playing around this around around the same time, but it’s not a golf course in which i i feel like you can overpower it with a driver everywhere, like we could last week. This is a totally different setup. Speaking of a different setup. A couple weeks ago, augusta national announcing there will be no patrons present at this year’s masters in november, so gone will be the usual roars that we’ve been accustomed to around amen corner, especially with tiger woods. Coming in as the defending champion, so will that impact anything tiger does inside the ropes it’s going to make a big difference from all of us? It has here out here a week in a week out, you just don’t, have the same type of energy and, as i said, the distractions too, as well and there at augusta, national. You just have all those roars that would go up of you know somebody did something somewhere and then, if you have the understanding of the pairings, you know who that would probably who that would probably be uh you’re not going to have any of that now.

Um yeah yeah so scoreboard watching and trying to figure out what’s going on there aren’t a whole lot of big big leader boards out there, and so that will be very different. It’S been an odd 2020 and it’ll be in a typical fall for tiger. If you remember a year ago, at the bmw championship, kind of a similar scenario, he had to play well to advance to the tour championship ultimately came up short. The only start he made the rest of the calendar year in 2019. That was an official pga tour event was when he won the zo show this year. If tiger comes up short at the bmw championship, he still has the u.s open and the masters to prepare, for you think he would add at least one to two other pga tour events, but first things. First, he’d love to have at least a fourth place finish or better, to extend his season to atlanta, it’s, obviously important. You know what i do this week and put myself in a better position than i am, or at least keep myself in a good position. But at the end of the day i feel that i love east lake and i played it pretty well in past, but i just i need to close out a little bit better and i need to perform just a little bit better at east lake. You know, i think i’ve shot a lot of rounds of 67 to 70, but you know those days where i’m kind of around there, just maybe press the gas pedal a little bit more and you know turn those 70 71s into 68 or 9s, but it’s a Place that i do enjoy and get excited to go back to every year now from a player with the most wins, this season to others who are having very solid seasons without being in the winner’s circle, uh the highest ranked fedex cup standards without a win, starting With harris english, you can see him there.

Six by virtue of that second place. Finish: it’s got those six top tens followed by shawfully, scheffler, matsuyama and answer Music. George savaricus rejoins us now george. You know we focus on winners primarily every week, but the guy who sits closest to the top of the fedex cup standings in terms of between him and number one is a guy who has not won, and he is one of the better stories this year. Is he not gary definitely is it’s been a pretty remarkable past 12 months for harris english a year ago. At this time he was outside the top 350 in the world, was playing the corn ferry finals fast forward 12 months, he’s on the cusp of once again being inside the top 50 in the world, currently 53rd. All the way up to 6th in the fedex cup standings it’s one thing for a player to ride the elevator shaft up that first time and crack the top 50 in the world, but to tumble down like harris, did and then show that resilience to try and Get back there a second time that’s, pretty rare and english has said he savored every step of that journey. It’S been quite the ride of ups and downs, and i feel like i’ve, learned a lot about myself and i feel like i am a more complete player. This go around. It happened pretty fast, 2013. 2014. I think i’ve reached maybe 32 34 in the world.

It happened pretty fast and i don’t know if i was quite ready for it of what all the expectations that come with that, i feel like i’ve, been probably one of the most consistent players this year. Really over the past six weeks, i feel, like my game’s, been in a great spot and had a taste of being in contention last week and in the final round with dustin, i feel like. I played really well and i’m ready for it. I feel like i got a good team around me like, like i said my catty eric’s been awesome and super positive through the whole thing and i’m excited for him and we’re ready to make a run at it. We’Ve seen the stories of a player going from the corn ferry finals to then the tour championship. A year later we haven’t heard of corn fury finals to then winning the fedex cup championship, but for harris english to seriously contend in atlanta. He knows that he has some work to do this week at the bmw championship and gary we touched on it earlier in the show olympia fields. It has the feel of a major venue set up this week. It’S, like a us, open harris, said he would take two under every round and be very happy with where that stacks up at the end of the week. That could be a big difference from the 30 under we saw when the first leg of the fedex cup playoffs george.

Thank you very much talk about a difference year over year. Consider the cases of burger, english and todd, and certainly we know what brendan todd did in the fall by taking advantage going bermuda then on to mayakoba but harris english, the guy in the in the middle there, who was you know, obviously well off the pace of Dustin johnson, but the second last week when you go out on on the corn ferry tour, there are certain players. I know you’ve had on your radar for beyond. You know the last 12 months, but he was in the corn ferry tour championship last year. Why was he there then, and why is he where he is now well the struggles of what he went through and – and you know you put brendan todd on there there’s another guy who famously struggled couldn’t hit? The ball had the long game yips and he went through the finals last year and got his card and that redemption that he’s had but harris. I was out with him a couple of days there and he was playing really well to green and now his dad was there following him and i talked to his dad. I said it just looks like he’s a razor’s thin, a way of getting confidence back and he said it’s just around the corner, because we need some sustained play. He said we’re where everything’s, where it was and and probably better, but he just is lacking that little bit of confidence.

He ended up not getting his card there and was playing out of the 125 to 150 category and look what he’s done with it. I mean hats off to him: he’s a gentleman he’s, a souther he’s, just a gentle, a nice guy, easy guy to pull for and i’m just telling you it’s nice to see him back because when he hit the ground when he came out on the pga tour, You thought this was a guy who was could contend five six times a year and have chances to win now he’s back to doing that, and i think when you struggle gary and then you get to the other side of it, it makes you appreciate it. So much more, so you never go back and i promise you he won’t and and the other part about what you were saying about being so close didn’t played out of the category. He did he he didn’t go home.