He will also be looking to accumulate more fedex cup points in the hopes of advancing all the way to east lake. With a chance to capture a third fedex cup, now, as we take a look at the standings you’re going to be able to see that justin thomas holds the top spot right there with colin marikawa and webb simpson as his closest pursuers, then you got bryson deshambo, Though and sung jm rounding out, the top five well tiger woods is currently at 49th. In those fedex cup points standings you’ve 125, the top guys in the fedex cup standings, though they are eligible to play this week. But after sunday’s final round, only the top 70 will be able to advance to the bmw championship at olympia fields, country club after the bmw, just the top 30 are gon na move on to the tour championship at eastlake, so tiger woods, he’s got some work to Do to get from 49th inside the top 30., so robert dameron let’s get the conversation started. What do you think? What do you see in that crystal ball? Will tiger woods advance all the way to the tour championship itself, wow. So in two events, he’s got to pass 19 players without getting passed by a single player. I think that what, after what i’ve seen post covid actually said, post zozo win actually, where he’s gone 68th, 40th and 37th. In the three events he’s played, i don’t like his chances lt and what what bothers me or what i think about every time i see him is how much will his body allow his heart to be in it? I know he wants it and i know that he has desire beyond anyone else and he he can prepare better and, and he can show up and just want to be the best more than anyone else.

But in the back of your mind, if you know your body is not allowing you to do everything you want to be, it is disheartening. It it kind of hurts your soul a little bit and so to go these two weeks to to really place solidly enough to pass all these great players and and not get passed by the great players. I don’t see it, but it really only takes one good week. I would say of the two weeks. It only takes one good week that he would then jump inside and stay inside the top 30. uh. But i like robert, have my doubts and a lot of it has to do with just the fact that we haven’t seen him play uh much. You talked about the win in zozo. He’S only played four official events since then uh two before the kobit break. Since you know january 2020 and then two after the break and then when you start to think about what that playoff run, looks like as well as the fact that the us open is two weeks after eastlake. That would be four out of five weeks, which i would love to see tiger woods play more, but it makes me think that eastlake may it sounds terrible, but may not be that the biggest priority for what what tiger woods is looking forward to he’s got a Bigger goal ahead in a major championship, just two weeks after i mean listen, steel, sharpened steel.

There are too many players right now that are playing a lot better than tiger woods. I say it’s, knowing that his resume. This golf course is fantastic, your all time, leader and uh, strokes, game approach. He’S also got the best cumulative score since 2003. At 108.. I was there one year he absolutely undressed, took apart vj’s thing and got his number one ranking back after vijay had taken it from him in 2004. Great vibes at this golf course, but tiger hasn’t played enough golf not to mention his putting stroke, has been absolutely abysmal. That he’s searching right now. Just doesn’t seem like at this point in this season, where he’s got his. You know by his own admission. This has been a truncated schedule, he’s trying to make sure his body is right, trying to get his game right. There’S. Just too many question marks uh for the best player, this generation, and maybe all time i just don’t – see it for tiger uh in the cars. Despite his past success at this golf course and in these playoffs there are question marks, there have been question marks over the tiger woods for a long long time now, which is why i think i’m gon na have to sit here and and represent the tiger believers, Because i’m, not quite ready to give up on him this season. Quite yet, yes, we haven’t seen him play and yes, he is very low on reps, but he’s been saying the reason part of that is because he is preparing for this pretty mammoth stretch for him with this.

Hopefully, three weeks coming up right now, you mentioned his record at tpc, boston, damon, a win two runners up and a third place he’s going back to some familiar territory, familiar ground where he should be feeling confident. The hunt for 83 is as hot as ever. Perhaps we thought number 83 might come a little bit earlier than it has done uh, but he is still chasing and i think he has prepared as well as he possibly could do for the next three weeks. And if anyone knows how to prepare, it is tiger woods, but you said it prepare as well as he possibly can and that’s, not what it used to be, and i know you like his chances around. Of course he’s played well at, but we could have said the same thing at tbc, harding park with his record there and we could said the same thing at muirfield village with his record at memorial, and he did not make a putt in those two weeks and He just and frankly, a couple of days he didn’t swing as well and obviously, especially at muirfield village. It was because of his back, so i mean every time we see tiger woods tee it up that that really shining star, even though 2019 at the masters was not all that long ago. It still was a long time ago as far as golf goes, because he hasn’t played a whole lot and he hasn’t played well when he has played so uh.

Can he do it sure i just again, i just don’t think it’s in the cards. Everyone’S got to shake off the rust somewhere. Perhaps the rust was shaking off at tpc harding park and he’s ready to set that engine alight who knows we’ll have to wait and see.