They both begin 12 shots back 10 all right, so both really good tee shots for rory and tiger. They both begin 12 shots back 10 back of second place, pretty full solid wedge here, throw something in there behind the black stick due in the morning, you’re gon na have to be careful of getting too much spin on this. This is just left of the flag. A little long, oh that’s, well done. Thank you very well done for tiger just below the hole all right, so both really good tee shots for rory and tiger. They both begin 12 shots back 10 back of second place, pretty full solid wedge here, throw something in there behind the black stick due in the morning, you’re gon na have to be careful of getting too much spin on this. This is just left of the flag. A little long, oh that’s, well done. Thank you very well done for tiger just below the hole, ah so missed opportunity for tiger there. It just never broke, and a disappointing part won for woods. This too very high well reach down perfect the team. Pretty quickly did everything he wanted to the way he envisioned it, and that is one of the best iron players in the world is the shot that he can really get in. There starts way left that’s not coming, go now, he’s begging for it, and he did see him bounce once so he should be safe, got a great lie on the upslope he’s got that little mound right in front of him, so he can’t drive it in too Low he’s got to get up over that, but still drive this in a little bit and probably have early 20 25 feet.

Oh that looks really good. Shouldn’T be a whole lot in this. All right. Well done so tiger moves to minus four and played this hole. Very well all right out to tiger at three 182 yards today that caught the bunker, all right, wow, so kind of a stubby pitch for tiger that thick rough just clings to that club. It’S, really sticky players have big issues with it. Oh tiger nearly holds it from the fringe, but he will give that stroke back on three, but the holes are so well defined. You can see there with the penalty area. You can see how long the grass is and and the the natural area it’ll be a shorter, carry over the front right portion of the bunk a bit that’s that’s that front right. That’S seen him do a lot of great things. This is a little bit of a challenge. You can see that huge little little dip in the green, so another short miss for tiger and that has kind of been his aiming left going for the fade or fairly good cut. Don’T go in there, don’t didn’t. Quite pull it off, which makes it more difficult, because you’re gon na have to fly the ball most of the way there, because he’s got a little bit of a ridge. What a great shot! That’S, really good, really really good got it up on the right so that one off to the right so another bogey for tiger, and he falls back to 200 plus one for his round easiest of all locations on this screen and just strike one beautiful rhythm.

There really oh great drive tiger guts, the fairway double pocket. This is a perfect pitching which throw the ball behind the hole. He’S got a backstop that he can use beautiful strike just right out of the hole going a little long, spinning it back off that slope. Guys this thing could catch the front edge and go all the way down towards the panel. He misses another, so he will tap that in for his par four obviously opportunity to try to get something going in the right direction. Rhythm again, quick, recoil right off the center. Tell you what daniel his t, balls and his irons are not the issue this week no question, i i agree: 293 yards. This will take all of his mightiest 3 wood to get it there, he’s going to try to keep it up the right hand, side, barely clambers, just short of that front right great location, though good angle, in welcome back in billy coach, is now oh he’s off For his uh he’s, taking a break yeah he’ll, probably go work out, spend researching no helping breeze whatsoever, it’s a long haul, 600 yards and another short miss to me. That seems like it would be a struggle to get consistency with it. I mean i don’t know how you guys feel about that absolutely billy. I tell you what left, as karen alluded to, is no good this going out in the middle of the green with tiger here, not a lot of break, maybe slightly to his left up the hill.

Okay good for speed, go ahead and finish so yeah so finishing! My thought there was it’s incredible the average age on this pga tour now between the mid 2000s and the late 90s, no real win to speak of whatsoever right now, it’s light and variable. Once again a quick pick up of the t. Pretty i mean the rhythm’s good. The flow of the swing is good, getting into the front leg, the front side, trust joey lacava – to give him that number. This is right at it guys so good. He is the best in the world at this excellent. At the 10th and we’ve seen this from many players, 418 yards just a positional parkour and it looked like it was going to cling to the fairway but jump right into the primary rock you’re right there’s. No, i mean it’s so hard to tell if it’s going to come out, soft or fast. That was really good and he got a lot of club face on the golf ball that came to a stop pretty quickly. Perhaps, as the ball starts to lose speed, it’ll go back to his right, yep that’s, exactly right, that’s the influence i was talking about, billy, not a lot of aggression there in that pot. Considering his position in the tournament right now, ooh nice little cutter right there get up tiger off an upslope plugged, wow wow wow, pretty good that isn’t pretty good. Oh my! How does that hang on the left, like that? I took a load.

It actually took a lot of discipline for tiger to do that, which will leave a very long second shot to one of the longest parkours here at tpc. He loves it, though he should love the rotation through the shot that we just saw right there. That was pounded. That was really good right there for real green to work with. If you go run down that hill tiger’s, trying to get more at the flagship trying to cut something losing this out in middle of the green – and i think anytime, you put it on the putting surface, we’ll still go to the right, but not as much as It was going by the hall. He misses on the high side, all the really good putts that he made thursday and friday just struggling a little bit with the pace on the shorter ones. So not seeing those go in maybe a little fooled there, but this tiger gets ready to hit here boy. That is straight up in the air. I tell you what he is launching it high today right up the right center beautiful drive, interesting to see who got the longer one there i don’t know if you saw it, 100 wins exactly. This tiger hits this thing just left of the flag cutting towards it. Just a little bit short daniel, i’m gon na have to look at those numbers again. Look like an old phone number. I said earlier. It’S, like a lottery ticket, have to keep it up the left hand side of this hole such a long haul, over 500 yards in this back tee that’s pretty right there i mean you see the right shoulder just how much it extends through the shot 11 for Tiger here back left hole, location cannot miss that left, he is not happy at all.

Left is dead, and that is exactly where he’s missed. He tried too much great analysis daniel all right, much better player that thinks that the golfers aren’t, quite as good as they are when you have to play by the rules and you recount every single shot. Every mistake matters all right, so tiger makes that bogey putt, but he drops back to even par. You know it is so important to put the ball in the fairway, and you put the ball in the fairway with this club right here. You got wedge in your hand, then you look at he’s. Got ta love this one, though right up the center of the fairway bouncing across the ridge. It’S gon na wind, up on a little bit of a lump up, slope left side of the fairway front right hole, location which will encourage not too much of a rip back this very high and left of it and slightly short wow. So a really good pot would have been center cut, just not enough juice, and the putting woes continue for woods remains at even part, and this is high out of the right. It is not turning. It is staying way out to the right on the green but he’s on that little, not what he’s looking for basically half the speed that he actually has right. There is that ledge right there straight down the hill and it kind of straightens out pretty good for pace right there, pretty good left to right swings, and this started off the right hand, side holding there Music, all right, that’s, a fair way for tiger woods.

Yeah! No, i don’t think anybody was was expecting this i mean i think, we’ve seen enough, you know we’ve seen enough good play from tiger we’ve seen some good progression from him. I mean rory’s week so far has been so up and down your third shot out of the bunker at 17.. Well, that’s, fantastic, pretty simple bunker shot there, just dumped it out of there, so tap and par for tiger 17. it’s, the first time ever ever well. Daniel they they could, if they wanted to, but why they could. It would not be prudent and a similar, perfect drive for tiger. He gets the roll, and both of these men will be able to go for this green and two also trying to hit the same shot. Whole location on the right hand, side trying to cut it. Man that just never cut okay, pretty good about six feet left for a closing birdie.