It was really good. I got off to a nice start um. You know a couple under through four uh. You know three under through ten sort of cruising and then you know as it got later in the day, the golf course definitely became a little firmer. A little tougher. The wind got up a little bit, so you know a little disappointed to drop those shots on the way in, but i think, if you shoot anything under par on this golf course um. You know you got to be pretty pleased. How difficult is it, and can it get even tougher on the weekend uh? I think so i mean i think, we’re supposed to get a little bit of rain tonight, but i don’t think enough to to really soften it. So yeah look at it. I think you’ll see over the weekend, guys will go off early, be able to shoot some decent scores and then, as the as the day goes on and the later tea time to get out there, it’ll just get progressively harder as as the day goes on. I think something like remember: um the players championship when it was back in may you know guys would go out on a sunday. You know six or seven back shoot at 66 and they’d hang around the clubhouse all day and and wait and see what happens on the to the guys in the way, and i think you might see something similar to that this weekend.

What were you happiest with today? Uh i’ve i’ve, driven the ball much better over the last couple of days. Um so that’s been a. You know, that’s a that’s, a huge key to my game. If i can drive the ball well, you know everything seems a bit easier from there um and i felt a bit better with the putter i put my old putter back in the bag. I felt a little more comfortable over the you know: sort of inside 10 feet range um, so so that felt better uh. But overall everything was was pretty good. My iron, you know it’s. I think i finished like seventh or eighth in approach last week in boston and obviously finished weight on the so my iron plan, my wedge play, has been pretty good, the last few weeks, it’s just about putting the ball in the fairway, so i can actually take Advantage of how well i’m, hitting my arms and my wedges – you spoke last week honestly about needing that spark – is, is the test kind of getting what you needed to get back into. I think the test is what’s, helped me focus and concentrate because if you, if you lose focus out there for one second, i mean i sort of did it today on the 14th hole. I i went left of a pin that i shouldn’t have and um. I was pretty lucky to just get away with a five. I played a really good third shot, but um, you know just one laps in concentration can really cost you around here, and i think one of the big keys this week is just not making big numbers.

I’Ve been making big numbers for the last few weeks so to just you know, if you hit it, you know, if you hit it out of position, get it back in position. Make sure that your worst score is a boogie and move on, because you know honestly boogies aren’t that bad right here yeah. You said that also, i think you i heard you say earlier this week that it’s kind of the way your game is right. Now it’s it’s as easy for you to shoot even par out here as it is like last week. How is that possible? Um, maybe i’m, just so used to shooting it. I don’t know it’s just more uh, i don’t know i don’t know honestly it you know. I you know it’s sort of been scrappy the last few weeks and you know i’ve been scrapping it around and trying to get it. You know just trying to get it around. I mean i, i don’t think my games – it’s, okay, it’s it’s, not as good as it as it can be, but um, i guess i’m. Just you know i’m sort of used to missing a few fairways missing a few greens. You know, but taking advantage of the good stuff, but you know sort of i don’t know it’s a you know i just you know. I think this golf course has helped me just focus and and produce better golf shots and think better and concentrate and it’s it’s.

Honestly, it’s what i think it’s what i needed, how many shots harder you think it is per round than last week. Uh, i would say six: is it six shots harder? Probably something like that rory. Can you explain what led to the putter switch today uh? I yipped one on 13 yesterday so that i that was basically it it wasn’t it yet, but it was a very. It was a tentative, very just not a good stroke and sometimes with the blade i get a little indecisive or a little unsure of my aim, and then you know during the stroke, especially you get like one of these like slippy little left or riders. You know at the last minute: well, don’t, miss it right and you, you know right hand into it, and so i actually put it okay after that and held some good ones coming in, but i just i just didn’t feel comfortable uh. So going back to something that i’ve putted well with uh and i’ve i’ve had it here with i’ve, had it i’ve traveled with it the last few weeks um. Obviously, the blade went back in the bag last week, but i still had the spider with me, but um. I just thought after yesterday and how dicy the greens are something where you’re just a little more sure over. It is better. Usj has always kind of struggled to find a a good midwestern venue could could this be the one yeah i mean, i i think it uh.

I didn’t play the us open in o3, but i think that went that went pretty well um. I think what they could do is hire the western golf association to set their courses up, but um i yeah. This is a great. This is this would be a wonderful test for us. Thank you.