When you set several or tied several tour records, have you had a chance yet to reflect just on how impactful that win was a little bit not too much, though, because obviously we move right into another playoff event here at the bmw it’s a golf course. I haven’t played to so focus has been a lot more on um. You know this week and getting ready for this week just being a new golf course and obviously still the playoffs still big tournaments. So i haven’t really had much time to reflect on the win. Last week, but you know it was really good. Obviously i played very well – and you know everything went very well last week, so it’s uh, you know this week. I’M still, you know just focused on getting ready for this tournament, and this golf course you’ve won the bmw championship twice at two different golf courses. What are your first impressions of olympia fields, olympia, field, it’s, a great golf course it’s in really good condition. A little bit tougher than last week, i would say: um you know, but it’s. You know it’s kind of it’s right in front of you and you know you just got to golfing around here. Obviously they hosted a us open a pga championship, but you know it’s a i mean it’s a it’s, a real, real golf course. It’S tough, you know not a lot of not gon na make a ton of birdies but um yeah.

I like it so far. I’Ve seen pretty much all the holes except for four five and six um, you know and it’s a you know, it’s definitely driving in the fairway this week. So, with your victory, you went to uh five wins in the fedex cup playoffs tied for the most by any players um. How important is it for you to win the fedex cup now that you’re going in to this week as number one in the standings yeah it’s for me, it’s, something that you know it’s a goal of mine is to to be a fedex cup champion, it’s, something That i really would like to be um. I haven’t done yet and i’ve been close a couple times, but obviously you know this week’s another week for me to you know, go out and play well and you know hopefully hold that number one position going into to east lake because you know that’s, where you Want to be starting next week is number one, but you know being number one is: is a bonus but you’re still going to have to play really good golf if you want to win the fedex cup championship great. Thank you. Without going to questions a reminder of the media on the line, please use the chat to type in your question and i’ll call on you uh when it’s your turn. Please turn on your video and for all the other time. Please keep yourself on mute for the first question, we’re going to go to steve dimiglio, so steve.

If you can uh turn your video on uh dj. Could you tell me what was the highlight of your celebration? If you did celebrate um yeah, i didn’t do much celebrating uh when we finished obviously did some media stuff and then you know, drove up to boston to the airport and flew over here. So wasn’t um didn’t really have time to really celebrate, but you know i got to enjoy it with with my brother aj and then claude and joey d and my chef. So it was very nice and when somebody’s got everything going for him, um every facet of your game is on on point. What do you concentrate on when you’re hitting range balls and what you’re concentrating on besides getting a feel for the golf course when you’re playing the golf course um yeah, i mean still working on exactly the same things as i was doing last week, just making sure Everything’S staying consistent got the same feels you know the balls, you know it’s just starting on my lines and you know i’m hitting the same shots um. You know so you know that’s. What i’ve been working on this week is just kind of going through the same routines. I did last week just to keep the swing and swing and check if you know for me, it’s all about consistency, and you know last week i did a really good good job of controlling my distance with my irons, and you know if you, if you’re controlling Your distance, well, you can be a little left and a little right and still you know, have a nice putt at it.

Um that’s what i did a good job of. Obviously this week’s going to be more of the same. Is you know the greens got a lot of slope they’re firm? So if you can control the distance with iron, then you know you can get give yourself a lot of good looks but um. So i just you know that’s all i’m working on it’s. The same thing as i was working on last week. Thank you, sir. All right next question: we’ll go to doug ferguson doug. You made a birdie i’m. Sorry, the eagle on number two uh last week, and i realized this is old hat now. But but you know you hit the little eight footer and except for you, bending over to take it out of the cup, you know you would have thought you made a bogey um with with nothing out there what’s that been like i mean i, i guess. When i’m, getting it nice, you get the same reaction. Whether you make a three or a seven um. Are you used to that by now? Does it do you think it helps or hurts you or neither for me, because obviously, i’ve i’ve been out on tour for for a while now so playing in front of all the people? And you know with big crowds on sundays, whether it’s, a major or or you know, just a regular tour event. You know always on sunday, if you’re around lead, there’s huge crowds, um so so i’m used to that you know.

So i still you know, go into you know around now, even without all the fans, with kind of the same mindset as i would, if there was a bunch of fans out either way, doesn’t really affect me because i’m used to playing with them, but i still Get i mean i i got the same feelings, whether there’s people out there watching or not just just because i’m so used to it and obviously you know a lot of people at home are watching, but uh yeah. I do miss the crowds. I mean obviously there’s a lot more electricity in there, but it doesn’t it doesn’t affect me one way or the other. This is probably a bad question, but does your heart race a little bit more when it’s noisier, no it’s race is the same. Thank you. I. I do feel it like. I do. I get nervous coming down the stretch. Obviously, last week i wasn’t nervous coming down the stretch because but um most of the time i am, but i mean i could have i could have finished off last week. I didn’t know there wasn’t really anything to be nervous about nervous about finishing on monday yeah. That was, i was, but i was i was. I made peace with it when we were sitting in there with during the delay. I i didn’t think there was any chance. We were going back out to finish so, but i’ve been happy to come back on monday to finish it off thanks.

Alright next question: we’ll go to dylan with golf.com dylan. If you’ll ask your question: hey dustin yeah! This is a pretty simple one, um but i’m wondering why you like to hit a fade and uh and what it is specifically that you like about the fade um. Well, why? I liked it? It works um, you know, so i played a draw for for a lot of my career out here, um and then i just remember i don’t know i was 15 like the end of the 15 year, i think going into 16. um. I was at sherwood and i was you know me and butch had been working on hitting a fade like you know, all the time we were working on it and i would hit it occasionally. You know when i needed to and didn’t mind it, but i know i was. I was working with the new driver. I can’t remember exactly which one it was, but it wasn’t 15., so um and playing sherwood. You got a driver really straight and i was really struggling and you know just wasn’t happy with the way i was hitting the ball. So i went out, i said all right today: i’m a cut every shot and i think i shot 61 or something so um. The next day i went out and hit i’m gon na fade every shot today too, and i think i shot 62. so um after that. I said: okay, i’m gon na fade it from now on pretty simple, and how often do you now like decide? You’Re gon na hit a draw just if the shot calls for it.

I’Ll hit a draw. I don’t mind you know, irons pretty much throughout the bag, except for the driver is the only club that i do not want to hit a draw with just the way. I have it set up the way i like to swing it just to be able to control it. It just doesn’t like to turn right to left. I can draw it if i need to. I worked on it a lot at uh, the pga championship for just for the tee shot on number 12.. I mean you had to draw it there and i didn’t like in three wood just because it left me too far in and so i worked on it. There actually hit it a couple times last week. You know so i don’t mind hitting it’s i’m, not making a you know a big swing at it, it’s more really controlled swing, but i can turn it over here. If i need to thanks dustin no problem all right next we’re going to go to ben pga tour ben, hey dustin, i just have a question about your strategy off the tee you mentioned hitting fairways, but a lot of landing zones in the fairways are guarded by A number of bunkers you know providing a challenge off the tee. I was just wondering, what’s your strategy to avoid a difficult approaching and attack these greens here at olympia fields. Um yeah, i mean i’m going to hit a lot of different clubs off the tees here.

This week i mean you could do quite a few drivers, but you know there’s a lot of there’s a couple. Three woods. I even you know i got a seven wood that i’m i’ll hit off a couple tees. Even you know a couple irons, you know. So you you hit a variety of shots or clubs off the tees. Most important thing is, you know, just get it in the fairway: it doesn’t it doesn’t, really matter what you hit off the tee it’s. Just you just got to make sure it’s you’re comfortable with what you’re hitting and you know, you’re going to hit the fairway because it’s you know the only way to attack this golf course is out of the fairway um. You know the greens are firm and fast got a lot of slope on them, so you really need to be able to control the golf ball coming into them. Thank you. Go back to steve, demeglio, steve tj, i’m, just curious after what you did on sunday. What do you, what goes through your mind? What are you thinking about as you fly to chicago um, the game’s feeling pretty good, i mean yeah, i don’t know i was actually i mean honestly on the plane on the way to here i had some food. I was watching my ipad and then um. I was looking at the book for for this week. So what were you watching on? What were you watching on the ipad um? I was caught up on an episode of yellowstone and then i think i watched the episode of deadly sketch.

Thank you, sir you’re welcome doug ferguson back to you. Dustin. Have you kind of accepted the fact that no matter really? No matter what you do this week? Um or or frankly, the first couple days at eastlake that this whole season long race. For you, this whole goal to win the fedex cup frankly comes down to probably the the last day or the last two days at east lake is a term and what i mean by in terms of getting your game right. No, no, absolutely! Obviously, you know this week still it’s a big week, big tournament um. You know i like this golf course. You know you. You definitely want to be on your game around here for sure it’s uh, you know, but then eastlake’s the same thing eastlake’s. A tough golf course, you know got to drive it straight: got ta, hit quality iron, shots um, you know and then i’ve had you know kind of a mixed bag of tournaments. You know at east lake. I played there a lot. I like the golf course. I either play it really well or i play it horribly so it’s you know, but it’s, a tough golf course i feel like and the more i play it, the more comfortable. I get, obviously with the with my game feeling as good as it is right now. I’M really looking forward to going to east lake, because you know it’s a golf course where, if you drive it straight there, you can shoot good scores and you know right now.

Obviously, i’m driving it pretty straight. So i i you know. Hopefully i can continue doing that for the next couple weeks and i think we’ll be in good shape and one other golf course question. What are you gon na do about um wingfoot in terms of of uh, getting to know where the head of the u.s open? What have you heard? Um you had a media day today. If you could have gone, could have skipped this and got on the media day. Sure, oh i’m gon na go i’m gon na go up uh, probably wednesday after tour championship i’m gon na play wednesday and thursday morning and come back home. I think, have you heard anything about it, it’s good and hard, which is perfect that’s. What i like yeah harder, the better thanks – i have my only wins, come on the hardest golf course i ever played. Maybe this is the second hardest yeah. Hopefully all right. Next we’ll go to tsn canada with our friend bob weeks. Bob go ahead: hey dustin, i’m! Just wondering that four round performance, where would you rank that compared to any other four round performances you had during your career and what part of your game were you most pleased with last week well for four rounds, it’s the best i’ve ever hit it um for Sure you know all four days you know i drove it. Well, i really hit my irons. Well, all you know for four for four straight days, which is, you know obviously it’s hard to do that, but um that was by far the best best ball striking performance.

I put on um and then obviously i putted very nicely the last three rounds, not the first round but it’s all right. It still worked out for me all right, thanks just uh checking for any last questions, but i think that’ll do it so dustin. Thank you. So much for your time.