He tries to take the left side around that’s his line. Yes, i am full follow through. He was doing. This ball started a little left of the hole trying to cut back ready. That thing broke off the charts there folks, the 10 second range on air time. Oh johnny he’s, taking it over the left side of the left bunker. That is huge, what’s your time state johnny. I think it was almost nine seconds which is incredible: that’s, unbelievable, probably 3 30., but the big blow delivered so far. Trees and uh it’s uh tough to get the right line. So you got ta really concentrate extra on this one don’t wan na miss it right, but a very fine shotgun, wow that’s, exciting that draws a smile from steve scott back in the stance that helps take the loft off a little more distance. It does an fa left, looks like he’s, even at least a foot left or more it was in roger. All you had to do was put some pace on, but the bill hit his cap on the left side with a high towering fade watch. The arm speed. Take it back slow whip it down just incredible 48 at age, three very, very smooth swing there good looking shot here, so you hit that so softly coming down this year at the british open 22nd low amateur there, and the other interesting note about his pro adventures. Fight scoring average get down 73.

79 scoring average, which for him is terrible, so he is not well. He has just the sky air woods at the right side of the green and it’s come up just short there’s, a just a touch of wind against the players here. Air woods did phil knight hear that totally dead handed just rock the shoulders same speed back and through oh that’s got to settle down yeah that’s when you start thinking about making it roger moved out right on him. This is a 600 photographer way back in the stance just right of the hole, it’s very fast, going that direction. Gon na leave himself a side hill button 300 in the air, not much role in this hole, cutting that is good at the left side and along now you got some roll, so tiger wood. This is added. If it’s the right distance. Will it come back? Yes, it will that ball is probably two or three inches from hanging up in the rough over nervous spot and this time he’s got it good shape a punch. He kept it down, but he got up ahead of it. Johnny it’s, going at the very, very right side of the green. You could see at impact that his handle was ahead of the ball too much, and then he tried to pronate after it was gone. It was too late, that’s good, great speed. It’S in are you serious tiger, unbelievable i’ll tell that’s all i can say i used to say that about nicholas it’s.

Only the third time tiger woods has played this 18th hole. This is a good standing below the ball. That could be a bit of a problem watch. It run right down to that uh sprinkler box there, and he just missed out. He did what you said roger that was a smart shot, a chance it’ll take more than 36 holes to decide this 96. He gave it his full rip and not one little ounce of noise from the gallery. I don’t know what that means: he’s challenging that bunker johnny. Oh, he just airmailed the bunker. That is just pick it up roger the left of the hole over by steve, scott’s, ball and spin away. Who would have thought that he would be outside steve scott you’re, right roger as straight as can be hit it out and the tenth hole. The long part great shot by tiger woods, we had a lot of break nope there’s two cuts in three holes.