, and this little dog leg left look at that about how far he landed that from the flagstick. I think he actually got a bit of a lucky break there to sort of find that first cut of rough, and you know the ball sits a little bit nicer, but you know jt looking for birdies to start this round after burning the tenth that has been The club that justin has struggled a little bit with this year, i think too, when you hit as many greens as he does, and you hit it to the proximity that he does. I think sometimes it’s easy to feel frustrated third shot and as we’ve seen so many times with justin thomas from the sand. Well, you could hear him just perfect, 35th or 54th putting from three to five feet. Sometimes they they almost stick out at you a little bit more and find a little distracting. The middle left hole location here, get over that bunker. Please go no harm in begging. Well, oh that’s, terrible now the guy’s going with less than driver here 336 runs out straight through the fairway there hey one thing you don’t want to play this golf course from the rough all day that will wear you out. Just look at how hard this one goes into the hole gee, he gives him a wrap doesn’t. He we’re not lost here 15 and seven share a t box. You saw the big sign that said: seven actually, 15th hole.

Justin thomas is second 291 and that’s. Skirting that left edge, okay, that’s a pretty narrow window, he just hit what a miss that would have been. It turns out he’s pretty good at that justin thomas with his third here james for eagle i’d, like them to go a little old school. There take a lot of loft off that shot thomas for his birdie would move him into a tie for second interesting weather, wise jake paver and his crew superintendent. Here, you’re trying to dodge the early part of the week good whole location there today, on the right hand, side wind off the left should be somewhat accessible today that seemed pretty ambitious. You just saw justin go low a moment ago and electing to go a little high, pretty good par, save two hybrids in the bag when he won the travelers championship down to no hybrids now get lucky get lucky 15 degree, fairway wooden a and a 21 degree. Oh, this could be a big break. It is i’m not going to get there. That will drive players crazy for sure, thomas at 18, 00., the low bullet there tell me he’s gon na coax it past dj there’s dustin’s ball. Yes, that would tend to make the ball go right to left. Just don’t want to go too far. Left get up, go get over there on the no fans but i’m sure they’re thrilled that they get to play thomas just burns.

The edge got a little left coming back so steady on these. His head, doesn’t move. His hands are quiet, beautiful tom’s safely in remains even with a birdie and a buggy on his opening nine. This was right before daniel berger uncorked, his it was justin. Thomas i’m. Sure he got all that you just try to hit seven iron from two: oh something. Maybe a six didn’t have much grain to work with gon na have to go up high with this greens are starting to get that shiny. Look to them. That’S got to get up: okay, yeah. They we were walking on these greens yesterday zing and it was like whoa, okay to the first justin thomas birdie opportunity here at this par five yeah let’s suck up second shot. Put him tough situation, get it up and down, and he hit a good tee shot like he did and just unable to take advantage of it. Music hit the longest drive of the day at two it’s, a pretty good plan, there’s room for this one. Look at that, i think he may have done it. Oh, my goodness, ahead to two just thomas. Well, it wasn’t the longest tee shot of the day. It was only 3.73 rory hit one 388.: oh wow there’s another one of those i head to two justin thomas. Just a fantastic wedge shot in there, a kick in for birdie no problem for theirs. We head back to the third and justin thomas that one from 132, just out of the first cut there for jt, doing a pretty good job of judging that.

How it’s going to come out and also what it was going to do when i hit the green we don’t miss the opportunity there for justin thomas to join the players of two under justin. Thomas is third after a poor, tee shot. Oh, that was a big swing for 53 yards there let’s see if this club can save him. Some stress currently one off the lead feed for double bogey yeah. The steak was really made off the tee and then you know compounded that by not getting it back into the fairway, and then i i thought just taking a little too much. But sometimes this club can make up for a lot of mistakes. And if you can have a good bogey, i guess that’s, one he’s gon na feel or should feel like he stole one there back to the 50 justin thomas choked well down on this fairway metal. Colin yeah good play here for jt gets that stinger going, but he looks like he’s double crossed that a little ooh coming downwind see if he can muscle it to the gun. Well, it came out pretty good, but this won’t have no spin roger you’re, not gon na believe how he landed that what a shot let’s see. What kind of job here justin can do from just over 30 feet? That’S, a pretty good effort from there again missing the fairway, unable to be aggressive with the second just have to accept that you’re, even par four holes left in your round, trying to get another one before you’re done for the day again, two under par your lead.

Just two players at that number: tyler duncan and mackenzie hughes and just one player at two under kenzie hughes: nine players at one under Music, just trying to get it over the slope and into that almost like that pin sitting in just a little that’s really well Done we watch justin thomas on the tee at seven, then royal port rush last year. He had the tape in the cavity and, interestingly enough when he pulled the tape out of the cavity 23 putts that was 24. here’s justin thomas at 7., wow it’s, a good call that’s what he saw just tough too, when that green runs away like it does There, i think, that’s a pretty good job to get it about 10 feet from that hole. Oh nice positive stroke. There he’s going to drop one here at the par 4 7. that’s, going to need a little help, dearly like to get this up and down and keep himself at just one over park. Yeah the slope on the green has got that one just to avoid two. In a row for justin there, he was left of the bunker complex at seven that looked like another good stroke. You know he’s put two good strokes on it and the last two holes just hasn’t, made the putt fairway bunkering here, it’s just about perfect colin yeah. It uh makes it a tough decision playing back into the wind a little bit. We saw daniel unable to carry that bunker on the right and looks like justin’s also found.

It has been out here ever since thomas at the ninth out of a fairway bunker and that’s, pretty good we’ve, seen a lot of good bunker shots today. These guys couldn’t do it. Thomas was in it, got it out to here this for birdie. I love the way this man plays golf though he’s fun to watch oh, no boy, and he has one more bogey at the last. So a tough finish for the man coming in. Second, on the fedex cup points list: 73.